Thursday, May 19, 2011


Now, I know we are all fed up with vampires and zombies, but what if the best of the best thespians play in such a film? Believe it or not, her Majesty Judi Dench (bow immediately) will join Ian McKellan in THE CURSE OF THE BUXOM STRUMPET. This zombie comedy will be set in 1713, in the town of Upper Trollop :) where a strange plague begins to turn the town's residents into flesh eating cannibals. Lord Fortitude must then lead the survivors in an escape to survive. Judi's character will be called Mrs. Halfpint, and the cast will also include Gillian Anderson.

SHORT HEADLINES *It's official, Michelle Williams WILL play Glinda the Good Witch in OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL as I reported recently. She will join Rachel Weisz as Evanorah and Mila Kunis as Theodorah. *Armie Hammer has officially been announced as THE LONE RANGER beside Johnny Depp as Tonto. *You can check out the first pic of Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen in THE HUNGER GAMES from the cover of "Entertainment Weekly"! * Having already earned $225 million worldwide THOR is definitely getting a sequel and according to first rumors the villain could be Amora,
a powerful sorceress also known as The Enchantress who has hots for Thor :) * Brilliant Cillian Murphy will star in a psychological WW2 movie WAYFARING STRANGERS, which will follow a group of elite British paratroopers captured by German soldiers and held on a remote farm.

Well, if you like musical, glitz and Broadway you will surely like NBC's upcoming show SMASH. Featuring gorgeous Katharine McPhee and her stunning voice, the new show, coming up this Fall, will celebrate the beauty and heartbreak of the Broadway theater as it follows a cross-section of dreamers and schemers who all have one common desire - to be a SMASH. The series centers on a desire
to create a Broadway musical based on the life of Marilyn Monroe, written by the successful songwriter played by WILL & GRACE's Debra Messing. The cast also includes Angelica Huston as a tenacious producer, Jack Davenport as a brilliant director and Megan Hilty who plays the experienced rival to Katharine McPhee's inexperienced but talented character. The whole show was an idea of Steven Spielberg and will feature lots of famous songs in each episode.  Check out a short video.
PS I think Blogger's been ill again, since polls around the Blogosphere haven't been working properly for more than two days now. Our current poll had more than 100 votes three days ago.


  1. I'm a sucker for a good musical and Smash gave me some killer goosebumps!!! I loved it! You would think that I would have fell in love with Glee...but I hate that damn show! I'ma give Smash one hell of a try!

  2. Read it first at Dezi's! I was amazed that Her Maj is in a zombie movie. Man, she's good! Some great-looking movies on the way, thanks.


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  3. @Thundercat
    it will certainly have some goosebumpsworthy musical scenes :)

    her Majesty Judi (bow immediately) is always ready to surprise us :))

  4. Isn't Judy Dench beautiful in that picture? The Curse of the Buxom Strumpet? Sounds like it will be full of tongue-in-cheek humor.

    And Smash does sort of look like Glee for grown-ups. I love the cast, but I'm not sure that one will make it.

  5. Judi is always lovely :) if you use search button in the right sidebar you can find a post solely dedicated to her which features some really lovely pics.
    I'm not sure about SMASH, either, too Americanish for my taste, which doesn't mean it won't be good.

  6. SMASH! SMASH! The one show I'm excited about!

  7. Oooh Dame Judi and Sir Ian, talk about the British greats in a movie together.

  8. The Curse of the Buxom Strumpet. Seriously. Well, it can't be bad if it has Judi Dench!

    I'm going to check out your post on her now. So much to discover here!

  9. Love the Katniss pic! I haven't seen it yet!

  10. strumpet? Well. Count me in, lol. Also excited to see the Katniss pic! When I first saw the actress I wasn't sure, but I do like the look now that she's in costume. I don't know, though, she's very...pretty. I suppose I imagined Katniss looking tougher. *shrug* Reeeally hoping this is a good book-->movie adaptation.

  11. Actually, now that I've seen a pic of Jennifer Lawrence in costume, she looks like she'd make a decent Katniss after all. I'd have to see the whole performance, but I can visualize her a bit better now.

  12. I like the casting of Armie Hammer as The Lone Ranger. I think the role will bring him great attention, especially considering he'll be sharing a lot of screen time with Johnny Depp.

  13. I adore Judy Dench and Ian McKellan. I will watch them in ANYTHING.

  14. ooo, I love Cillian Murphy, and hey! Either I didn't get my EW or you're a week ahead. B/c I didn't get THAT one!!! :D

    very exciting... or am I mad?

    And I'm still not convinced. :p <3

  15. Smash looks tepid at best and cliche at worst. Will not be watching.

    Dame Judi fighting zombies. Cool! You know I will never ever be sick of monsters and the undead. ;)

    Cillian Murphy is brilliant and I can't wait to see that WWII piece. Love war movies. And yay for Armie!

  16. I honestly prefer my undead in vampire form.

  17. "Fed up with zombies"???
    Surely, you jest!

  18. Buxon Strumpet sounds like a good larf, I look forward to it. Wayfaring Strangers sounds pretty damn good too; most things with Cillian Murphy in them have been pretty damn good :)

  19. I think I can go one more Zombie movie, I do it just for Judi!! We love her!


  20. Judi Dench and zombies= brilliant. Never fed up with a good zombie flick.

  21. ohman! ever since i watched winter's bone, i've been super stoked about lawrence playing katniss! she's going to rock that role!

    i LOVE glee!!! like SO MUCH!!! and while this looks like it's trying to bank on the glee craze, it has some great talent in it! i'll probably check it out. :)

  22. @Anon
    glad you're excited about it :)

    what a marvelous duo, yes? :)

    hope you will like that post, and welcome to HOLLYWOOD SPY :)

    it's extremely fresh :)

  23. @LC and Allyson
    I must admit I have faith in Jennifer Lawrence, she seems like a young lady with substance in acting, and plus she's extremely pretty. We will be seeing her acting very soon this summer in X-MEN, so we shall be able to judge her talent before we see her in HUNGER GAMES

    Armie is really a nice new faces in Hollywood. I will be enjoying him in SNOW WHITE too!

    they are brilliant aren't they? :)

  24. @Leigh
    ah, you know Dezzy always has the hottest of the coolest exclusives, my dear :)

    Cillian is brilliant, I hope you saw his best performance in BREAKFAST ON PLUTO. It's a really stunning piece of acting.

    he he :)

    until they start feeding on you :P

  25. @Jamie
    yep, most films with Cillian were great except INCEPTION and GIRL WITH A PEARL EARRING.

    you already know how much we adore her majesty Judi (bow immediately) :)

    isn't it a marvelous combination? :)

    I think SMASH looks totally different from GLEE. This one will be more for adults and not for teens, and will probably have a more serious plots and dialogues. But I'm not into Broadway musicals, so I don't know if I'll watch it.

  26. Jennifer Lawrence looks a lot like Emily Browning in that picture. Maybe they should have went after browning if the were going to go older.

    1. She really does look alot like Emily Browning. I thought she was Emily Browning at first.

  27. A friend just gave me the Hunger Games novel as a gift, I still have not had time to read it.

  28. Thanks for posting the picture of Jennifer Lawrence - she really does look like Katniss, I think.

  29. The zombie thing sounds a hoot. And smash will be a grown-up's version of Glee, no?

  30. Hey Dezzy - SMASH sounds amazing! The zombie with the lovely Judi could be fun. Hope you're having a great night!

  31. @Budd
    they really are similar, and Emily is also a great young actress, and I've seen some of her films unlike Jennifer whom I haven't seen so far.

    that's nice, you can read it before the film is finished :)

    be welcome, I know my girls like that project :)

  32. @Michael
    kinda like GLEE, but not actually :) I think this will be more serious, and judging from the trailer it won't have GLEE's delightful magic :)

    glad you like the projects, Shells, and hope you have some nice plans for the upcoming weekend :) I just finished my work on a book, so I'm relaxing a few days :)

  33. I'm excited about THE CURSE OF THE BUXOM STRUMPET. I love the two leads.

  34. Judi Dench and Zombie?? How cool is that :))

  35. extra cool, she already destroyed the Necromongers in RIDDICK, and know the zombies should beware :)

  36. Everyone is talking about this Hunger Games. Why is it so popular?

  37. because it's based on a popular teen novel saga, and YA books are extremely popular for some reason. I'm almost sure I wouldn't like it personally, but it's a growing trend in USA.

  38. I'm so looking forward to the Hunger Games movie. The books are phenomenal and so far the people chosen for roles in the movie are just as awesome. I'm also glad to see Cillian Murphy getting good roles. He was awesome as the Scarecrow (both times). He's got some talent that deserves showcasing.

  39. Cillian does deserve some bigger roles in Hollywood but big roles usually don't go to talented European actors :(

  40. Such gorgeous eyes!!!!

    Dezzy....I couldn't agree more with you!!! Cillian REALLY DESERVE more roles in Hollywood.

    Next month is my time to do update of his future projects. So many too write in one post ;)

  41. I wanted to ask whose eyes, and then I realized everything :))))
    You see that Dezz can pick the best picture to suit our dear Cillian :)