Sunday, April 10, 2011


You know I don't like new Batman films, but I know many of you do, so here's the latest update: stunning young actor and model Josh Pence (SOCIAL NETWORK) has joined the star studded cast of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES which already includes Christian Bale as Batman, Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, Tom Hardy, Anne Hathaway as Cat Woman and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Young Josh will play young version of Ra's Al Ghul, which means that the film might also feature Talia Al Ghul who might be played by Marion Cotillard!

Your HOLLYWOOD SPY has also informed you that a TOTAL RECALL remake is in production as well in the sea of other remakes. Directed by Len Wiseman, the film will have
Colin Farrell in the lead role which was played by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the famous sf classic from the 1990's about a man who goes on a virtual holiday on Mars, but when the travelling agency implants holiday memories in him something goes wrong with the memory implantation and he remembers being a secret agent fighting against the evil Mars administrator. The fresh news is that the role which Sharon Stone played in the original is now being offered to Jessica Biel who could play his wife and also a secret spy.

Some time ago, HOLLYWOOD SPY has informed you that the film adaptation of famous Yann Martel's book LIFE OF PI is in preparations. The film helmed by Ang Lee has now found its
new cast member in Tobey Maguire. The intriguing story centers on a boy lost at sea in a lifeboat with four unusual and increasingly hungry companions - a Bengal tiger, a hyena, a zebra and an orangutan, after the ship carrying his family and its zoo animals sinks. Maguire will play a writer who interviews the adult Pi (to be played by Irfan Khan) about the experience. Young Pi will be played by little Suraj Sharma, and one of the cast members will also be French actor Gerard Depardieu. The film is out December 2012.
Hope you liked our Naughty Black & White Sunday when it comes to today's pics :)


  1. Jessica pic is very much appreciated.

    Also, could i get a spot on your blogroll

  2. Thanks for the intro to Josh Pence. :)

  3. @Dirty
    I knew someone will appreciate the pic :)
    There's one simple rule for appearing in HOLLYWOOD SPY's blogroll - a person must be a regular and frequent commentator and visitor.

    he he ... Dezz knows what his ladies like :)))

  4. I actually do like the new Batman movies. Probably because I adore Christian Bale. And holy abs, Josh! WOW.

  5. most of my readers do as well, unlike me :) but I do love love Bale! And yes, Pence is without pants, but I'm sure you don't mind :)

  6. I absolutely loved the novel, Life of Pi. Ang Lee is one of my favourite directors and I just adore Gerard Depardieu and Tobey Maguire! So now I'm really looking forward to the film! Thanks for the heads up!

  7. @Allyson
    how could it not be? :)))

    he he glad you like the news, Debra. I haven't read the book, but I know there are a lot of very diverse opinions about it, some adore it, some find it boring or something. But I'm sure Ang will make an Oscar winning drama out of it.

  8. Well I liked the original TOTAL RECALL, so I have high hopes for this one as well. :)

  9. The Dark Knight Rises cast is spectacular, indeed Dez! With your routine updates, my anticipation builds!

  10. I made my son read Life of Pi (don't know that was such a good idea) but it would be an interesting psychological movie.

  11. It will be interesting to see what, if any, changes that are made to the remake of TOTAL RECALL.

    Thoughts in Progress

  12. Life of Pi has best picture written all over it. We shall see.

  13. Oh. My. God.I did not see anything past Josh Pence's picture. Your naughty black and white Sunday was super hot today. ;)

  14. wow. it seems like there is a lot of talent aligning for the life of pi as well as the batman flick. the thing i really. really don't like about the batman movies is that there is a TON of marketing towards very little children, but then the movies are completely inappropriate for kids. my sons always think they should get to see them and are so sad when i tell them no. they don't understand why batman is inappropriate for children... and come to think of it- neither do i. personally, i found the scarecrow one and the joker one more intense than i could handle- and i'm an adult- and have not lived a sheltered life.

  15. All I can think of is privates in Pence pants; I mean Pirates of Penzance.... Oh, how naughty! lol

  16. When was Nolans batman movies marketed towards kids?

  17. Hope this comment doesn't spoil it for the ladies, but the body shape of the Pence guy suggests he's squeezing one out. Or is that just the way my mind works?

    Looking forward to Life of Pi. Depardieu is my new fave actor having seen some of his recent work.

  18. With Wiseman directing, why Kate Bekinsale isn't there somewhere in Total Recall?

  19. @Emily
    hope the new version won't disappoint you, Ems ;)

    I'm trying my best to keep my readers informed and satisfied and warmed up :)

    he he ... I heard lots of kids didn't like the book :) But you just make him read ... kids must read

  20. @Mason
    it was quite a complicated story if I remember, so I hope the remake will be satisfying, although I'm not overly amazed by the cast so far

    I smell possible Oscars too :)

    yep, I'm thinking of turning Sunday into a super spicy instead of the boring weekend day :) And what better way to do it than with some scantily clad gorgeousness :)

  21. @Vics
    as you know, Vics, I absolutely agree with your point. But Hollywood has gone crazy about it recently. giving teens and kids vampires, witches and violent super heroes. You've probably noticed that kids have become much less sensitive to violence and aggression and it is mainly because they are offered vampires as love heroes, and brutal video games for entertainment. I swear I tremble whenever I imagine what kind of adults these kids will turn into later on. We will have millions of George Bushes and Toni Blairs and Hilary Clintons who will have no problem in killing others, in using violence to solve their problems or better to say to achieve their ambitions :(

    well, it is a Naughty Sunday here at HOLLYWOOD SPY :)

  22. @Dirty
    actually, most of the biggest fans of that dark director and his brutally dark movies are teens and young adults, which is highly irresponsible and it could have horrible consequences one day when those kids turn into insensitive adults who will look upon real situations around themselves like they look upon violent movies and flicks ... and then they will just stop caring about real problems .. and the wars they'll see in news programmes will be just another film for them.

    ah, please, are you jealous on Pence? :)) Let us see your scantily clad picture in the same outfit, or are you afraid you would actually look like you CAN'T SQUEEZE one out :))))

    that was my thought exactly :))

  23. Cannot wait for Life Of Pi! I'm glad Maguire isn't too main a character because that wouldn't be right. The book was beautiful and I hope they stay true to it. I don't like the addition of 3D either.

  24. as you know dezz, i'm not as much of a purist in the belief that desensitization always leads to violent adults- although i think it does lead to ambivalence about truly heart-breaking occurences such as war and domestic violence.

    but beyond teens and young adults, if one walks down the toy aisles at walmart nearing release of a batman movie or just post release, there are gobs of children's toys based on the movies. fast food chains put out kid's meals with little batman toys that come along with it. tv ads tend to edit out the most violent parts (thank goodness!!!) but that leads to kids seeing the commercials, knowing that batman is a comic/ cartoon character and wanting to see it. i don't know. i just know that my kids are duped by the marketing, and i'm certain other people's kids are as well. i know better than to take my kids to one of the movies... but i wonder how many parents have taken their kids and exposed them to scenes better left unseen. maybe i'm uptight, but they are only children for a little time. the world if full of terrible, terrible things. let them enjoy their innocence while they can.

  25. @Jack
    ah, yes, I know many people are against 3D :) I myself don't have a problem with it, since I watch films on TV as my city has really bad non 3D cinemas :( but I know many cinemagoers don't like this new trend of 3D films

    I totally agree with everything, Vics, and you are a great mother for taking care of what your kids will watch or not watch. As you said they should enjoy innocence while they can.

  26. Hey Dez - great post.

    I am a huge fan of AS - having met him in my youth at a Body Building competition - (he and my dad are from the same neck of Austrian woods and so they connected and hence the behind the scene visit) - so I am really looking forward to the Total Recall remake.

    I think Colin Farrell and Jessica Biel will do it justice - so this is going to be a win/win.

    I just love dropping in and getting the low-down!
    Cheers, Jenny

  27. Holy naughty, Dezzy. =D

    The Life of Pi looks like it'll be so good.

  28. @Jenny
    oooh, that's interesting, you have a connection with the Governator :)))
    And we love having you here when you drop in for a low-down :)

    but you like Dezzy when he gets naughty, don't you? :)

  29. I'm glad to see Ra's Al Ghoul's storyline only because I'm curious to see if Marion will indeed play Talia. She'd be an interesting love interest/nemesis for Mr. Bruce Wayne I'm sure, that'll surely make up for how weak Katie Holmes was as Rachel.

  30. Katie Holmes' performance indeed was indescribably poor.

  31. I'm not a big fan of batman, but I am a huge fan of the music they've used for the last couple of movies so I'm hoping they will use Zimmerman again.

    and I still can't get over the fact they are remaking Total Recall hahahahaha.

  32. ooh, Lyndylove, I do remember you liking the soundtrack ;)

  33. I've never heard of Josh Pence before but I like what I see!

  34. Goddamit, Tobey Maguire, first you're destroying my image of Nick Carraway in the pending Great Gatsby, and now you're mucking around in Life of Pi? But I trust Ang Lee, so I just hope he knows what he's doing.

    ...And the sexiness is always a plus. Hello, Jessica Biel. Excellent update in the film world!

  35. @Kelly
    off course you do :)))

    for me personally it's Leonardo DeCaprio who will stop me from seeing the film, but I hear Ben Affleck could get the role of Nick instead of Tobey ;)

  36. Wait wait wait! We are going forward along the Batman timeline but going backward along it at the same time with a younger Ra's? Or maybe they're making the assumption that Ra's has gone through another one of his "secret treatments" that keeps him virtually immortal. Either way, it's idiotic IMHO to bring him back into the story. Because every movie is basically episodic, they should just keep it that way. The Tobey movie sounds interesting. And hopefully he can break away from being always thought of as Spidey, since he did quite a few things before donning that costume.

  37. I think Ra's will appear in a flashback from 30's years in the past, but I'm not sure.