Monday, April 18, 2011


I must admit Alfonso Cuaron has returned my interest in his upcoming project GRAVITY when he kicked Robert Downey Jr.
from the cast and gave the male role to George Clooney beside Sandra Bullock who took the lead role after it was turned down by Rachel Weisz and Angelina Jolie. According to "Collider" the shooting of this sf epic movie should start later this May in UK. Using innovative technology and artsy visual approach, the film will tell the story of a female astronaut, the lone survivor of a space mission, who desperately tries to return to Earth, and reunite with her daughter. The $80 million production will see her racing against time in the middle of dark universe. George Clooney will play the captain of the ship who has a pivotal role in the story.

Although I'm not overly amazed by HOT IN CLEVELAND show, I must admit it does have one huge huge quality - amazing Betty White as crazy but adorable Elka :) And it seems Elka will get even crazier at the end of the first season, since she will have a cat fight with, believe it or not, Doris Roberts, whom we remember as annoying and manipulative mother from EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND. She will appear in HOT IN CLEVELAND as  a woman who had an affair with Elka's husband in the past, but since she still makes her angry, Betty White will get into a huge physical fight with her :) 

Now this could be interesting to those who like American literature. A production has just started on BIG SUR, in which French actor Jean-Marc Barr  will play Jack Kerouac. According to "MovieWeb" Josh Lucas has been cast as Neal Cassady, with Kate Bosworth playing his girlfriend Billie. The story  will follow Jack Kerouac's move from New York to Northern California where he tries to rediscover himself while writing his famous work "On the Road". The semi-autographical tale will also cover Kerouac’s battle with fame, his battle with drugs and his relationship with Cassady’s mistress Billie. Anthony Edwards, Rahda Mitchell, Stana Katic and Balthazar Getty are also in the cast.


  1. Wow, a granny catfight. That'll be worth seeing! And I love anything Sandra Bullock does. She's awesome.

  2. I'm guessing HOT IN CLEVELAND will have high ratings when the episode airs :))

  3. Betty White and Doris Roberts in a death match. Gotta love it.

    And I believe all men should make tea the way Jean-Marc seems inclined to do. :D

  4. yep, Betty is flippin' and Jean Marc is tea-dippin' :)

  5. Doris n' Betty how fab! My MIL is just like Raymond's mother...augh! I could relate to Deborah. Yes, what a lovely way to make tea; maybe it is Oolong. I can't believe I said that...

  6. ah, accept my sympathies if your MIL is like RAymond's mother :))
    Yep, it gotta be Oolong :) hope it's not too hot, although it seems it is :))

  7. I'd prefer to watch Sandra over Angelina in a movie any day.

  8. Oooh bummer, I'd rather see RDJ with Sandra!

  9. I like the Clooney, Bullock combo. I think it will work. RDJ is too short for Bullock, imho.

    Yes, MIL is; I accept your sympathies. We moved far away, just not far enough! It sure looks hot~

  10. Doris & Betty together will be great fun, love both ladies, they're fantastic comedians.
    Alfonso Cuaron's scifi film sounds promising with Sandra & Clooney in the lead roles.

  11. A tandem of Clooney and Bullock being directed by Cuaron; the ladies are going to swoon over this one and flock to the theater. Funny thing is—I'll be right behind them.

  12. Sandra Bullock is always fun to watch. Gravity sounds interesting.

    Thoughts in Progress

  13. Sandra was always a little manly in her movies. i'm quite sure the space theme would suit her well! not to mention we haven't get to see her for quite a while. :)

  14. gravity does sound more interesting now. betty white is so amazing and doris roberts is great! i took my kids to an alien movie... i can't remember the name of it, it was so cute though! but doris roberts had this fight scene in it that was so hilarious! but with betty white, it's gotta be doubly great! however, i've never even heard of that show!

  15. Celebrity death match Betty v Doris. How awesome is that? I think Gravity could turn out very interesting indeed. I like Sandra and this role sounds like it's right up her alley more so than Rachel and Angelina, although Rachel is one of my faves.

    You have got one hot photo of Jean-Marc Barr. Whoa! He kind of reminds me of Kerouac.

  16. Those pictures you have chosen are...whoa!

    Yeaa...glad to hear Sandy is playing another movie...but why Clooney? I wish they stick with Robert Downey.

    I agree with Melissa, this role sounds better for Sandy that Rachel and Angelina (especially Angelina...sorry not a fan of her).

    Btw Dezmond,you asked in my blogger blog of how many blogs I have,I have 4 but the blogger one is only used to comment for certain blogs that only allow openID and seemed so difficult to accept wordpress. My active blog is only 2,Polychrome Interest and my turtle's blog

  17. What a hot pic of Sandra you've chosen ;) But I'm not really interested seeing her in an outer space movie. I just hope Cuaron can really make a good Gravity.

  18. @Flixy
    sorry, but this time Hollywood is going Dezzy's way :)))

    it good to hear that monster-in-law doesn't have a cave across the street :)

    some ladies get more charming and adorable with years :)

  19. @Matty
    well, it is a sf film, and we are never missing a sf film in cinemas!But it will be a hit with ladies for sure :)

    Sandra is very likable!

    it's true, Levian, she really has been quite manly in many of her films!

  20. @Vics
    Doris in an alien film??? That's interesting :) When speaking of weird things about the two of them, did you know that Betty White was quite a mischief back in her youth, she even has a number of nude pics around Google from her early years :) No wonder she still has the crazy spirit

    I also love Rachel, but she is incapable of projecting suffering and pain on her lovely face, so I think Sandra could do a bit better in this one. And glad you liked Jean Marc :) I wish I had a bottom like his :(

    I always try to put whoa pics here :)
    And you can always easily comment here, by choosing NAME/WEBSITE option under the comment box in which you just have to write in your name and a link if you want to. Blogger and Wordpress aren't connected when speaking of commenting and following.

    glad you like Sandra's pic, buddy, I think it's a fake pic, but who cares :)

  21. you know, that doesn't surprise me about betty white. her character in the mary tyler moore show was kinda wild and she was originally going for the role of blanche on the golden girls.
    that doris roberts movie was aliens in the attic-

    it was super cute

  22. A cat fight and eye candy for everybody -- you sure know how to make a Monday! ;0)

  23. @Vics
    it's good that she was Rose in the end, because I loved her character best :)

    well, somebody has to brighten up the boring Monday :)

  24. You're officially my "go to" source for Hollywood news! Thank you! :D

  25. Just think, 10 years ago who would've thought that Betty White & Hot in Cleveland would be happening?! :)

  26. @Jeffrey
    thank you kind sir, we shall be happy to have you here often ;)

    not me certainly!

  27. Any movie that doesn't have Angelina Jolie in it is the right movie for me. :)

  28. Nice photo of Jean-Marc. Betty White is great. Should be great entertainment with Doris Roberts.

  29. Nice pic of Sandra. She's actually quite hot. And talking about hot - as for the fella making the tea, that's a disaster waiting to happen.

  30. @Emily
    that's kinda my opinion too :)

    glad you like the photo :)

    there can't be any accidents when he has his hose ready ;)))

  31. That's a cat fight I'd like to see. :)

    Sandra looks so pretty in that pic.

  32. I think that pic is a fake one, but Sandra still looks pretty in it :)

  33. I almost hate to admit it, but of the three, I'm most intrigued by the Betty/Doris smackdown... :)

  34. I was a little worried about Bullock and RDJ in a movie together.. it just doesn't sound right (though, as you know, I love me some RDJ... what can I say--we can't help who we love ;). I think Clooney will be better matched though.

  35. @Donea
    well it IS an intriguing combination :)

    Clooney will be a super match with Bullock, although I think she spends most of the film alone, but I'm not sure.

  36. You gotta hand it to Betty White. She has had a great run and continues to be an awesome actress!

  37. Dezz,
    Where DO you find all your nekked piccys! LOL I am just grateful that BW and DR are still fully clothed! :)

  38. hotness expert is my profession :)) And as I said above in one of the comments, you can find BW naked pics around the net too, since she had a naughty past :)