Thursday, April 21, 2011


God news, people, our Catie is back! Although I wasn't at all interested in the upcoming remake of the ROCK OF AGES musical
film, now I'm definitely watching it: according to "Deadline" Catherine Zeta Jones will join the cast of the film, about a small town girl who wants to make it big in Los Angeles, which already includes Tom Cruise, Alec Baldwin, Mary J. Blige, Russel Brand and Paul Giamatti. Catherine will play the main negative character in the film, a hardcore, moral conservative who wants to shut down rock’n roll in the city of Los Angeles. Since the film will have loads of 80's music, Catherine will sing "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" from Pat Benatar and "We're Not Gonna Take It" from Twisted Sisters.

SHORT HEADLINES Now this is quite a surprise: according to fresh rumors, Vin Diesel could take the famous TERMINATOR role in Universal's new sequel. Apparently
the FAST FIVE director Justin Lin could helm the new movie in the sf saga and Vin could be his lead man. *THOR and CAPTAIN AMERICA sequels have been officially confirmed even before the premiere of the two potential summer blockbusters. *Emily Blunt's charming husband John Krasinski has joined NOBODY WALKS, a film which will follow a week in the life of a Los Angeles family who invite a young, charismatic artist into their home, only to find her disrupting their lives.

Today, I'm bringing you a trailer for the upcoming film BRIDES MAIDS starring Jon Hamm,  Rose Byrne, Kristen Wigg (who's in the lead role although she seems to be the weakest link in
the cast, and I'm not sure where they found her) and Dianne Wiest. The film which premieres next month follows a simple and poor girl whose life is a mess. But when she finds out her lifetime best friend is engaged, she simply must serve as her maid of honor. Though lovelorn and broke, she bluffs her way through the expensive and bizarre rituals trying to find her way among the colourful group of rich and snobbish bridesmaids. With one chance to get it perfect, she'll show her best friend and her bridesmaids just how far you'll go for someone you love.


  1. Rock of Ages is a Def Leppard song, so I hope they are represented, too.

    Vin is sexy, but I'm not ready for another Terminator movie.

  2. If the prequel for Capt America includes the Heinz Kruger character(Richard Armitage) will be there for certain. If not...meh:) Dragging my hubby to Captain America on July 22...hahaha... it will probably be us and hundreds of popcorn-throwing 12yr old boys. How will I explain my deep sigh when evil spy Kruger appears in 3D on the screen. lol

  3. I was all prepared to roll my eyes about the Brides Maids movie, but actually the trailer looks pretty good!

  4. @Diane
    he he .. I'm not ready for new TERMINATOR either :) and Vin probably deserves roles on his own, not the roles somebody else made famous

    ah, you RA girls, you see Dicky Armitage everywhere :) You should wear some armor against those kids if they start throwing popcorn at the lady who likes evil spies :))

    yep, it's not a typical romcom or something :)

  5. Catherine Zeta Jones will be fun as the moral conservative bad guy. :)

    But I don't know why Hollywood thinks it has to remake all these movies. Especially when the originals, like Terminator, were so good.

  6. so much pink!
    Great news about Catherine. Yay!
    I think Vin is gorgeous and I like most of his action packed movies so this should be interesting.

  7. @Luanne
    she will, she is always amazing :)
    I'm not sure about TERMINATOR either

    it's a pink day thanks to BRIDESMADES :) Vin is a kindhearted hunk :)

  8. Now I just wanna jab a freaking shovel in my eye! Vin is my man and all, but give him the Terminator role? C'mon now! What is Hollywood snorting over there?

  9. 'tis, true, Vinny deserves better than playing some old tin can :)

  10. No. No. There is only one Terminator, and that is Arnold Schwarzenegger. The last movie, however uncanon, at least kept that. If he tries to take over that role, I'm gonna have to slap a bitch.

  11. I can see Vin as a Terminator--he'd make a good one--but I don't know if we need to keep going with it. They better have a darn good story to go with it.

    Tossing It Out

  12. Hmm...the trailer wasn't loading quickly enough me to watch it. :( Oh well. From what I saw, it looks cute enough.

  13. cool stuff. I wonder if working with Tom Cruise drove CZJ over the edge... ;p

  14. YAY for Catherine, glad her career isn't much affected by her bipolar problem. The premise of the movie sounds interesting, too.

  15. Btw Dezzy, how could you ask me to choose between Cate and Eric on your current poll?? I love both of them... ah well I guess I'd have to go w/ hunky Eric he..he..

  16. What a lovely picture of Catherine! I'm totally on board for Rock of Ages.

  17. yay! i'm happy for catherine, but still not planning on seeing rock of ages. and i love vin diesel, but another terminator??? egad! and that brides maids movie looks pretty silly. i bet my hubs will like it! :)

  18. Bridesmaids trailer looks amusingly chaotic :)

  19. Vin as the Terminator should be interesting and Brides Maids will give new meaning to the word.

    Thoughts in Progress

  20. vin diesel in terminator! woooooot! it's an even bigger news than arnold's return taking the lead! now i'm all eager, waiting to see vin portraying the character. :p

  21. Catherine is going to light up Rock of Ages. I can't wait to see her sing Benatar's Hit Me With Your Best Shot. She will take it to a whole new level.

    Vin as the Terminator? Hmmm...not quite sure about that.

  22. I will leave it alone about Zeta Jones, I am not starting that up again. :-)

    Vin Diesel as Terminator, oh god no!!

    I love the look of Bridesmaids though. Kristen Wiig makes me laugh so much. Such a brilliant sense of timing!

    Thanks Dezzy

  23. Rock of Ages sounds amazing by just knowing Catherine Zeta Jones and Russell Brand are in it. Bridesmaids, I'm kind of excited for this one!! I love Kristen Wigg.

  24. @Hufstader
    slapping him? Ah, my son, I'm afraid Vinny would clean the floors with you if you attack him :PPP

    that's exactly my point, Lee ;)

    you must have a slow connection or something, Ems!

    she is yet to work with him :)

  25. @Flixy
    Blanchett will never forgive you for voting for Eric :PPP

    I knew you would like it :) But you would like CATHERINE in any pic :)

    hubs likes bridesmaids? :))))

    it is totally chaotic :)) like any other wedding :)

  26. @Mason
    it should, it should :)

    we do love Vinny a lot :))

    I love when Catherine sings, she has an amazing voice and very charismatic performances. I hated CHICAGO, but I loved her scenes.

    ah, at least someone likes Wiig :)I personally don't like comedians like her and Tina Frey. Too cold and expressionless.

    you like Rusell Brand? :)

  27. What a funny trailer! I'm glad there are a few laugh out loud movies coming out! Between that and superhero movies, I'm set!

  28. yes, we do need more relaxing movies which we makes us laugh and smile and which will fill us with positive energy.

  29. I could see diesel as a terminator. CZJ needs to do a scifi movie.

  30. I loved the trailer, too funny~ I wish they would leave Terminator alone!

    Oh my Russell Brand is in "Rock of Ages", perhaps a cameo appearance. He is everywhere these days~

    "Nobody Walks" is going to be scary good!

  31. Is there any color that CZJ CAN'T wear?! :)

    It'll be interesting to see Vin in a Terminator movie.

  32. Thanks for you comment at my place on the lemon pound cake - I appreciate it!

  33. @Budd
    indeed she does! :)

    yes, Rusell is everywhere, but not with much succes

    she can wear a rag and still look stunning

    be welcome, I love such cakes :)

  34. I was all, no thanks, when I read about The Brides Maids but the trailer was funny. Kinda like a female version of The Hangover.

  35. Trailer is funny. Catherine was great in Chicago, she should be good in Rock of Ages. Makes me think of Def Leopard, too. :D

  36. It'll be awesome to hear Catherine belt out some '80's tunes!! :)

    And I'm actually looking forward to Melissa McCarthy's performance in Bridesmaids. LOVED her as Sookie in Gilmore Girls!

  37. @Michael
    yep, most of my readers had the same change of reaction :)

    she will bring some life to that film!

    ooh, I loved Sookie from GILMORE GIRLS too :)

  38. Catherine looking great as always. I see Vin is wearing white pants, which is supposed to be the "instyle thing" this summer for men. Lol, just read whats hot, whats that, me reading about style:)

  39. Vin could definitely pull off the Terminator. Now if we can only get them to do more Riddick movies.

  40. For me, Kristen Wig as a lead is a plus. I think she is amazing on SNL, and i found her in Macgruber. Judging from the trailer, it does seem like a female version of the Hangover.

  41. @Avalon
    he he guess I won't be stylish this summer :)

    well, he is planning another Riddick movie, don't your remember me even posting first concept art last year? :)

    I don't know, I find her horrible, like other wooden comedians like Steve Carrel and Tina Frey.