Saturday, April 23, 2011


A few days ago HOLLYWOOD SPY has informed you that the new adaptation of Charles Dickens' classic GREAT EXPECTATIONS is in works with young Jeremy Irvine in the lead role of an orphan who has a rich protector Miss Havisham (to be played by Helena Bonham Carter) helping him all his life, and now there are rumors that Ralph Fiennes could take the role of the naughty criminal Magwitch. We still have to see who will director Mike Newell choose to play Estella, adopted daughter of Miss Havisham who falls in love with the orphan boy. As you remember the last version was with Eathan Hawke and Gwyneth Paltrow and it wasn't successful.

SHORT HEADLINES Charming and often funny Zach Braff from ABC hit sitcom SCRUBS is planning to return to the big screens. Later this fall, he should start filming an interesting movie THE DEVIL AND THE DEEP BLUE SEA. The story will follow an introverted architect who, unable to reconcile the grief from recently losing his wife, befriends a wisecracking young girl and agrees to help her build a raft to cross the Atlantic. The charming and heartwarming story will see Zach starring beside Jessica Biel and young Chloe Moretz. *Peter Jackson has revealed that Ian Holm will also return to THE HOBBIT beside Elijah Wood, Andy Serkis, Ian McKellen, Cate Blanchett and Orlando Bloom, as the older version of Martin Freeman's Bilbo Baggins.

One of the films that everyone is talking about after Sundance festival, is ANOTHER EARTH, a mesmerizing and profound mix of drama and sf about  a bright young woman (Brit Marling),  accepted into MIT's astrophysics program, who aspires to explore the cosmos. On the eve when a strange planet, the Earth's duplicate, appears in the sky, a tragedy strikes when she accidentally hits another car in the street, killing the son of  a brilliant composer (William Mapother). When she comes out of jail, the lives of the two of them will become irrevocably intertwined after she visits him in an effort to apologize. Check out the trailer for the film, which has received great criticism and will be released in cinemas this July.


  1. Carter and Fiennes, I can really see them in those roles. Not heard of Irvine, maybe someone also not too well known to play Estella. I quite liked Paltrow's version of Estella (perhaps I'm the only one though, it was a brave move to attempt to modernize it although the film as a whole wasn't great)

  2. Irvine is not much known, he is now shooting WAR HORSE film with Spielberg. :)

  3. Dezzy, this post kind of went to the dogs. :P

    We likes the hobbits news. And that movie Another Earth looks like it could get kind of deep and philosophical. Hopefully it asks some provocative questions.

    Also, I'm too lame to have a Facebook account yet. Otherwise I'd friend you. :(

  4. That poster for "Another Earth" looks great, simple but effective.

  5. @Luanne
    well, I couldn't find cats, so I went with dogs :)
    What? You don't have a Facebook account? Ah, which century do you live in? :PP

    it is quite lovely :)

  6. This is good news galore. I have to admit I've never actually read/seen Great Expectations, but I love Ralph Fiennes and I love Helena Bonham Carter, and the thought of the two of them together makes me ridiculously happy. Plus, I like Zach Braff and I'm glad he's got another feature role since he's been kinda under the radar lately.

  7. Another Earth looks a little different and interesting.


  8. Interesting trailer... I might just have to see that. May be a renter though.

  9. Well Another Earth looks odd> Not sure what to think of it

  10. Does the world really need yet another version of Great Expectations? Think I'll stick with the David Lean movie...

  11. Another Earth's premise seems like it'd be a heck of a film, but the trailer was rather blah. And hopefully Ralph Fiennes gets the role. He's a phenomenal talent.

  12. I've seen the trailer before and it looks interesting. I love Dickens and would love to see any remake.

  13. I love that picture of Ralph with the big doggy!

  14. Another Earth looks very good. I am so happy to hear about Zach Braff because I really like him. The Devil sounds like the perfect vehicle for him and Chloe Moretz is great. Good news about the Hobbit. Loved Ian Holm. Happy Easter, my sweet. ;)

  15. Yes!! Finally, Zach Braff in a film again! I love him. I don't know what it is but he is just really likable on screen, to me.

  16. @Hufstader
    Bonham and Fiennes will make a helluva combination :)

    it IS different, quite artsy and indie which it really is.

    yep, it's not a big production, so it looks like a DVD film

    it is quite strange, probably because it's an independent production and they wanted to make an artsy trailer. I'm also not sure, I might like it, and I might not

  17. @Cerebus
    ah, brother, that's an age old question :)

    I also thought that the trailer could have been a bit more dynamic and more clear, maybe with a bit better music.

    I remember that you said before how you like Dickens :)

  18. @Allyson
    he he I knew someone will like the doggy picture :) I love posting pics of celebs with their pets whenever I find beautiful ones like these two today.

    I must admit I haven't watched SCRUBS much because I don't like that kind of humour, but I did always find Braff quite charming and cute and I love that he is a person who loves animals. This really could be a nice film for him.

    glad you like the news about him, Nicole :)

  19. I am putting Another Earth on my TBW list (To Be Watched). That trailer and your excerpt really intrigues me. I hope I can find the DVD.

    Is it just me or anyone else also think that Great Expectation is a bit boring?

  20. yep, Novroz, GREAT EXPECTATIONS didn't fulfill our expectations with being fun or interesting :)

  21. Thanks for putting me on your blogroll Dezzy. Much appreicated