Tuesday, April 26, 2011


 SHORT HEADLINES *British actor Robert Kazinski, who was cast to play one of the dwarves in Peter Jackson's THE HOBBIT alongside Aidan Turner and Richard Armitage
has left the shooting due to personal reasons. *According to "Playlist" Paul Verhoeven is planning to adapt his own book JESUS OF NAZARETH into a film. Depicting a more historical picture of Jesus, the controversial book shows him as a child born from the rape of Mary by a Roman soldier, as a spiritualist who performed exorcisms by screaming and spitting in the mouths of the possessed to drive out demons, and as a militant revolutionary who urged his followers to arm themselves. *Oscar nominee Vera Farmiga has joined Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washington in SAFE HOUSE,  in which Reynolds has to escort a dangerous criminal Denzel from a safe house when it gets attacked by some even more dangerous criminals.

Ah, here's a film we kinda haven't noticed so far :), but I saw it over at "Beyond Hollywood" and its release is next month in UK. Titled AGE OF HEROES it is inspired by James Bond writer Sir Ian Fleming 's
incredible true story about the creation of one of the most important elite units in the history of the British Armed Forces.
Sean Bean  and Danny Dyer star in this story about 30 Commando, a new breed of special operations taskforce created to carry out some of the most dangerous missions in the Second World War. The film follows the unique circumstances behind 30 Commando’s inception and the unit’s first highly classified smash-and-grab mission into occupied Norway, to capture vital radar technology that will change the course of the war. But when their escape route is uncovered, the commandos find themselves in a pitched battle to reach the border against vicious Nazi General Dietl and his deadly 5th Alpine Division. The film also stars our dear James D'Arcy.


  1. I'm not a huge fan of war movies. Too much realistic violence. Though this one looks polished, I probably won't see it.

  2. @Lynda
    I like war movies only when they depict the drama and educate us about the things that should not be forgotten, but I'm not into the action part either.

    glad you think so.

  3. Sad news about Rob leaving the Hobbit, was very exciting following him and read and reply his tweets from NZ, hope everything works out fine for him :)
    The Age of Heroes caught my eye, I like action WWII films, wonder when it will be in theatres worldwide .

  4. I can't imagine a movie I'd like as little as Jesus of Nazareth, and I guess I don't understand how that depiction can be considered historical.

    Age of Heroes sounds interesting, however. I'm not into war movies so much, but the hubs is. I'll have to tell him about it. :)

  5. @Summer
    it is sad, I hope he didn't have a death in family or something :(
    AGE OF HEROES will probably hit DVD market after UK cinema premiere.

    well, it was based of research so :) I read quite a lot of books on the topic and all the greatest history experts agree that real Jesus wasn't nothing like the one from religion.
    Off course this particular story should be taken with reservations since this is Veroeven the director of SHOWGIRLS :)

  6. I like WWII stories. And Sean Bean. I'd definitely watch Age of Heroes.

    Mr. Kazinski is probably too buff to play a believable dwarf anyway. :)

  7. Yeah, I heard about Rob leaving The Hobbit. Hopefully it's nothing too damning. Perhaps, just a logistical conflict.

  8. It's not like Sean Bean is busy with Clash of Kings or anything. Glad to see him pick up something without a sword.

  9. My dad will love Age of Heroes for the war/military factor and I will love it only for the Sean factor!

  10. The plot for Jesus of Nazareth sounds strange.

  11. @Emily – "... I guess I don't understand how that depiction can be considered historical" Well it isn't, it's just a vision of some truly disturbed person. So this Verhoeven guy did Showgirls, Dezzy? Well that explains it then.

  12. ...enjoyed the trailer, but Safe House has piqued my interest. Reynolds and Washington sounds like the perfect duo:)


  13. Now I want to read the Ian Fleming book! What a super trailer.

  14. The Jesus movie sounds ridiculous, outrageous, offensive, and of no real value. It also sounds like a harbinger of slanderous things to come. So called history can certainly be falsified--we seen it done with personalities in our lifetime. How much more easily can a bogus life construct be made for someone who lived 2000 years ago.

    Hope you join us in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge Reflections Mega Post on Monday May 2nd.

  15. Sean Bean and WWII? I am so there. Fantastic trailer. Too bad about Rob, but as long as Richard is still attached, I'm a happy camper. :)

  16. I don't watch too many war movies, but Age of Heroes looks interesting. Like Clarissa, I want to read Fleming now. I only read one of his books long ago.

  17. Age of Heroes look right up my street Dezzy, Guns and british accents!! oooh rahh!!

    But Dyer seems an odd fit into it. I was waiting for his cheeky cockney to come through in the trailer. hmmm we shall see


  18. i used to not enjoy war movies, but after a few, especially battle: LA, i can't wait to catch another! :)

  19. lol It's kinda funny. You can tell who the religious ones are. As an atheist, I'm not disturbed by things like that. I always enjoy movies taking a popular figure (real or not) and putting a twist on it (whether possible or obviously fake). It's part of the reason the whole Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter movie has me interested.

    That being said, that one sounds interesting. As long as it's well written and intelligent. Of course coming from the guy that did Showgirls that does raise doubts. Another interesting one would be Moses. There are scholars/psychologists who have adopted the belief that he (and other historical figures of the likes) in fact suffered from schizophrenia.

    I'm somewhat sad to see Ryan Reynolds going back to all these action movies (where most I'm sure he's just being used for his good looks). After last year's Buried, I'd like to see him get more legitimate roles that challenge him like that role did. He did a very good job in it and I'd like to see more.

  20. I thought this Age of Heroes is the first story about the battles in Norway in while. The trailer looks good!

  21. @Luanne
    he he if Turner and Armitage aren't too handsome to play dwarves I guess Kazinski isn't too buff either :))

    It really is strange seeing Bean without a sword, although he did replace it with a mean gun :)

    they are quite secretive about the whole case, I hope he didn't fight with Jackson or something

    he he as long as everyone knows his/hers factor :)

  22. @Dirty
    it does if you're generally not into reading historical researches and studies. Most historians agree that historical Jesus was shockingly different from the picture which was painted by religion and church.

    but he also did BASIC INSTINCT if I remember correctly :)))

    glad you liked it, El :)

    hit the library sister :)

  23. Looking forward to Age of Heroes (though I may have to see it on DVD). There are I believe two more films after this one that are planned for Age of Heroes (I assume if this one is a success).

  24. @Arlee
    I read and translated a number of books which depict Jesus from historical aspect not from religious one, and I know such studies are controversial and mostly unacceptable for religious people. The bad thing is that there are now many bad books on the topic which go mainly for the scandalous and taboo breaking approach and thus some of the good and respected ones can't noticed. This one is probably a bit crazy, like the director himself :)

    Dicky Armitage is still ready to swoon the ladies :)

    than you should hit the library too, sister :P

  25. @Custie
    and the good thing is that it comes to UK first in just a few weeks :) And I'm totally with you on Danny. Who on Earth put him in a film like this???? Thank good they didn't put Katy Price in it too :)

    they can be educational sometimes :)

    I'm somewhere in between. As someone who read and worked on a number of such books which try to research the historical aspect of religious events and persons, I know they can sometimes be truly marvelous and scientific and respectful and believable ad probably true, Michael Baigent would be a good example of a renowned scholar who isn't blinded by religion, but also isn't disrespectful. But there are also a lot of them who write such things just to shock the crowd and sell some books.
    I agree with you on Reynolds. Both he and Bradley Cooper need some serious roles.

    glad you liked the trailer, JAccsy :)

    I knew you would come straight away when I mention Sean Bean :P

  26. yeah, arlee said it well.
    i don't know what to say here.
    i believe in the Jesus of the Bible. and so obviously i find this script unbelievably offensive. but i also find people wanting to burn Qurans offensive. or predjudice against people because of their religion- or any other reason for that matter- offensive.
    it seems like society has become tolerant of everyone as long as they hide their faith in their sock drawer and only pull it out on holidays and show it to those who agree with them.
    whether or not i agree with a person's religious views, i can still respect them and show their religion as much respect as i can.
    dezz, darling, you know that i love you oodles. but you're freee to speak your mind over in my comments section, so i'm going to here as well. "the greatest historians" is a subjective statement. while history is supposed to be objective, it's written by fallible people who will put their spin on it... even with the best intentions. but do you really think that a historian trying to negate any personal agenda is going to come up with such blantantly offensive deviations from Jesus' life that are commonly accepted?
    fiction is fiction, and therein it has it's own liberties. but to present this as fact- when there is absolutely no way to prove any of these things...that's a whole different issue. i KNOW that my faith is faith- that there are people who would argue on the side of ancient texts that claim Jesus to not be who i believe Him to be. that's why i call it faith. but to present faith as fact... it's manipulative.
    and extremely offensive.
    and hurtful.
    and... well... i guess i've stared at this comment for way too long now. trying to organize my feelings... trying to not come across as petulant or rude... but the thing is. i don't know how to say it better than this.
    there is no objective way to view another person, moreover a historical religious figure. you choose which historians you want to believe... and that is often based on your preconcieved convictions about the subject.
    and i can't quite find the right words to say what i mean. i better go now. i've rambled long enough, i suppose.

  27. LOL- You know me too well!

  28. @vICS
    ooh, Vics, didn't mean to unsettle you so much :( As I said above I don't support Verhoeven's approach. Not because I don't believe his book, but because he doesn't strike me as reliable person.
    I had other experts in mind, whose objectiveness comes from the fact that they really have proofs for their theories, they've gathered evidence from the historical sites. So things that they write, the respected and renowned ones among them, have to be taken from scientific angle because their research has been done in that way. The good among them are not trying to destroy religion or break the Christian system, they are just trying to clear some historical facts by exploring material evidence, ruins, ancient books, ancient historical sites ... so it's not philosophy.
    But, as I said, personally, although I did work on some of such books, I do try to stay away from it,because I know that religious people can find it a sensitive issue.

  29. I suppose you can't complain if a guy gives up being a hobbit to be Jesus... ;)

  30. he he only he didn't get any Jesus role :) It's a different film.

  31. I'm not really offended by the Jesus thing. I do have a story idea that kind of takes...liberty with the whole Jesus thing

    But then again, i've seen both the Da Vinci Code and The Golden Com pass which i remember Christians taking a huge offense to, so i guess it is just really hard to offend me

  32. oooh, I loved loved loved the way GOLDEN COMPASS criticized church. Because, it's one thing attacking religion, but attacking the rotten and greedy and corrupt system of the church is something I always support