Monday, May 16, 2011


Although I can't say I'm overly amazed by his new show THE BORGIAS over at Showtime, which has been renewed for the
second season, I do like director Neil Jordan (CRYING GAME, ONDINE, INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPIRE) and it seems he has a new project. His new film will again revolve around vampires.  The £8 million BYZANTIUM will be a vampire story about a mother and a daughter who are practically the same age. The mother is 24 and the daughter is 16 and they became vampires very close in time. They become a deadly pair posing as vampire sisters. The roles are already given to Gemma Arterton (PRINCE OF PERSIA, CLASH OF TITANS) and Saoirse Ronan.

SHORT HEADLINES *Latest rumors say that Luke Evans and Joel Edgerton are competing for the role of Tom Buchanan in Bazz Luhrmann's THE GREAT GATSBY which already
has Leo De Caprio, Tobey Maguire and Isla Fisher. *Our favourite blond vampire Alexander Skarsgard will star in WHAT MAISIE KNEW a film about a six-year-old girl enmeshed in the bitter divorce of her mother, a rock and roll icon (Julianne Moore), and her father, a charming but distracted art dealer (Steve Coogan). Skarsgard will play mother's new boyfriend. *Gary Ross who is currently preparing to shoot the highly anticipated movie adaptation of THE HUNGER GAMES already has a project to do after it. It will be a modern retelling of the CYRANO DE BERGERAC, the story of a man who has to give his love up to a more handsome and less eloquent rival, but this time it will be set in the world of modern social media!

Today HOLLYWOOD SPY brings you the first trailer for this July's comedy HORRIBLE BOSSES. Starring Justin Bateman,
Spacey, Colin Farrell
and Jeniffer Aniston, the film follows three hardworking friends. The only thing that would make the daily grind more tolerable for them would be to grind their intolerable bosses into dust. Quitting is not an option, so, with the benefit of a few-too-many drinks and some dubious advice from a hustling ex-con, the three friends devise a convoluted and seemingly foolproof plan to rid themselves of their respective employers ... permanently. There's only one problem: even the best laid plans are only as foolproof as the brains behind them.


  1. Hahahahaha, like that Prius joke at the end! I would never have recognized Jennifer Aniston with that dark straight hair.

  2. and her being evil :) She usually plays nice girl, but here she is super evil :)

  3. I've always liked the story of CYRANO DE BERGERAC so this version interests me.

    PS re your comments in last post: you're a sweetie. :)

  4. what did I say in the last post's comments? :) I must check it out :)
    CYRANO will hit Facebook and Twitter in this film :)

  5. Collin Ferrell looks ridiculous in that clip. And again, I love Jason Bateman. He just makes me laugh.

  6. BYZANTIUM is probably going to be gory, isn't it? I can't stand gory movies. It sounds very good, otherwise.

  7. I remember how people laughed a year ago when I posted the first pic of Colin Farrell from the film :) It was actually the day when this particular design of HOLLYWOOD SPY came to life :)

  8. @Emily
    well, it's a vampire flick, so probably yes :)

  9. Have to see Cyrano because it is one of my favorite stories. Byzantium sounds wicked cool, too. I love vampires.

    Colin, Jennifer and Kevin are rocking as the evil bosses. Colin's comb-over is atrocious. I don't like comb-overs as I prefer bald and balding. It's sexy, natural and oh-so manly.

  10. Ah, Horrible Bosses....
    Looks funny, but I could actually do without Jennifer Aniston.

  11. The Great Gatsby is one of my favorite books. I envision Joel Edgerton, more so than Evans, for the role of Buchanan. I really like what he brought, in a limitied role, to Animal Kingdom last year. I think he'd give a stellar portrayal.

  12. i recognize Alexandar as Eric from True Blood! but his part seemed kinda small in the new movie. :p

  13. I am dying to see The Great Gatsby. I still quote the book from time to time, even years and years after reading it!

    I have Showtime but I've never seen The Borgias - maybe I'll try it over the summer!

  14. damn that pic of jennifer aniston =D

  15. LOL! I don't win a lot. Thanks for the trailer. Looks funny.
    Edge of Your Seat Romance

  16. I remember South Korean filmmakers also have made their modern retelling for CYRANO DE BERGERAC. The film called "Cyrano Agency" :)

  17. Happy Monday Dezzy, Here we go again!!

    How was your weekend?

    I am quite interested in Byzantium, sounds like it could be fun

    Speak soon my mate!!


  18. ohno. saorise why? not a vampire movie. ugh.

    maybe they'll get steve martin to cameo in the new cyrano flick. my mom loved roxanne. it's the only cyrano flick i've seen.

    and... ohmy! those are some terrible bosses... but offing them? i agree with debra, though. the prius joke was HILARIOUS! :)

  19. @Melsy
    it's true, sister, bald men are gorgeous, me being a prime example he he :)

    hey, Drew, where did you go missing? :)

    I'm quite surprised with the sudden appearance of Joel in Hollywood. I've known him for a decade now, he's one of the busiest Australian actors, but he never seemed to have a charisma for making it big over the ocean, but he's doing it now.

  20. @Levian
    yep, Alexander hasn't been getting major roles in Hollywood yet. Maybe BATTLESHIP will make him bigger?

    you could try watching THE BORGIAS. It's not bad, but it's not as amazing and entertaining as it could be. Having in mind the opulent, spicy and inspiring material, I thought the show would be very vivid and dynamic, but it's quite boring and bland. And some of the actors just don't fit their roles.

    you should get used to such pictures if you plan to visit HOLLYWOOD SPY often :)))

  21. @Raquel
    glad you liked the trailer :)

    they have a whole Cyrano agency? :)))

    I had a Eurosong weekend :) You? The family has been treating you nicely over the weekend? :)

    well, some bosses really deserve such a treatment :)))

  22. What a cast for The Great Gatsby - I can't wait to see it!

  23. Hi Dezzy, hope your weekend was good. Hope you enjoyed my tribute to our favorite actress :D

    Horrible Bosses looks like a hoot, finally a Jennifer Aniston movie that might not be trashed by critics. But I'll watch it mainly for Jason Bateman and Colin Farrell.

  24. Saorise and Gemma in the same film. Vampires are just bonus. Sign me up!

  25. Horrible bosses is so funny! Great cast. I think it's a must see.

  26. Hi Dezzy! - Horrible Bosses looks like it could be funny.

  27. @Suzy
    ah, I don't like the cast :(

    yep, your post was quite reminiscent of my famous Blanchett post :)
    There was one Aniston film which was critically acclaimed, the one in which she played a waitress or a cash register.

  28. @Budd
    he he glad you got excited by that piece of news :)

    glad you like it, Clarissa :)

    it certainly does :)Hope you're having a nice Monday.

  29. Cyrrano and Horrible Bosses look like they could be entertaining.

  30. I am the only one who is getting tired of this vampire movies? They are just many nowadays.

    Horrible Bosses looks interesting, but I'll wait it in DVD

  31. Dezzy, I've seen vampire flicks without gore, though. ;)

  32. @Novroz
    nope, we are all tired of vampires :)



  33. Glad to know that Dezz :)
    I have just realized I made lots of grammar mistakes there ;)