Tuesday, May 24, 2011


After two weeks of voting, the third part of WHO IS YOUR FAVOURITE AUSTRALIAN STAR poll is over and the winner with 35% of your votes is Toni Collette, who left Jesse Spencer (19%) and Sam Worthington (17%) behind her.
Toni Collette is larger than life. We knew that from the first time we saw her in the cult Australian film MURIEL'S WEDDING in which she gave the most intelligent portrayal of a girl captured in the world which constantly puts her down. She was also absolutely flawless playing devoted mothers in unusual situations in LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE and THE SIXTH SENSE, we also loved her in EVENING, THE DEAD GIRL, IN HER SHOES, THE HOURS, but she amazed us mostly with her charismatic portrayal of a mother with multiple personalities in UNITED STATES OF TARA. The role is one those profound and multilayered ones which can be tackled only by the most talented of actors. Toni Collette
did it so flawlessly and with such stunning ease that she basically made television history with it securing herself a spot among the best living actresses.
This year we shall be watching her as a mother with a vampire in her neighborhood  in FRIGHT NIGHT beside Colin Farrell. She will also appear in heartwarming film FOSTER, where she and Ioan Gruffudd will be a couple who get an unexpected kid in their lives. Toni is also a singer, has her own band and albums, she has two kids,  was nominated for an Oscar two times, has six awards from Australian Film Institute, one Emmy and a Golden Globe, had a fling with Jonathan Rhys Meyers before she married her hubs.

Now after the Australian stars, let us move to our new poll in which next two weeks we shall be choosing YOUR FAVOURITE SENIOR ACTOR! The nominees include eight over 70 years old thespians and living legends: Derek Jacobi (HAMLET, GLADIATOR, THE KING'S SPEECH), Anthony Hopkins (SILENCE OF THE LAMBS), Ian McKellan (LORD OF THE RINGS, X-MEN, GODS AND MONSTERS), Peter O'Toole (TROY, THE TUDORS, LAWRENCE OF ARABIA), Sean Connery (JAMES BOND), Donald Sutherland (THE PILLARS OF THE EARTH, THE EAGLE), Michael Caine (THE QUIET AMERICAN, THE CIDER HOUSE RULE) and Christopher Plummer (THE SOUND OF MUSIC, PRIEST, ALEXANDER).


  1. I didn't realize she was Australian. I've never seen her in anything with her natural accent I guess...

    And love the new poll! Michael Caine for the WIN!

  2. she is very Australian, you MUST watch her first film MURRIEL'S WEDDING, I'm convinced you would like it a lot, it's one of my top ten favourite films ever.

  3. I can't pick just one -- they are all magnificent actors. I can't even narrow it down by picking a Canadian actor, because there are two -- Donald Sutherland and Christopher Plummer. Or by just picking a gay actor because there are two (and a half) that I'm aware of. Oh, what a dilemma!

  4. YAY!!! go toni!!!! :)
    this new poll is too hard of a choice!!!! ohmy! love the photo of mckellen! :)

  5. @Debra
    he he :) Wait, who are the two and a half gays? I know McKellen is, Jacobi possibly and maybe Plummer? :) Craig Parker from the previous post is also gay according to rumors ;)

    YAY indeed :)
    Glad you like the pic, I tried to find the best of their photos and I think I did a good job :)

  6. I really like Toni Colette and want to see Muriel's Wedding.
    The new poll is a tough choice!

  7. It would be tough to choose between Sean Connery and Michael Caine. I say they both win in a tie!

  8. @Lesya
    ah, you MUST see MURIEL'S WEDDING, it's an amazing movie which made Toni and Rachel Griffits famous.

    maybe they will :) I think we had a tie once before. I just hope we won't have any problems with Blogger's polls like the last time :(

  9. I would have said Connery, that is until the year 2000, when McKellan became Olorin, Mithrandir and Gandalf forever more.

  10. I would have thought Sam would win, but gratz to Toni :)

  11. @Matthew
    and plus Connery has kinda retired, he hasn't done any film in years now

    he was a strong contender and took the bronze medal :)

  12. This is a tough poll! I couldn't decide between Michael Caine and Ian McKellen, so I went for Sean Connery instead. The accent did it ...

  13. He does have a great accent :)

  14. Is Harrison Ford considered a senior? Cuz he'd get my vote! (But I voted anyway)

  15. Jacobi is gay for sure, is he not? And yes, I'm counting Plummer as half-gay, if those bisexual rumours *wink* are true!

  16. I love, love Toni. She is amazing and gorgeous. Muriel's Wedding is one of my favorite movies and she rocked it. Yay Toni for winning!

    Have to go with Sir Ian. I love him and I've seen so many of his movies. He was incredible and chilling in Richard III and Apt Pupil. I also love his activism. One of the greatest.

  17. Toni is amazing; really a band and a fling with Henry the 8th, whoah...! I love Ioan, can't wait...

  18. hmm.. it looks like most of them who won the pool are our nanny's favorite celebs ;P :)

  19. @Kelly
    I've no idea how old he is, but he looks much older ever since he married that Calista woman :)

    He is, and I believe that O'Toole is a bit suspicious as well :)

    MURIEL'S WEDDING really rocks. One of the most fun films ever and sooo heartwarming. People should watch it whenever they are down or depressive.
    Ian was amazing in RICAHRD III. And I hope you watched him in GODS AND MONSTERS too, he and Brandan Frazer are absolutely stunning in it.

  20. @Ella
    yep, she had a love relationship with Rhys Meyers :)

    that actually isn't really true. Often have people who are not my favourites won the polls, but you notice only the cases when my favourites do win.