Wednesday, May 25, 2011


We've all loved little Ariel from Disney's LITTLE MERMAID, but now Sony is planning to make a darker version of the famous
underwater tale by Hans Christian Andersen. According to "MovieWeb" it will basically be a film adaptation of Carolyn Turgeon's book MERMAID: A TWIST ON THE CLASSIC TALE,  which focuses on a princess who seeks out to marry the prince of her rival kingdom, to try and save her own ravaged kingdom. However, the princess discovers that a beautiful mermaid has also fallen for the prince, risking her life to be with him. The film will be produced by Tobey Maguire. And to remind you, China is also preparing an underwater epic EMPIRES OF THE DEEP with Olga Kurylenko in the lead role.

One of the hottest news in Serbia these days is that Leo DiCaprio has sent his screenwriter to Belgrade to investigate the story around the famous Serbian band of thieves called PINK PANTHER. He is apparently planning to shoot the film on them, and the screenwriter has been talking to Serbian police and Interpol gathering all the necessary details.
As you may have read in the press, Pink Panther has around 200 members and they are known as extremely successful thieves who never use violent methods in their work.  They've stolen a few hundreds of millions of euros worth jewelry. Their targets were jewelry stores in Germany, Switzerland, Monaco ... but they are most famous for the robbery in Tokyo in 2004 where they stole 32 million euros worth jewelry including the famous Contessa De Vendome necklace with 116 diamonds and for the robbery in Dubai where they stole $11 million worth jewelry in just 11 seconds. The mastermind of the gang still hasn't been caught!

You already know that fairy tale film adaptations are popular these days in Hollywood with gazillion SNOW WHITE projects, a few SLEEPING BEAUTY ones, ALICE and RED RIDING HOOD are
already done ... and you also know that ROMEO AND JULIET is getting a new version again with young Hailee Steinfeld (TRUE GRIT) in the lead role. Now the film has new cast members. To be directed by Italian director Carlo Carlei, the film will also have Oscar winner Holly Hunter and teen star Ed Westwick from popular TV show GOSSIP GIRL. Hunter will play Juliet's nurse who raised her and who serves as a messenger between her and Romeo. Westwick will not play Romeo, but Tybalt, Juliet's hot-tempered cousin who is always quick to draw his sword.


  1. MERMAID sounds super cool. I like the sound of a darker version.

  2. hope it won't be a soapy romance :)

  3. And where were you in 2004, Dez!?! I'm suspicious. :P

    I also love the idea of DiCaprio dispatching his screenwriter to Belgrade. "Go, man, and don't come back without the Pink Panther story."

  4. I don't remember, I think I was getting my MA at college :) but who knows what I was doing in my free time /diamondsblinginthebackground/ :)

    What I love is the fact that our police and Interpol would cater to his wishes and demands. I'd probably send him to play somewhere else :)

  5. But, but, but they already did a Romeo and Juliet movie a few years ago, and it was done very well. Why must Hollywood play on repeat? It's getting tiring.

  6. Wait....
    What happened to the Steve Martin Pink Panther films, no doubt the pinnacle of film cinematic expression!

  7. Ed Westwick can draw his sword against me anytime. ;) Oh the double entendres are zinging through my synapses faster than lightning in a bottle.

    I'm excited about Pink Panther. I love a good thief caper and they have pulled off the most exciting ones in recent memory.

  8. Ooooh, I love the idea of Pink Panther, I love good thief movies! Take the goods, no one gets hurt!

    Ed Westwick is a great choice! A dark tale, tail...not sure, just yet~

  9. That movie adaptation from the story around the famous Serbian's Pink Panther is absolutely a very interesting piece of news :)

  10. Leonardo always seemed to be involved in some very unique storylines. :)

  11. You made my day - Leonardo's project sounds fascinating & I'm a sucker for as many versions of Romeo & Juliet that anyone will make. And, oddly, I like being around mermaids, mermen, merpeople... maybe b/c I grew up swimming competitively. It's comfy being waterlogged.

  12. Definitely interested in the Pink Panther story.

  13. Pink Panther sounds interesting.

    I love Romeo and Juliet. I've seen it on stage and film. I don't get tired of it.

  14. I agree with Emily - enough with the repeats. Like the idea of the mermaid - and how does one get a job as diCaprio's writer?

  15. The mermaid one really steal my attention. I agree with you Dezz,hope it won't be a soapy romance.

    By the Liam Neeson in the favorite senior actor? :( whyyyyy???

  16. @Emily
    yep, but Hollywood likes to recycle rather fresh things these days

    she has a rather interesting hairdo :)

    the pinnacle of film cinematic expression, indeed :) Did you know that I never once managed to watch a whole PINK PANTHER movie in my life? I usually give up after first ten minutes :)

    I've no idea what "the double entendres are zinging through my synapses" means, but I reckon it's something naughty :)

  17. @Ella
    thieves can be fun sometimes, but they still are bad people :) These didn't give the money to the poor, but they used it to buy themselves huge villas in Montenegro and to live in luxury. But at least they are not robbing other people's money from banks :)

    glad you like it, Jaccsonville!

    I wouldn't know :) I tend to avoid his films, since I don't like him :)

    I shall leave water to you since I'm kinda afraid of it :) I prefer good old Earth :)

  18. @Lurk
    glad you think so, Lurk ;)

    it's a classic story that will be interesting to the audience probably forever

    I reckon you go to his house, knock on his doors and ask him if he, by any chance, needs a personal writer :) He has his production company like most other actors in Hollywood.

    Liam is a young man, this poll is for those above 70 as it says in the previous post ;)

  19. I think Leonardo always choose the best movies for me a part of the team. Love their films!


  20. Mermaid sounds intresting, but Pink Panther is more

  21. @Sickbytrend
    I will tell Leo that you like his films :PP

    glad you liked the films, sister :)

  22. Mermaid does sound cool but so does the story of the Pink Panther.

  23. i'm not into theif movies- blech.
    but romeo and juliet is always interesting, although i really think the claire danes version was so uniquie it's hard to top. but a dark mermaid thing could be super cool! love the pic you picked! :)

  24. Ed should be playing Romeo ! He's hot and talented ! You have a great blog, following you from Italy ! I would love it if you wanted to follow back ! Kisses

  25. @Clarissa
    glad you like those two projects :)

    that was Bazz Luhrmann's ROMEO AND JULIET :) I didn't like it, but I did like some of his other films

    thanks for following, Vale ;) Hope we will be seeing you here often :) Love Italy! I'm close just over Adriatic sea :)

  26. Mermaid sounds like it could be pretty cool, though seeing it did make me worry that mermaids might be the new zombies in terms of popularity (first Pirates 4, now this? I feel a disturbance in the force, hehe).

  27. Mermaids really do have a kind of a revival these days. Hope they won't used them too much.

  28. Serbian Pink Panther jewelry thieves, interesting! Are they gonna film it in your home country Dezzy?

    Btw, your poll right now is so very timely! I actually am working on a post for next week on that topic. Hard to pick which one I like best out of three of my faves!

  29. probably not, since they didn't do robberies in Serbia.
    Glad you like the poll, senior ladies are coming after we finish this one.

  30. Ah I see. I guess I miss the post ;)

  31. I can't wait for the Pink Panter movie.Its got be interesting story.

  32. Wow,
    Serbia has really lost its rep.