Tuesday, May 10, 2011


The second part of YOUR FAVOURITE AUSTRALIAN STAR is over and the winner is Karl Urban with 37% of your votes who left Hugh Jackman in the second place (33%) and Geoffrey Rush in the third (10%).
Famous Kiwi actor Karl Urban probably has the most magnetic charisma in Hollywood. When he enters a scene you see no one else but him even though most of his roles are supporting. This is why he is best known for his irresistible magnetism which radiates from the big screens helping him steal the show from his fellow cast members.. He became famous thanks to HERCULES and XENA in which he played the roles of naughty Cupid and powerful Julius Caesar.  Although he obviously has great acting skills, for reasons stated above most producers see him as an action star so the list of his projects is dominated by action, sf and epics. We've seen him and absolutely loved him in GHOST SHIP, as brave Eomer in LORD OF THE RINGS,  as lord Draco
in THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK,  as the Viking warrior in PATHFINDER, and also in THE BOURNE SUPREMACY, DOOM, COMANCHE MOON, and he also put a smile on everyone's face with his witty portrayal of Dr Bones in STAR TREK. This summer we'll watch him in sf epic PRIEST and after that as JUDGE DREDD. There are rumors that Warner Bros. wants him as the lead actor in BATMAN TV show in a few years when the film saga ends.

Famous Australian star Hugh Jackman is probably the most charming and the most lovable celebrity out there. His kind nature, friendly manner, acting talent and dashing looks have made him
one of the members of Hollywood's A league. He became famous playing Wolverine in X-MEN, than he took our breaths away as the most amazing VAN HELSING, in between he managed to do a few romcoms SOMEONE LIKE YOU with Ashley Judd and CATE AND LEOPOLD. Then he did one of the best films ever THE FOUNTAIN with Rachel Weisz, after which he also shinned in Baz Luhrmann's epic AUSTRALIA. This summer we shall watch him in Robot flick REAL STEELand in SNOW FLOWER AND THE
. Did you know that he was the first choice for DAREDEVIL, IRON MAN, HULK, FANTASTIC FOUR and SUPERMAN RETURNS? He gets between $10-20 million per role.

Now, let us move to the final part of YOUR FAVOURITE AUSTRALIAN STAR poll. You can vote as much as you like next two weeks for one of these Down Under stars: irresistibly adorable Jesse Spencer (HOUSE),  mind blowingly talented Toni Collette (UNITED STATES OF TARA), magnet-eyed Sam Worthington (AVATAR), warrior princess Lucy Lawless (XENA, SPARTACUS), dashingly cool Richard Roxbourgh (MOULIN ROUGE,VAN HELSING), pop Tinkerbell Kylie Minogue (MOULIN ROUGE), legendary Sam Neill (THE TUDORS) and hunkilicous Alex O'Loughlin (HAWAII 5).


  1. Woohoo! I LOVE Karl Urban! He was always one of my favorites, but when I saw him in STAR TREK, I knew then that I'd go see any movie he was in.

  2. Can you believe I have never seen a Karl Urban movie? NONE of them! Which is why I wanted Julian McMahon or Ryan Kwanten to win. :)

  3. oh yeah i remember him from hercules and xena. thanks for the info as always.

  4. I must not be paying attention because I had no idea that sam neil was Australian. voted for Xena!

  5. hee hee hee! i think your fave won out, huh? how many times did YOU vote, dezzy? :)

    anc can ANYONE up there seriously compete with toni? come on? :)

  6. We charming freaks have excellent taste. :)

  7. @Emily
    yep, we absolutely MUST watch all of his movies ever and ever :)

    heh, I was surprised that Ryan Kwanten got just ONE vote out of more than hundred votes received in total in the poll.

    He was great in those shows :)

  8. @Budd
    he was born in Ireland, but he left for his homeland New Zealand quite early in the childhood where he continued his career. He actually starred in almost all Australian films and shows I can remember :)

    actually both Karl and Hugh are equally loved by me, and I also adore Holly Valance who won just one vote :)
    Toni could win if the devoted fans of O'Loughlin do not hear he is running for a new title :) They are very dedicated voters
    And by the way, I vote just once, at the beginning of each poll.

    indeed you have, that's why you are charming :)

  9. I don't think I've seen any of Urban's movies or shows.

    I love Hugh Jackman. He does seem good-natured on top of being handsome.

  10. I saw Hugh Jackman in Oklahoma! many years ago in London. He has a wonderful singing voice, aside from his other magnificent *cough* attributes...

  11. I can't believe you haven't seen LORD OF THE RINGS at least, Medeia :(
    And we do love Hugh! :)

  12. @Kaprekar
    yep, he is a wonderful singer too, as we've seen at the Oscars too :)

  13. I've been following Sam Neil every since Phillip Noyce's, "Dead Calm".

  14. that was a good film, and Sam is usually quite great in her roles.

  15. Yay!!! I could not be happier since I wanted to stuff the ballot box for Karl. But I refrained since I knew he'd pick up the necessary votes. He is the most magnetic actor, lean and sexy like a panther. Whoops! drooling on my keyboard. Cannot wait to see him Priest this weekend. Yow!

  16. yep, isn't he just the most mesmerizing human being? Mesmerizing not just for his looks, but for his profound charisma hidden inside.

  17. YAY for Karl! He's technically a New Zealander but why split hairs, right? He's an awesome actor from Down Under that's for sure. Now Dezzy, the trick is to convince Hollywood to cast him in more lead roles. We should start a campaign for him, how about that? :D

  18. if you read both this post and the previous ones in which the poll was announced you would've seen me mentioning a few times that the poll is AUSTRALIAN as in continent not just the state of Australia, and thus it includes New Zealand as well

  19. I love karl's movies he's awsome

  20. I can't believe Karl urban is from Australia. I love Australia And he is great

  21. Okay just for future reference AUSTRALASIA is the term you're after. New Zealander's as a rule don't like to be called Australian, expect for Russell Crowe, and the Ozzies can have him. Great selection of actors you have there. Looks like a great poll! ;)

    1. We know that :) If you read the older post in which the poll was announced you would see that we emphasized that by Australia we mean the continent not the country :)