Saturday, May 7, 2011


According to today's rumors, Warner Bros' ultra expensive $230 million film adaptation of famous manga AKIRA is about to get Keanu Reeves in the lead role of Kaneda. This is quite surprising
since many young actors (Keanu is almost 50) were in the run including Justin Timberlake, Michael Fassbender, Chris Pine .... but it seems the studio wants a world wide name for the risky project. The futuristic tale, set in post-nuclear war Manhattan in 2019 where a  biker gang member tries to save his best friend Tetsuo who is subjected to a government experiment which unleashes his latent powers, might have James McAvoy or Robert Pattinson in the Tetsuo role. According to rumors, Brad Pitt and Ryan Gosling had turned down the Kaneda role previously.

SHORT HEADLINES *Cameron Diaz could take the lead role of the pregnant host of a weight-loss fitness show in WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOU'RE EXPECTING which will be a
film adaptation of the huge bestseller about  five couples who are all expecting their first child. *Believe it or not Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny De Vito are planning a sequel to one of the biggest 80's blockbusters TWINS. Their director Ivan Reitman is apparently also interested.*Kevin McDonald (EAGLE, THE LAST KING OF SCOTLAND) will direct HOW I LIVE NOW, a story about a girl who is sent from New York to UK to her relatives during summer, where she falls in love with her cousin but their love gets affected by an outbreak of an unexpected war in Europe.

Fox has released the first official trailer for their upcoming epic TV series TERRA NOVA. Produced by Steven Spielberg, and premiering this Autumn, this extremely expensive action adventure series will follow an ordinary family on an extraordinary
journey back in time to prehistoric Earth as a part of a massive expedition to save the human race. And of course when they find themselves back in prehistoric times they will meet the dinosaurs too :) This ambitious series is produced by people who made PACIFIC, STAR TREK ENTERPRISE, 24, LOST and JURASSIC PARK and stars charismatic Jason O'Mara in the lead role of the scientist and the father, and Stephen Lang as the main security officer in the prehistoric mission.


  1. Please, please let it be James McAvoy for Tetsuo!!!

  2. Yep, he would be the only one to make me wanna watch it :)

  3. Yeah, I agree with Samantha. Love me some James McAvoy.

    Not sure what to think of Terra Nova. It sooo reminds me of a television show that was on when I was a kid. If the human story is good (like on Lost), I might tune in.

  4. As I said above, HOLLYWOOD SPY also adores McAvoy :)
    I think TERRA NOVA will be family action show, nothing too deep or thrilling. Just some kids, parents and lots of dinosaurs :)

  5. You know I'm looking forward to Terra Nova. Akira sounds good, but I don't know about Keanu in the lead.

  6. oh man...keanu is going to try his patented acting method on akira.

  7. I'm excited for Terra Nova! Sounds interesting, hope they do a good job.

  8. Terranova looks like a cross between Avatar and Lost. But with dinosaurs. Lots of action though.

  9. I don't think i could watch a movie with a girl falling in love with a cousin. I mean, isn't that incest?

  10. ...I keep hearing about Terra Nova, and while it has all the ingredients necessary to reel me in, for whatever reason, I'm just not sure. Will be putting that one on the wait and see list.

    Have a good weekend, Dez :)


  11. Keanu Reeves is a very youthful looking man -- I'm sure he can play a younger role very well!

  12. Go Keanu, almost 50...amazing! ;-D
    Terra Nova, I'll check it out, but not sure yet...
    Yes, James McAvoy...please!
    Wow, after all this time a "TWINS" remake...interesting....
    Happy Weekend Dezzy!

  13. Akira is only risky because the studios keep making dumb decisions like casting Reeves in a role that was originally written as a high school kid. Now, Walter Mathau is rumored to be Tetsuo.

  14. Keanu should not have taken the role. Even if it was the producers who altered the character to such a degree, it still will be all Keanu's fault when it flops. He's not much in the acting department anyway.

    Cameron Diaz playing pregnant? That's hilarious! Especially because the source material is a self help book. Is it a comedy?

    No Twins sequel. It's been waaay too long. I barely remember the first film. It was just that memorable. ;)

  15. hmmm I thought Akira was never actually going be made? Shows what I know, having Keanu is a bit selfish i think.

    When doe Terra Firma start? bit of me that one Dezzy

  16. LOL I meant Terra Nova, I am still drunk I think!! hehehe

  17. @MPax
    yep, I know you're into TERRA NOVA :) And I'm also not sure about Keanu

    sadly, yes :((( It is really strange how one dimensional he can be in more than 20 years of acting

    it will be a family show, so do not expect anything naughty, I know you buddy :), but it might look great visually with all the forests and dinos ...

  18. @Clarissa
    it does look like something we've seen a few times before, but I guess we've seen dinos in cinemas and they want to take them to TV as well

    ah, it depends on the story, my son, maybe she was adopted, maybe they are not that close cousins, maybe he was adopted ....

    thanks, Elliot, you have a nice weekend with the kids too!

    but an almost 30 years younger? :)

  19. @Ella
    thanks, Ella, hope you will have a relaxing Spring weekend too with lots of fun and family activities :) I will be baking a Dezzy Cinnamon Cake :)

    oh, Budd, you will kill me one of these days :) Mathau could really take the role, if only he was alive these days :(

    I'm already blaming Keanu for everything :) He's guilty for the financial crises and for the world hunger :)
    I think Cameron film will indeed be a comedy based on that book which has been sold in more than 16 million copies so far

    he is selfish and immature a bit :) And a bad dresser too :) And I hear he doesn't like to bathe :)
    Terra Firma :) should start this Fall. It was supposed to start this summer, but it is too expensive and big and they moved it to FAll prime time.

  20. I love you Dezz :hug:
    After Cillian Murphy,now you are posting my first love, Keanu Reeves. I think he is a bit too old for Akira...but nowadays technology can do wonder. If it was Justin Timberlake, I would most likely skip the movie (just like NOW,if there is no cillian,I wouldn't even dream of wanting to watch the movie)

    This time,I don't ignore other news ;)

    I wish that Twins sequel is not just a plan, looking forward to see those men teaming up again.

    Terra Nova sounds like a great series...I would definitely try to find its DVD. Spielberg + Prehistoric earth equals amazingness

  21. Cameron Diaz looks like Britney Spears in that photo. Once again, I kinda expect Keanu to do something like AKIRA based on his Eurasian looks.

  22. Forgive my momentary rant:

    TERRA NOVA looks dump. Straight up dump. These humans are supposed to be smart? Then why go back 85 million years? Seriously. Why go back in time to when there were savage dinosaurs? Oh, I know why. Because this is just one of those stupid shows where viewers are supposed to simply go with the flow while it decides to contradict itself over and over.

    Also, I'm kind of getting sick of these storylines that have super huge monsters (in this case dinosaurs) that always go after puny, hardly tummy satisfying humans. I especially hate the scenarios where puny, hardly tummy satisfying humans come upon big, bad monster while it's eating a rather large kill. Monster leaves kill to chase humans. Repeat scenario every episode. Sigh.

    Granted, I don't know if this show will be EXACTLY like that, but based on the trailer (especially the end), I'm guessing it probably is.

    And I know you can say that I don't have to watch it if I don't like it (and I won't), but it's just that this is yet another one of those "ooh, look at all the special effects but ignore the glaring problems in the story" shows. And yes, it is Steven Spielberg's baby, but eh. I started losing confidence in his plots with AVATAR.

    End rant.

    AKIRA, though, sounds very interesting! I'll have to keep my eye out for that one! :)

  23. @Novroz
    he he glad I got you excited with Keanu :)
    Unlike you, I'd watch anything with Timberlake, I really love him.

    Britney? Nya, she is horrible and unattractive, and Cameron is cute and charming :)

    ommmm, Emily, ommmm :)

  24. Post nuclear war Manhattan in 2019? I hope not for real cause that's too soon for me. But I do like these types of stories. Sounds a little in the vein of Escape from New York.

    Tossing It Out

  25. it is true, Lee, we won't have enough time to barricade our mansions, prepare supplies and weapons and develop survival tactics :)

  26. Hehehe! I just caught my misspellings! How embarrassing that I did it twice! In my defense, I was writing very quickly. So, on that note, I meant to type *dumb*. :D

  27. I can't believe they are thinking of doing a sequel to TWINS. Yeek!
    I hope TERRA NOVA will be about more than just the dinos. The trailer makes it look very JURASSIC PARK, which was pretty much just about the dinos.

  28. @Emily
    I always have tones of misspellings and I'm a professor of English :)

    I can't either, sister, but they are :) Although he is the worst actor in history, it seems all Schwarzie's films are getting remakes or sequels :)

  29. Keanu in a futuristic sci-fi? I like the sound of that. The guy is almost 50 but doesn't look a day over 35!!

  30. he does look relatively young! :)