Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Young Saoirse Ronan, who is getting more and more popular, has just taken the lead role in THE HOST, a film adaptation of
Stephanie Meyer's fantasy novel which she wrote after TWILIGHT saga. According to "MovieWeb" Ronan will play Melanie Snyder, one of the remaining few humans left on Earth after an attack by parasitic aliens called Souls. This alien species can enter a human and essentially erase their personality from within. When Melanie is invaded by a Soul named Wanderer, he finds she won't surrender and starts to connect with her past life. The film will be directed by talented Andrew Niccol who made the cult sf classic GATTACA and who has just finished shooting sf film NOW with Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried.

SHORT HEADLINES *After Hugh Jackman and Viggo Mortensen have turned down the lead role in SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN beside Charlize Theron and Kristen
, the new candidate for the male role is the Thor himself Chris Hemsworth! *Although a mini series on the topic is also in plan, it seems we shall watch POMPEII in cinemas first. As soon as he is done with THE THREE MUSKETEERS, Paul W.S. Anderson will direct an epic about the love of a slave and the daughter of the slave's master amid the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in A.D. 79 and destruction of Pompeii. *With the start of the production on THE AVENGERS, Marvel has revealed that Scarlett Johansson's BLACK WIDOW and Jeremy Renner's HAWKEYE will likely get their solo movies too in the upcoming future!

Today's trailer treat for you is the first trailer for THE LEDGE, a suspense thriller which is coming out this June with quite a strong cast including HOLLYWOOD SPY's favourite actor Patrick Wilson
and also Charlie Hunnam, Lyv Tyler and Terrence Howard. The film centers on a young college professor, Gavin, who stands on the ledge of a high-rise building and seems determined to take his own life. Enter a detective, Hollis, who has been sent to talk the jumper out of it, but discovers that Gavin has to jump off the building before noon that day. But we soon learn that Hollis has just suffered his own life shattering experience, and in the end, it's Gavin who has to convince the policeman that his own life is worth living.


  1. It will be intersting how they do the Host. When I read the book I couldn't imagine it as a movie --not a good one anyway, although I enjoyed the story.

  2. he he to be honest I can't imagine any of her books being good films :) but hopefully, with Saoirse being a more serious actress, maybe it turns out good.

  3. my blog needs more sex appeal i think. it's always a pleasure coming here.

  4. I like the premise of The Ledge. Not a lot of tension in the clip, but it looks like there could be some good manipulation going on between the characters.

    By the way, the letters of that poster are all messed up. :PPP

  5. @E
    he he yep, you could add some spice over there :))and it's always a pleasure having you here.

    it's a Russian poster, you don't speak Russian like your Dezzy? :)

  6. 1. It kinda weirds me out to see Saoirse Ronan all prettied up like that, as attractive as she is.

    2. Saoirse Ronan in a Stephanie Meyer movie? No. I will not allow it. She's made such good movie choices up until now, now is NOT the time to sell out. As much as I love Gattaca...that's just weird. I disapprove. Very much.

  7. Chris Hemsworth bulked up big time for Thor.

    I loved Gattaca. Andrew Niccol is definitely a skilled director. He's all the reason to trust that The Host will be an interesting film.

  8. The Host was a completely different book than the Twilight series. I think it was better written, and I really enjoyed it. I'm excited about a movie version--the story has an Invasion of the Body Snatchers feel to it.

  9. Mount Vesuvius will certainly lend itself to a spectacular special effects blowout, so to speak.

  10. ooo--I loved The Host. I really, really did. There were some parts I skimmed--a little long--but it had a great premise and as always Meyer's way w/chemistry. Good stuff.

    The Ledge looks cool. Lurv Live Tyler. Must check it out. Thanks, Dezzy! :o) <3

  11. Oh how I love Charlie Hunnam. Every time I look at him I just want to...I'll refrain from being naughty. ;) Of course, I adore Liv Tyler because she is my Steven's daughter. And of course, The Ledge stars Patrick Wilson, quite a god among mortal men. You and I are going to go just to look at our respective fellows aren't we?

  12. THE HOST is an exceptional book and I think Ronan's acting chops with Niccol's directing skills will make for a glorious movie. I just hope Meyer doesn't let the story line get effed up.

  13. I haven't read The Host yet. I'll try to read it before seeing the movie.

    Your blog always has pretty people in it. :)

  14. wow after Twilight, now is the Host? i remember Saoirse from Lovely Bone. she did quite well in it n leave a deep impression on me! :)

  15. The Host sounds verrrrrrrry interesting indeed! Ronan is a great little actor and will definitely be awesome!!

    Very exciting


  16. Ronan's too good for this crap!! Hope she refuses this and does Anna Kerenina instead.

  17. Another movie from Meyer's book? watch or not to watch, will it be as corny as Twilight, that is the question!

  18. @Hufstader
    I agree with you that Saoirse is growing up into a very pretty young lady. But I must admit I didn't like her movie choices much so far, since I don't like when kids play in violent movies. That's irresponsible and unacceptable for me personally.

    that's an old picture of Chris Hemswroth, so yes, when you see him today you can see how much he bulked up and how much muscles he has put on. It's quite amazing. kinda like his friend Chris Evans in Captain America

  19. @Kristin
    yep, I know you like reading that kind of books and writers :)

    he he so to speak yes :)

    I knew you probably liked that book :) Hope you will like the movie too.

  20. @Melsy
    the film is full of people you like :) It will be a joy for you to watch :) I haven't watched Hunnam in anything so far, I think, but he has quite a dirty look in both meanings of that word :)

    Niccol is a great director and a very capable filmmaker, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for this one

    ah, you've been staring at my pic again :)))) He he he just jokin'

  21. @Levian and Custie
    yep, Ronan seems like a very talented young actress unlike most other teens in Hollywood. It seems she is taking a different direction from her colleagues.

    nope, she is definitely doing this one, Anna still doesn't have money for production and it's still not sure whether she will really appear in THE HOBBIT, so she has time to do this one

    I probably won't watch it :) since I'm afraid from everything TWILIGHTISH :)

  22. ooooh! i love ronan SO MUCH!!!! and GATTACA was just such a special amazing movie!!! i've never read the host, but i've heard it's very superior to the twilight series. i have it on a bookshelf somewhere, i'll have to pull it out and give it a looksee sometime!

    pompeii anything sounds like it has potential, and THE LEDGE looks spectacular! i love lyv tyler (and am with mel on the steven love) and terrence howard is amazing!

  23. he he yep, give it a looksee and tell us how it was :) Lyv has gone missing after LOTR, it's quite strange seeing her again at the big screen.

  24. The Ledge is my type of movie! Great actors. Great plot.

  25. I haven't heard too much about Pompeii recently, but I am looking forward to it.
    Not sure about Meyer's new book to film though.

  26. The host is an interesting plot, but seems like it would be hard to pull off as a visual story. I should read it, I suppose. :)

  27. @Clarissa
    glad you like it :)

    we shall have to wait and see both projects :)

    yep, I'm interested to see how they will make it visually.

  28. I actually haven't read The 4 of Twilight turned me off a little. Still - it might be interesting. Too bad about Jackman and the Huntsman :(

  29. nya, it's not that bad for Hugh, Donea, the film is doomed to fail with that horrid Kristen Stewart in the lead role.

  30. By the way, have you watched Hemsworth in Thor? I thought that will be quite hemsworthy for you, nanny ;))

  31. I hear it's getting great reviews! I knew the film will be good when it's directed bu Branagh.I still haven't seen it since I'm not sure how I will watch that horrid horrid woman Portman, but you do know how I love Chrissy and how I believed he will make a great performance and he did :)

  32. Pompeii for the win! I have a thing for volcanoes. (You'll know why if you read my book ;-) )

  33. Black Widow could be good. I wish they would go back and remake Elektra, that could be so good! Or a new Catwoman spinoff after Dark Knight Rises with Anne Hathaway, so we can forget about the 2004 one.