Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Well, the casting for two lead male roles in the film adaptation of the popular bestselling saga THE HUNGER GAMES is finally over. Two young actors who will join Jennifer Lawrence, who is taking the lead female role, are Josh Hutcherson (THE KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT, JOURNEY TO THE CENTRE OF THE EARTH) and Liam Hemsworth (THE LAST SONG). Hutcherson will play Peeta Mellark, a boy who goes with Katniss Everdeen, the main heroine to the futuristic arena in which teenagers have to fight to death. He also has feelings for her. Hemsworth will play Gale Hawthorne, a boy who has a transcendental connection with Katniss and who hopes he will be reunited with her after she faces all the horrors in the arena to save her younger sister.

According to latest rumor, the villain which Henry Cavill will have to fight against in Zack Snyder's SUPERMAN might be Metallo. It's interesting that Lois Lane's (Amy Adams) father, General Sam Lane,  considering Superman a potential threat to national security, will use kryptonite to power an experimental cyborg super soldier named Metallo who will then be used as a weapon against Superman. There are also rumors that Lindsay Lohan is meeting up with the producers around the potential female role connected with Lex Luthor.  Off course, these are all still rumors, and the shooting should start some time this summer.

According to "FirstShowing" who saw the trailer for upcoming epic IMMORTALS at WonderCon, the film is an astounding, sensational mix of 300 and CLASH OF THE TITANS but with Tarsem Singh's unique visual splendor. Epic scenes will have the scope and scale of LORD OF THE RING's Minas Tirith battle, with thousands upon thousands of troops lined up outside of a massive mountain fortress. Mickey Rourke, who plays the main villain King Hyperion looks insanely brutal and intimidating in one of the scenes, wearing a helmet with sharp metal spikes that encircled his entire head. There will also be tons of stylized slow-mo fight scenes and Luke Evans, playing Zeus, swinging a whip made entirely of fire.

Now, for all of you who like naval adventures, pirates and period costumes this could be a nice little new show. Named PORT ROYAL, this one hour TV series will be set in the late 17th century on the island of Jamaica, chronicling the namesake port's notorious rise as the richest and wickedest city in the new world, and as a self governing safe haven for cutthroat pirates, corrupt politicians, and ruthless merchants. The project will be produced by Valhalla Entertainment, a company which scored great success last year creating THE WALKING DEAD for AMC and which also produced medieval epic show CAMELOT which has just started airing at Starz.

PS don't forget to visit TOSSING IT OUT later on this Tuesday, where this year's acclaimed winner of the MAN OF INTEGRITY award, Arlee Bird, is interviewing your Dezz ;) I'm talking over there about publishing business and translating books.


  1. Holy cow, where have I been? They're making a movie from Hunger Games? That's so awesome. I think I need to get out of my box more :)

  2. well, you don't have to get out of the box, just visit HOLLYWOOD SPY daily :) I've been writing about it for months now,since my ladies love that book :)

  3. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSS!!!! *throws fist into the air*

    No Alex Pettyfer! I'm soooo glad I can watch THE HUNGER GAMES now. And those two actors look well-suited to play Peeta and Gale.

    And I'm getting really excited about IMMORTALS. I love epic battle scenes.

  4. I like the Hemsworth pick for Gale, but I'm not sure about the other guy. I'll have to reserve judgement until I see the film I suppose.

    Looking forward to your interview with Lee. :)

  5. @Emily
    IMMORTALS are gonna rock big time :) And, although I love me some Pettyfer, I'm glad for you that he didn't get the role :)

    I think you will like Hutcherson, he's a really nice fellow, and has quite a stage presence.
    I'm sure you'll enjoy Lee's and my little talk :)

  6. Goodness, I love Amy Adams....

  7. whoo hoo!!!!! yay for HUTCHERSON!!!! that kid can ACT!!! i really need to see something with jennifer lawrence and something with liam hensworth now! because i keep hearing how fabulous lawrence is! and it seems like they're really going for GOOD ACTORS!!! HOORAY!!!
    wait! was there other news?!?! :D

  8. Metallo huh, I'm interested. Please, however, do not hire Lindsey Lohan for any role. I don't care if she plays the girl who gets run over by a train.

  9. The more I've heard about Hunger Games I've started getting more curious about it.

    The interview debuting on Tossing It Out at 2 AM Pacific Time (Los Angeles time) is a good one. I was impressed and I think others will be as well. Thanks Dezz!

  10. I'm not loving the choices for Hunger Games, but I hope I am proven wrong and they do wonderfully. I'll see the movie no matter who is in it anyway!
    And Henry Cavill is a cutie!

  11. wow, it has been such a long time to hear anything about Lindsay. she used to be so adorable in the movies, especially when she is frustrated! :p i absolutely love the sound of Immortals! both the sharp metal spike helmet n fire-whip had me so excited!

  12. You know I'll catch your interview!

  13. Hunger Games! I can't wait! I guess I can see Josh Hutcherson as Peeta, as long as they dye his hair blond.

  14. I really cannot wait for The Immortals now. And Hunger Games should be cool, too. It'll be interesting to see Hemsworth when he's not subdued by a certain overpowering, spoiled teen star.

    Cannot wait for your interview, my friend. I'm dying to read it and get to know more about your work in translating.

  15. I'm excited by IMMORTALS. I love films that push the visuals and make it artsy (as long as they also have a good story)

  16. Lovely stuff here, enjoyed your beautiful blog :)
    Looking forward to your next interview!

    Short Poems

  17. Ooo Liam Hemsworth, enough said! Immortals movie poster continues to still amaze me. Such a great poster. I do however hope Lindsey Lohan remains a rumor for Superman. I feel for her on a personal level but I didn't find her recent performance on Machete that great.

  18. Nice round up of some interesting news...

    When did Hutcherson get so big? Seems like only yesterday he was a wee whipper snapper, knee high to a grasshopper.

    Quite excited about Superman. I totally heart Amy Adams.

    Why haven't I found this site before...tut tut, bookmarked!!


  19. The lane-father military role/storyline sounds oddly familiar. Not familiar with a great deal of lane's father in the superman universe, but that is the storyline behind Incredible Hulk.

  20. @Andrew
    Goodness, I love her too :))

    yes, young Hutcherson is a nice actor unlike some other young stars. He has a chance of becoming a bigger Hollywood star as he matures.

    we are also praying every day that Lindsay won't get a role in the film :)

  21. @Lee
    I impressed you??? :) Well, I'm extremely honoured, kind sir, and much obliged for your kind invitation to share a few words with you in your majestic home ;) Hope your court will like our jests and tales :)

    Cavill is super adorable, isn't he :)

    IMMORTALS is gonna rule big time!!! :)

  22. @Alex
    I know!

    I'm not sure they will dye his hair, he might look weird with the blond one, but who knows? :)

    and it will be interesting to see whether Liam will step out of the shadow of his much more famous brother Chris The Thor :) Hope you will like the interview :)

    it will be artsy for sure, as all Tarsem's movies are, and I expect it will have a nice story as well, since he always pays attention to that as well

  23. @Marinela
    thanks, Marinela, hope we shall see you around here often :)

    I'm also keeping my fingers crossed that Lindsay rumor is just a rumor :)

    well, thank you dear sir, I hope we shall be seeing you here often ;) It's true that Hutcherson was but a little baby only yesterday :) and it's true that Hollywood Spy also adores Amy Adams ;)

    well, it's one of the rumors about the plot, Jaccsy, it might not be like that in the end :)

  24. I have heard of the Hunger Games but I have never read the book. I'm going to get on that.

  25. so, I am reading Hunger Games and I have to say that the cast is way too old. Takes some of the bite out of the story. Saorise could have been a perfect Katniss

  26. @Clarissa
    I haven't either, but I know it's hugely popular in the blogosphere.

    they deliberately went for a bit older actors, which I agree with, because you will agree that the book was way to violent and putting some little actors in such situations would be quite inappropriate.

  27. I want to know who is going to play my favorite character: Haymitch.

  28. Great site you have here. I'm glad I followed Arlee's link. I have a feeling I'll be going to see more movies in the near future since Daughter is moving back in with us. Your blog will be my new go-to place for movie info. Thanks!

  29. I had no ideea Liam was the brother of Chris. Suppose I should have realized that with the same last name and similar good looks, but sometimes I'm not the swiftest. ;)

    Loved, loved, loved your interview. You are a very impressive fellow, my friend. And you looked so gorgeous in your photos, too. ;)

  30. So glad they are one step closer to filming The Hunger Games. The books were so addicting! Any word on who they are looking at to play Haymitch??

  31. Wow, the Hemsworth brothers are getting more prominent roles, good for them! I don't know much about Hunger Games but might have to be on the lookout for that.

  32. ooo, Hunger Games casting. Interesting... :o) And I didn't know Amy Adams would be Lois! I wish she could keep the red hair~ :o) <3

  33. What better than Henry Cavill and Henry Cavill? Thanks for my fix. :D

  34. It looks like Josh Henderson has gotten hotter with age. I used to think he was too Hunchback of Notre Dam-ish. I am intrigued to see how these young men perform along side Jennifer Lawrence. I think her role will shock the hell out of Hollywood.

  35. @Matthew
    Can't help you, I've never read the book so I don't know who's the character.

    nice to have you hear, hope you will be our frequent visitor ;)

    yep, if you google them you will find their pic together, they're quite dashing brothers :) And thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed the interview, although I'm not sure about me being gorgeous :)

  36. @Kristin
    I have no idea, I'll let you know when they cast an actor for that role.

    it seems success runs in their family :) And gorgeousness too :)

    what do you mean you didn't know? I've written about it millions of times last few weeks :)

  37. @Mary
    I would've gladly put three Cavills in the post, but there were just two pieces of info on him :)))

    yep, he grew into a lovely young fellow. And Jennifer will probably score success with the role.

  38. Dezmond,

    I've come here after reading your Tossing It Out interview and am glad that I did. "Immortals" sounds like it's going to be an entertaining movie. I'll have to try and keep tabs on it and check that out when it's released.

    What's your gripe with Lindsay? I'm still hoping that she comes around one of these days and is able to perform in something....even if it is just a small role of her in an accident like Matthew mentioned in his comment.

    Actresses off the wagon need to find work too, lol. I mean, is this really the end of her career?

    If Mr. Two and a Half Men can still flourish, then why can't Lindsay get a role in something?....just saying.

    The Madlab Post

  39. Hey, Nicole, welcome to HOLLYWOOD SPY ;)
    I've nothing against Lindsay except that I don't think fallen stars should be role models to young people and she just doesn't fit the film having in mind that Cavill, Amy Adams, Diane LAne who are in the cast are such warm people who have beautiful and clean image in the public.

  40. When I saw your title, I thought Liam = Peeta, Josh = Gale. Interesting, it's the other way around. But, Josh could be good... Ah, and thanks for more Henry! ;)

  41. he he I'm always ready to use Henry to heal your wounds :)

  42. Dezmond,

    Thanks for responding. I can understand that position on Lindsay.... and luv, luv, luv Amy Adams!

    The Madlab Post

  43. I agree with you Dezmond on Lindsay. I do not think she or Paris should be role models for our youth. And some of the work they do, it is intended for kids. Just like I did not agree with the 2011 Kids Choice Awards, Brittany was the last person they should have shown.

  44. I like the sound of Port Royal, I'll keep an ear to the ground for it :) I'm not much of a Superman buff, but if Amy Adams is in it then I'm in the cinema, hehe.

  45. @Nicole
    we luv luv luv Adams too ;)

    what? Britney was at Kids Awards? Horrible.

    I smell it will be broadcast on STARZ, it sounds like their kind of show.

  46. I think they could have done better there as well. I wish they had listened to the fans, and how we felt about the casting. We’re after all the ones who decide if we want to buy a movie ticket or not, and right now, I'm not that enthused for this movie anymore.

  47. well, as far as I remember most fans wanted Hutcherson and Hunter Parish in the cast, so at least one of them got the role :) But you must keep in mind that Hollywood usually never listens to what fans are saying :) since fans of a certain book represent a very small part of the audience which will go to watch the film.

  48. I'm pretty psyched about the Hunger Games movie. I am behind the curve in reading all the books, but at least I finished the first one. And since I just bought the second one, I should have that one done soon enough.

  49. I like the sound of Metallo being the first enemy in the new Supermans, it sounds more realistic though was hoping for Braniac or Bizzaro. Least they are going to give supes someone he can fight this time.

  50. @Eric
    yep, I hear the book is quite popular in the blogosphere :)

    it's just a rumor, but it might be true :)