Sunday, May 1, 2011


Ah, I see you are here. Did you bring me presents? Why? Well, it's HOLLYWOOD SPY's birthday! :) Last week, April 27th, HOLLYWOOD SPY celebrated its second birthday! Guess it's now time for me to stop pooping in my dippers :)  I've been writing and blogging about upcoming films for more than four years now,
but this very site HOLLYWOOD SPY was opened in April 2009. Back then it was just a way for me to talk about films with a few of my good friends on-line, but then it somehow became a crazy story in which I have more than a thousand readers every day, in which I'm close to hitting half million visitors in total, in which this very site has been visited by people from more than 204 countries around the world. I wanted to thank all of you charming little freaks for supporting and visiting your HOLLYWOOD SPY and for loving your Dezzy :) Even when he gets naughty and mischievous :)
And celebrating the second birthday, I thought I might remind you how this site looked like two years ago. Back then, I wrote news in the form of visual articles like the ones from newspapers, and you had to click on the images in order to read the stories, which you can do now as well bellow. So, lets go back into ancient past:
Two years ago you had the honor to read about things which are popular and current today:
JUNE 2009
JUNE 2009
I wrote about projects which are still waiting to get into production or premiere:
JULY 2009
I also wrote about projects which probably won't ever happen:
APRIL 2009
JULY 2009
As always, I loved to write about my favourite shows:
JUNE 2009
MAY 2009
So, once again, my little freaks, thanks for sticking by your favourite HOLLYWOOD SPY, and don't forget - Hollywood Spy loves you and there's nothing you can do about it :)


  1. Well, Happy Birthday. Where's the cake?

  2. Now, now, don't act like we haven't seen you putting the cake in your purse :))

  3. Congratulations Dear Dezz! Happy to be one of your liittle freaks LOL Many more years of fun entertainment! xx

  4. thanks Summer, you know you're my favourite little freak :))) But lets not other RA Angels hear us :))

  5. Congratulations, Dezzy! Hollywood Spy is always a pleasure to read and I hope you have many more years of movie madness yet to come!

  6. thanks, Cerebus, always nice seeing you here!

  7. Happy Blogoversary, Dezmond! I love getting all the inside Hollywood scoop from you!

  8. Happy Blog Birthday!! Such a shame you aren't serving any booze or coffee, though. It's all lettuce and Oolong tea. Too posh for me, but I'm excited for you anyway. Happy to be one of your charming little freaks. :D

    And you know I went back and read that entry on Agincourt. That along with Anonymous and Immortals are probably the three big movies I'm looking the most forward to so far.

    Thanks for keeping us all up to date on all things Hollywood!

  9. Happy Blog Birthday!!!! *bakes and presents cake.* Make a wish, Dezmond! :D

  10. Happy Birthday to your blog Dez. I may not comment as much as I used to, but I always keep an eye out :)

  11. happy bloggy birthday dezz! oooh... does that mean we're in for the terrible two's? are you planning on being naughtier than ever this year? uhoh!
    your old format was GORGEOUS! (this is beautiful too!!!)

  12. 500000 views?! that's awesome. congratulations!

  13. Cake, yum! Party, double yum! Me getting to know YOU - the ultimate.

    Happy Birthday HOLLYWOOD SPY - you look good for two!

    I'm glad I found my way over to your site through the April A-Z Challenge and The Golden Eagle!

    Cheers, Jenny

  14. Congrats Dezz on the glorious run. And especially, Happy Birthday! I'm glad to have made your acquaintance! Keep up t.he awesome work.

  15. Congratulations! Here's to many more years. I like the appearance of the magazine style format.

    Tossing It Out

  16. you're brill, dahling. Happy b'day, and so glad you're getting past all the pooping~ :D

  17. Happy Birthday Dezzy!!! I wish I could bake you an amazing cake...what kind do you want? ;-D
    So exciting; it was fun to see your flash backs from youth, lol. Congrats; Cheers to many more!

  18. Dezzy - This is fabulous!!! You're FABULOUS!!! Congrats! I've got Angel Food cake for you with fresh strawberries, freshly made whipped cream and delicious strawberry sauce. Yummy. Yummy!!! Just like you. =D

  19. Happy Happy Birthday! Feliz Cumple!

  20. Happy Birthday, Hollywood Spy! And keep up the great work on the site, Dez. It's one of my daily reads and I hope to keep it up for at least another two years!

  21. Happy blog birthday/anniversary Dezz :)

    I found your blog a bit later than anyone else and enjoyed it tremendously.You have been a great spy

  22. Happy Blog-iversary!!! You have created a wonderful, vibrant, sexy cool site and I am so very happy we connected. You are an awesome friend, supporter and all around great person. Here's to many, many more anniversaries for my very favorite Hollywood Spy. Huge Hugs, sweetie. :)

  23. Happy Blog Birthday!!! How awesome! I'm impressed by your dedication. You never fail to bring us interesting posts full of the latest goss and goings on.
    Hope you made a wish before you blew out the candles :)

  24. Happy Birthday to your blog!! WOW 04 years that is pretty awesome!! Loved the flashback!! That setup was equally amazing to what it is now. Great job!!

  25. Happy Birthday, Hollywood Spy!

  26. Happy Birthday Dez. You have a wonderful blog and I always learn something new every time I pop by. Here's wishing you many, many more years of blogging.

    Thoughts in Progress

  27. Happy BlogBirthday Dez. I'll have cake in your honour. Your site is required reading for me - be sure to keep em coming!

  28. @Luanne
    ah, it seems you didn't notice that rum I secretly and delicately poured into your tea for paparazzi not to see :) I really thought a "dash" of rum of half a barrel would be enough for you :)) Guess me was wrong :PPP

    what kind of cake did you bake for Dezzy? :)

    thanks, Uni

    I solemnly promise to be naughty and spicy as ever :))

    it's a big number, isn't it? :))

  29. @Dirty
    thanks, Dirty :)

    he he nice to see you at the party (sober) Jenny :PPP

    he he glorious indeed :) Thanks, buddy!

    thanks, Lee, glad you like the old format as well :)

    well the penguins got sick of changing the dippers :)))

  30. @Ella
    he he thanks, maybe something eggless :) I prefer all other tastes to chocolate :) Maybe something with oranges or lime or lemon :)

    ooh, sounds lovely! I'm not obsessed with strawberries like most other people are, but I do love them :) especially in cakes!

    thanks dearest Myri :)

    thanks, buddy, nice to know I'm on your list :)

    thanks sister :)

  31. @Melsy
    thanks for the kind words dearest Melsy :) I expect you to raise the atmosphere at the party with some Istanbul inspired belly dancing :PPP

    thanks, Lyndylove :) Always nice to know that I can count on you and that I have a big friend Down Under :)

    glad you like the old setting too :) It was lovely and great fun to design and make, but when the text is in the form of picture Google doesn't register it. I had to change it in order to put myself into traffic :)

    thanks, Lesya :)

    thanks, Masy, glad you enjoy the blog as much as I enjoy your visits :)

    which cake? You were supposed to bring me some! What do you mean you didn't bring any? How is that possible? What? You will read me a poem instead of a cake? What kind of compromise is that?? :PPPP

  32. Happy 2nd Blogoversary! hoping you have many more

  33. Happy Birthday Dez!!! I'm sending along some virtual cupcakes with sprinkles!! Hope you're not drinking too much champagne - congrats! :)

  34. Congrats my Serbian friend. I appreciate the effort and dedication you put into your posts. You have long been my go-to guy where early movie news in concerned.

  35. @Jemi
    thanks Jemi :) me likey cupcakes :)

    thanks, my caveman ;)

  36. Happy belated 2nd bloggaversary, Dezzy! Sending well wishes your way ... and virtual cup cakes, too :D Keep up the great work, my friend!

  37. Congratulations!
    And I love you too!

  38. Happy Birthday, Dezzy! I see you brought some eye candy. :D

  39. @Flixy
    thanks, Flixy, what kind of cupcakes? :) You do know I'm a semi-professional cake baker? :)

    thanks, my dear :)

    thanks :)

    thanks :)

  40. Happy belated Birthday! Your blog is awesome! I hope you had a great celebration:-)

  41. Happy Birthday Dez! Two years and so much success already :) More is to come sir!

  42. A belated Happy Birthday to our favorite spy! Sorry this wish are so overdue, I just wanted to help prolong the celebration :)

  43. @Erena
    thanks my dear :)

    thanks, Castor! I'm a two year old wunderkind

    eh, and I was expecting from you to jump out of my b-day cake, you know my favourite cake taste is Asian-Dutch :)

  44. Cestitam na dvogodisnjici bloga Dezz. :)

    Ko bi rekao da ce blog ovoliko napredovati, i osvojiti tako mnogo citalaca. :)
    U ovom modernom svetu, gde mnoge stvari postaju popularne iako su najobicnije djubre, drago mi je da vidim da se nesto izborilo za svoje mesto pod suncem na osnovu svog kvaliteta. I na osnovu toga sto ga ljudi vole, a ne da su samo blago zainteresovani.

    Dobra ideja da nas potsetis na "stare" poster-vesti. Dobra ti je i bila odluka da predjes na ovakav sistem kakav je danas. Koliko kog da sam voleo te postere (bas ih ponovo gledam), tekst van slika je prakticnije resenje. Posebno za lenje kao ja, koji vise vole copy/paste kad im je potrebna neka pretraga po internetu.

    Ja se opet nisam javljao verovatno mesec dana, a mozda i duze. :( Iako citam blog svaki put kad me mail obavesti o novom clanku/vesti.

    Inace sam u poslednjih mesec dana pogledao (ponovo) Dark Angel, poslednjih nekoliko epizoda Sarah Conor Chronicles, poslednju sezonu i po Heroes, i poslednju sezonu Dollhouse. (Po ubrzanom tempu, ali sa malo preskakanja
    Osim Dark Angel, ostale serije su mi bile "neodgledane" i na cekanju po godinu-dve. Sledeci su mi u planu Merlin i Legend of the Seeker.

    Pogledao sam i par novijih filmova, poceo da gledam Game of Thrones, i cak bio u bioskopu pre par dana da gledam Thora. :)

    Bas sam bio neuobicajeno "vredan" ovih mesec/dva dana. Mozda cu da budem i aktivniji u pisanju o filmovima i serijama, a ne samo u gledanju istih. :)

  45. thanks, Bels :) Ti si bio prvi pokusni kunic ovog bloga, a i pre toga si izdrzao moja lupetanja skoro dve godine na forumu naci tv i posle na Spejsu :) Vlada nam je negde nestao u medjuvremenu, ali zaljubiska se, pa mu oprastamo :)))

    Uuuu, ja sam MERLINA zavrsio sve sezone, a SEEKER ima dve, pa nemoj da prestanes da gledas ako ti se prva ne svidi, jer je druga neuporedivo bolja. Inace, moj novi izdavac CAROBNA KNJIGA uskoro izdaje knjigu po kojoj je serija nastala WIZARD'S FIRST RULE, i jako mi je zao sto je ja ne prevodim :( bas sam voleo seriju.

    Nadam se da si uzivao u TORU. Ja gledam CAMELOT trenutno, pa cu onda i IGRU PRESTOLA.

  46. Tor nije bio los, ali dozivljaj u bioskopu nije bio na nivou. Cak i da zanemaris ono moje "mutna slika, vide ce crvici, tackice i crtice kao da je film star 30 godina", opet ostaje da je bilo ozbiljnih problema.
    Konkretno u ovom slucaju, jarka vertikanla zelena linija koja se nije mrdala (osim malo levo-desno) sa sredine ekrana prvih 20 minuta. Kasnije se pomerila u stranu, a zatim i nestala. Za njom cu ostale 3-4 paralelne crne vertikalne linije tokom celog filma. Ali posto su one blie manje vidljive, vecina ljudi ih je zanemarila. (Sitnica kad se uporedi sa uzasom prvih 20-30 minuta.)

    Sala je inace bila jedna od 2-3 najmodernije u Srbiji, u kojoj se prikazuju i 3D filmovi. Tor je inace bio samo u 2D (u toj sali, a mozda i u Beogradu), ne znam iz kog razloga.
    Pravo da ti kazem, sada se plasim da opet idem da gledam nesto sto nije u 3D. Jedine projekcije kod kojih je bila zaista ostra slika i bez smetnji su bas te dve-tri projekcije u 3D koje sam ja gledao. Nisam uopste zavisnik od 3D tehnologije, ali ako je to jedini nacin da dobijem kvalitetnu bioskopsku sliku u ovoj nasoj budjavoj zemlji, onda...

    Kakav je inace Camelot? Planiram da mozda pocnem da ga gledam. Proslo je koliko? 5-6 epizoda?

    Igra prestola mi se sve vise dopada. Prosle su tri epizode, i produkcija izgleda sve bolje i bolje, ako je to uopste moguce. Ako uzmem u obzir ogranicenja koja ima TV serija u poredjenju sa filmom (ne samo u novcu nego i u vremenu, potrebi za visestrukim iskoriscenjem setova i ostalim stvarima), onda ova serija izgleda fantasticno sa produkcijske strane.
    Kasting mi se ne svidja za skoro polovinu likova, ali to je vec moja licna stvar, i valjda cu se navici kako vreme bude prolazilo.

  47. joj, uzas. Ali sta da ti kazem, mi u Subotici uopste ni nemamo bioskop :)

    Da, KAMELOT ima sad vec pet epizoda cini mi se. Moram da priznam da je to prva istorijska serija koja me nije odusevila, ali bi se bas zbog toga tebi mogla svideti :) Prve epizode su mi bile nefokusirane i sklepane, i oseca se preveliki jaz u glumi izmedju glumaca. A posebno me nervira Dzozef Fajns koji glumi Merlina po ugledu na onu uzasnu ulogu Hita Ledzera iz BETMENA, dakle skroz ga je unakazio i Merlin je neki psihoticni frik :( I serija je pri tom nekako stilski neodredjena, sto ja ne volim. Ali ipak je gledam :)

    IGRU PRESTOLA moram da skidam, posto mi tu nemamo HBO :(

  48. Congrats Dezmond. You've a real eye for graphic design