Monday, May 30, 2011


To brighten up your boring Monday, I'm introducing you to lovely Clare Maguire, an almost breathtakingly talented singer from Ireland who is currently rocking Europe with her amazing LIGHT AFTER DARK album. The owner of the most sensational voice
you've ever heard, Claire already has three seductive smash hits - THE LAST DANCE, my favourite which you can watch bellow, AIN'T NOBODY which has the most amazing video ever, and you can also watch her latest single THE SWORD AND THE SHIELD in the left sidebar. She has an extraordinary voice, profound charisma and she is the next big thing. She got a record deal after one of her tracks reached 500,000 plays at MySpace!

 Now, that Bradley Cooper really has big plans for himself. Not only that he might play THE CROW in the remake and the Devil himself in the epic film adaptation of PARADISE LOST, he now
also reveals that he is writing a script for the movie adaptation of famous sf classic HYPERION by Dan Simmons. According to "MovieWeb" he is now negotiating with the producer who owns the rights on the sf saga. The story of HYPERION is set in the distant future, as a space war threatens Hyperion, a planet known for the Time Tombs - large artifacts that can move through time and are guarded by a gruesome monster called the Shrike.

I know I don't post Asian trailers often, but I saw this one at my dear Jaccsy's and it sounds and looks really marvelous and
magical. Coming out this summer to Chinese cinemas, REST ON YOUR SHOULDER  is a magical fantasy romance with breath taking special effects and stunning land scapes which follows a young woman who becomes a butterfly in exchange for the recovery of her sick fiance, a biologist. Yet when he recovers from his illness, he is struck by the disappearance of his fiancee. As the three year time for her return to human form comes near, however, a plague spreads across Celestial Island. When the butterfly realizes she may hold the key to the cure, she goes on a journey to seek the truth.  Will the butterfly save the dying land from the epidemic? Will she successfully become human again after the three year limit? The film was shown at Cannes this year leaving a deep impression. 

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  1. Thanks for introducing us to Claire Maguire, Dezz. I will enjoy watching her evolution as a singer..she is a lovely new talent. Thanks Annie

  2. glad you liked her, isn't she just amazing? Great voice and great songs :)

  3. Ooh, I did like the Clare Maguire song. But I still love those other Irish singers best. :P

    Rest On Your Shoulder has an interesting visual appeal to it. I might check that one out on Netflix later.

    And thanks again for the beatuiful banner, Dezz. I love it. :)

  4. which other Irish singers?
    Glad you love the banner :)

  5. REST ON YOUR SHOULDER looks mythical. I'm intrigued.

    I remember ages back I tried to read Hyperion but couldn't get into it.

    Another brilliant banner! Well done :)

  6. I had not heard of Claire Maguire either. Extraordinary voice.

    Rest On Your Shoulders, also sounds wonderful. Who doesn't love a bit of magic from time to time :)

    Great post Dezmond. I must pop over here more often :)

  7. @Lyndy
    yep, I heard that HYPERION, ENDYMION saga is rather complex.
    Glad you like the new banner :)

    you really must, you know we love a bit of kiwi in our salad as often as possible :)

  8. That is a terrific trailer. Great job paying it forward!

  9. Dezzy, U do 2 know who I'm talking about. :P

  10. Best of luck to any film-maker trying to adapt Hyperion! Not only is it a very complex and poetic Space Opera, the budget would have to be equally out-of-this-world...

  11. Rest on Your Shoulder sounds beautiful....
    I will keep my eyes peeled for it.

  12. I have just see your comment on Ask Erena´s blog, and I am with you all the way.

  13. Happy Monday Dezzy!!

    As you know I am away this week so may not be posting/commenting as much as normal. I haven't forgotten you!!!

    Now, Clare Maguire is a very sexy singer. I am slightly in love with her at the moment!!!

  14. Wow, nice costume on the lady up above. Hyperion sounds interesting. I'm always up for checking out a sci-fi flick.
    Rest on Your Shoulder: Hmmm very interesting.

  15. Boring Monday? thank God my monday never a boring one ;) Hope you'll have a better Monday Dezz.

    Wow...I feel like I see Bradley Copper everywhere nowadays.

    Thank you for sharing Rest on Your Shoulder...I will look for it *excited*

  16. Love those Clare Maguire songs. Will look into more of her stuff.
    Thanks for this one, Dez!
    Great banners btw.

  17. @Luanne
    I'm really confused, 'tis Monday and me engines ain't workin' properly :) Please, remind me.

    yep, that's what I thought as well. I haven't read it, but people who did keep telling me its extremely complex.

    you do that, and I shall post a long trailer if I get one :)

  18. @Sacramento
    thanks, Sacramento, glad you agree with my environmental and animal protection opinions!

    away where? Majorca? Ibiza? Monaco? :)
    Claire told me she likes you too :)

    glad you like Claire's costume, hope you watched her video too to see the whole of it :)

  19. @Novroz
    well boring, hardworking, busy ... choose your own option for Monday :)
    Yes, Bradley does seem to be everywhere and he just managed to score more than $100 million in cinemas this weekend with HANGOVER 2.

    ah, glad you liked the song, MAry, hope you did a small dance too :)))

  20. I can understand your boredom...I would if I have to translate bad books too ;)

    By the way, do you know Nick? He often hang around in AM. He is a talented writer, I have just reviewed his book. With so many bad books out there,I am surprise he hasn't gotten any deal with publisher yet...his books are really good.

  21. Clare has a really amazing voice. Thanks for sharing this video. Hyperion looks excellent, but I really, really want to see Rest On Your Shoulder. The story absolutely exquisite.

    Those banners rock! You have such a talent my friend. :)

  22. I am so honored that you have chosen to follow me. I am following you, too 100%.

  23. I've never read HYPERION, but I think I might just have to put it on my list. I've read a couple other books by Dan Simmons, so I know his plots can get a tad complex.

  24. Will look forward to Hyperion. The fantasy looks interesting, too.

  25. @Novroz
    bad books usually sell better due to bad readers :)

    she really does, and a body to match the voice :) Doesn't that Chinese film seem very unusual and unique? Kinda makes you wish for an English version :)
    Glad you liked the banner :)

  26. @Reana
    well, welcome, nice having you here :)

    thanks for following ;)

    who knows maybe you'd like it since its sf :)

    glad you like the two projects ;)

  27. I have never heard of McGuire but she sounds wonderful. I love Cooper and I'm so jealous that he's so talented.

  28. Glad you like Claire, Clarissa, she deserves all the fans she can get, she is amazing! Cooper is super charming :)

  29. After seeing Cooper in Limitless, I've hope for him in the sci-fi/fantasy movie genres. Looking forward to seeing him in Paradise Lost!

  30. Great to have you posted that beautiful trailer here and thanks for the mention, bro ;)
    I surely know Rest on Your Shoulder is your cup of healthy tea :)

  31. @Jamie
    it will be nice seeing him in epics and sf even though we're used to seeing him in comedies

    glad you liked it, dear Jaccsy! :)

  32. @Dezmond hahaha that's a nice one Dezz ;)

  33. Not that I am backing The Crow remake, but it is nice to see Cooper going for roles in other genre films besides comedy and romances. He is a really good actor, so I hope this keeps adding to his credibility and tossing the "looks" to the side.

  34. Sorry Dezzy but as you know, I'm not crazy about Bradley so I must say I'm not thrilled about him in The Crow reboot. I have no interest in that devil movie, either, but generally I don't care for movies that glorify evil.

  35. @Geof
    yes, I said that too, it's nice that he is searching for roles outside his usual genre too.

    I'm actually very into PARADISE LOST because it will be an adaptation of the famous literary epic. And it will also have glorious visuals. If you remember from my post on that film, it will have scenes of areal battles between angels. And if the film will be used to attack the corrupt Christian church, it will be a great piece of art.

  36. I voted for you in both categories, my friend! And I checked my store for more snowflake silicone pans to do a blog giveaway, and they were sold out. Hope to find more next year.

  37. thank you, Lizzy :) And I'm sure I will find an interesting silicone pan here somewhere, although the selection is off course much smaller than over at your place :) So far, I just have a regular silicone pan for round muffins and it's very practical.