Friday, April 1, 2011


Two of the big upcoming films have got themselves new actors to lend them their voices.  According to "MovieWeb" Geoffrey Rush will thus join GREEN LANTERN (which is currently finishing its visual and 3d effects ready for June premiere) lending his voice to Tomar-Re, a gilled, goldfish-headed creature from the planet of Xudar who is also a scientist working with Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) as an intergalactic member of the Green Lantern Corp. On the other side, Leonard Nimoy, famous Spock from STAR TREK will give his voice to Sentinel Prime, Optimus Prime's predecessor in TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON. Sentinel will be a fire engine in the film's epic end battle.

SHORT HEADLINES According to Zack Snyder, Man of Steel won't be played by the same actor (Henry Cavill) in his SUPERMAN and in the JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA which should come to cinemas in 2013. featuring a bunch of superheroes in one film. *STATIC, will be the first low budget film shot in 3D. Starring Milo Ventimiglia it will focus on a young couple who, after losing their child, decide that they should consider divorce. Their plans change when a supernatural force unknowingly enters their lives. *Cult action film THE TRANSPORTER which was directed by Luc Besson with Jason Statham in the lead role will be made into a 12 episode TV show. *Kyle Chandler could play the lead role in FX's new TV show
POWERS,  which follows two agents in a world of superheroes and supervillains, who work on cases involving people with powers.

Ooooh, I believe all of you will rush to cinemas to watch this one :) If you think the title is crazy - WHAT WOULD KENNY DO, wait till you hear the plot, and then wait till you hear the cast :) The comedy will follow a 17 year old teenager who meets a 30 year old hologram claiming to be the adult version of himself and then the hologram helps guide the teen through his high school. The film which will feature some cutting-edge hologram technology wants Justin Bieber and Ashton Kutcher in the lead roles :)


  1. A TV version of The Transporter will be watered down, to say the least.
    Miss seeing your comments, Dezz!

  2. @Alex
    it probably will

    Sentinel Prime will surely have a great voice :)

  3. Wait, Baby Beaver is making another movie? And it's not about his life? Stop the presses! Of course, his character will probably be named Justin and he'll have to wear an earpiece because he's too stupid to remember his lines. ;)

    Leonard Nimoy has an awesome voice and let me just say that Milo Ventimiglia is looking hot in that pic. His new film sounds interesting.

  4. well, his previous film was a bit of a blockbuster :))) so he deserved a new role :)

    Milo looks hot pretty much all the time :)

  5. That Green Lantern Poster is pretty damn cool! I should have spotted that one, so I could have added it to my catalogue.

  6. I think I'll pass on the Beiber one.

    However, love Rush and Nimoy. I think that adding veteran actors like that will just add to any movie.

  7. green hornet, green lantern... Yay! Milo V!!! I adore him. And what tha? Ashton doesn't even try anymore, does he? ;p

  8. Love Leonard Nimoy! That voice is so distinctive!!! :)

  9. love nimoy! when that last bieber movie thing came out, i swear every little girl in this town went absolutely insane. my hubs heard a rumor that one fainted in the theater... i sure hope it was not a rumor rooted in truth...
    *shakes head*

  10. Transporter sounds great; I love Milo! Interesting take on Justin and Ashton...mmh, time will tell! Should do well at the box office. Justin can bring quite the draw~
    Nimoy, love him; I want a new Star Trek movie!

  11. Everything about Green Lantern screams to me, "PROBLEM MOVIE!!!"

  12. If Beiber and Kutcher are going to be in the same place at the same time then we can finally have co-ordinates to launch my surface to dipshit missile.

  13. I am skeptical about The Green Lantern. I hope its good because I actually enjoy Ryan Reynolds but the trailer worries me. Justin Bieber and Ashton Kutcher in the same movie, oh lord. I don't know what to think. I do know I won't be able to watch it. Static sounds pretty good though. Milo oh Milo!!

  14. @Matty
    maybe it's better you didn't because it's a fan-made poster :) But GREEN LANTERN does have a gorgeous horizontal banner released.

    yep, adding legends to a film can never hurt! :)

    what's not to adore about Milo :)

  15. @Jemi
    he does have an unbelievable voice!

    I'm afraid it wasn't a rumor, little girls all around the planet lose their consciousness whenever they hear name Bieber :)I must admit I don't have anything against that teen. He does seems a bit stupid sometimes, but he is a kid after all, and he actually had a few lovely songs. His mother seems much more irritant though.

    the new STAR TREK movie should come to us in 2012 or something like that :)

  16. @Andrew
    it is quite possible that it will a bad film, but to me it can never be worse that GREEN HORNET or DARK KNIGHT :) If nothing else, at least we shall enjoy the gorgeousness of RyanReynolds and Blake Lively in it

    ah, I always knew you were hiding some evil things in your cave bunker :)I mean, a bold man with a cat living in a cave ... Should I alert the UN, or are you planning to target Aguilera as well (In which case I will act to have noticed nothing suspicious in your headquarters)?

    yes, GREEN LANTERN could prove to be bad, we shall have to keep our fingers crossed about that one!

  17. Justin and Ashton in the same movie? That is news! Sounds almost a little Seventeen Again - ish.

  18. he he :) I knew that piece of news would interest every one :)

  19. aah I believe you are most excited for that very last news :)) didn't knew you also spying on that JB boy, nanny ;p :))

  20. All of these films and actors are starting to run together in my head -- I can hardly keep up with them all.


  21. All these superhero flicks are getting tiresome.

  22. Dezzy - I'm looking forward to The Green Lantern.

    I have to say that I think the movie about the 17year old might be fun. LOL

  23. @Jaccsy
    Jaccsy, as a former teacher who worked with young people, I'm always well informed on all things teen :)

    want a whiskey, to clear up the fog? :)))

    kinda yes

    well, you are someone who writes YA books :)

  24. Kutcher and Bieber in a movie together? Might as well just give them the Razzie award right now!

    Geoffrey Rush is an awesome actor, but not sure even his involvement will make me enthusiastic about Green Lantern though. That movie is more of a rental for me.

  25. he he he ... they are probably already under Razzie's radar :)
    I feel the same about IRON MAN movies :)

  26. Seems a bit late to be adding people to the cast of Green Lantern. Makes me wonder what that's all about.

    And that's definitely interesting news about Superman. I wonder what that's about as well. Do they not have faith in Cavill to connect with fans? Are we really going to end up getting some dark Superman for Man of Steel, then a traditional Superman for Justice League?

    The Transporter series sounds interesting. I could maybe go for that (though I think it might lose something if Statham isn't doing the role). I can understand concerns about it being watered down. But at the same time, it's Cinemax doing it. With them being a premium cable channel, they're much more likely to not water it down.

  27. Well, they added Rush now because the film is in postproduction and he is just lending the voice.
    It's not that they don't have faith in Cavill, he will be stunning, they just decided not to go the same way like AVENGERS and have the same actors as in individual films. I'm cool with that, although it could be a bit weird. This new Superman will not be dark, just modernized as far as I've got it :)

  28. The Superman/Batman/JLA scenario is just crazy. I understand that DC need something to go up against Whedon's Avengers (which will be, let's face it, AWESOME) but they're definitely choosing the wrong time to do it.

  29. it's true, but I must admit I've always loved DC millions times better than Marvel, all the Marvel's heroes from AVENGERS (IRON MAN, HULK, CAPTAIN AMERICA) just aren't my thing unlike DC's heroes whom I usually love. FLASH, LANTERN, WONDER WOMAN ...