Monday, May 23, 2011


Another film actor which will move to TV this Fall is James Caviezel who will take the lead role in CBS' new show PERSON OF INTEREST. Produced by STAR TREK's J. J. Abrams and the
authors of LOST and HEROES, it will be a crime thriller about a presumed dead former-CIA agent who teams up with a mysterious billionaire to prevent violent crimes by using their own brand of vigilante justice. Using state-of-the-art surveillance technology, the two work outside of the law using agent's adept skills and billionaire's unlimited wealth to unravel the mystery of the person of interest and stop the crime before it happens. Oscar nominee Taraji P. Henson will join them as a homicide detective.

SHORT HEADLINES * Jim Broadbent, Hugo Weaving, Ben Whishaw, Tom Hanks and Susan Sarandon have joined
CLOUD ATLAS, a film with six inter connected stories which span from the 19th Century to a post apocalyptic 21st Century. The film will be directed by MATRIX creators the Wachowskis. * According to latest rumors Darren Aronofsky could direct Disney's MALEFICENT, the tale of Sleeping Beauty's evil godmother (Angelina Jolie) or Worner Bros.' Biblical epic MOSES on the famous religious character as he tries to lead the Isrealites out of Egypt before the Exodus, and gets them lost in the desert.

Tom Cruise has officially joined Universal's  OBLIVION, a huge $100 million sf epic following one of the only humans left on Earth
, a soldier who repairs the drones which roam the planet and destroy alien beings. The rest of human civilization now lives above the clouds, since the planet has become too toxic. When the soldier finds a woman who crash landed on Earth, they go on a unique journey together, discovering that what they have been told about Earth may not be true.  This graphic novel film adaptation will be directed by TRON's Joseph Kosinski. Tom Cruise could also join Guilermo Del Toro's PACIFIC RIM.

And to brag a bit :), HOLLYWOOD SPY's has had more than 7,000 visitors this weekend (amazing 17,000 whole last week) so I'm guessing the apocalypse kept you at your homes :) HOLLYWOOD SPY loves you and there's nothing you can do about it ;)


  1. What IS Tom Cruise doing in that photo?

    Liking the sound of Person of Interest.

    And congrats on the visitor numbers, Dez. Very impressive.

  2. Congrats Dez!! Hollywood Spy is THE place for for all the latest and greatest.

    That is a rather naughty pic of Tom Cruise. ;) I love it, gets my saucy mind a churning...

    Ahem, you have introduced me to a very fine actor, Ben Whishaw. I must go find out more about him. Thank you, my friend. You know what I like for sure. ;))

    Have a great evening, my friend.

  3. @Michael
    I don't know, I've just noticed the wet spot and his facial expression, is it what I think it is? :)
    Thanks, it must be the apocalypse that made people stay at home and read their spy :)

    thanks, my dear :)
    I've just noticed the pic was naughty :) Hope no one will complain.
    Ben Whishaw played the lead role in that amazing film PERFUME a few years ago which was based on the famous book. I think you would hugely enjoy that film if you haven't seen it so far, it's quite weird and bizarre :)

  4. OBLIVION sounds great. It's a shame Tom Cruise will be in it. I think I'd prefer to see a fresher star.

  5. I'm a big fan of J.J. Abrams, but this Person of Interest sounds lame. We'll see.

  6. @Lyndy
    yep, my point exactly :(

    that could be said for pretty much any crime/detective/cop show :)

  7. I saw Perfume a while ago, but i've been wanting to re-watch it recently. I've actually thought about doing a Whishaw marathon depending on whats available for streaming on netflix.

  8. I like the time span aspect of Cloud Atlas, and the cast looks great. I'd be interested to see that.

    I'm not even looking at the photo of Tom Cruise. Bleh.

    Congrats on your visitors!!

  9. "Person of Interest" is a great concept. Caviezel has the looks and talent to be a TV star.

    It's good to see Aronofsky is getting back behind the camera.

    Tom Cruise is getting busy again. I second Malone. What the heck is he doing in that photo, lol?

  10. Thanks, sweetie for the info on Ben. I'll definitely be checking out Perfume.

  11. woo! Person of Interest sounds very interesting. I'll be looking for that one! And I'm just not touching that TC photo... LOL! :D <3

  12. Despite the Tom Cruise angle, Oblivion is sounding pretty cool :) Lol, congrats on the stats. It's good to know that when Rapture threatens people have the right idea about where to go :D

  13. Oblivion sounds good, may have to check out the graphic novel.

  14. I reckon Person of Interest could be a bit of me. When is it on? I need something to fill the void now Fringe and Supernatural have gone for the year.

    Congratulations on the amazing hit rate!! Makes my little blog look like pond scum!

    Keep it up my matey!!!


  15. @Dirty
    I haven't seen him much outside PERFUME and BRIGHT STAR, it would be nice to see him in more films, even though he is a bit of a cold actor, which I don't often like. But he does have a certain interesting charisma and plus he's European which I do like a lot :)

    poor Tom Cruise, nobody wants to look at his picture :) but he does seem happy to be just on his own :)

  16. @Matty
    I've no idea what he is doing in the picture, one can only imagine :)
    Caviezel didn't have a successful career on film, so maybe this could be his new chance, to do something on TV? I loved him in OUTLANDER even though it was kinda a rip off of PATHFINDER and 13TH WARRIOR :)

    be sure to do it, I think you'd like it :)

    ah, people it's not a naughty pic, he has his pants on :)))Although I can't guarantee anything for his zipper :)

  17. @Jamie
    yes, when end of days threatens, the only solution and comfort is HOLLYWOOD SPY :)

    yep, as far as I heard, the graphic novel is quite beautiful visually

    PERSON OF INTEREST starts this Fall at CBS Thursdays at 9PM :) Not sure about Europe, I'm guessing Sky could buy it.
    Hey, my blog had about 50 to 100 visitors two years ago at the beginning, you always start from the bottom and move up to the top :)
    But since you have your own domain, you could use it to improve the number of readers, because sites score better at Google as far as I know.

  18. Tom Cruise and sci-fi films. The beginning if a new ERA!

  19. @Dezzy I am having a taster of your success today. Post of mine got onto the IMDb Hitlist. Site is grinding to a halt under the pressure of the traffic!!


  20. @HiFi
    hehe ... hope KAtie Holmes won't have anything to do in that era :)

    he he ... proud of you, which post exactly? Most of your posts deserve to appear at IMDB! I don't know how they make their hitlists, I've never tried to enter them, but with so many film sites I know it is a big success appearing at the mother of all movie sites IMDB :)

  21. yeah... i always thought tom cruise was a jack-off. now you've provided pictorial evidence. case closed.

  22. When you first mentioned Oblivion, I thought you were going to say it would be based on the video game of the same name. And while I have always thought a movie could be made about that world, Tom Cruise isn't the first name that comes to mind. But this story actually does intrigue me, and I can see Mr. Cruise in the role. Very interesting.

  23. Those are some big names in Cloud Atlas - sounds good!

  24. Thanks for the comment :D and haha that about Tom Cruise, I'm agree with you haha!! I'm following, follow me


  25. Will check out Person but it sounds like a bit of a yawn.
    Nothing with Cruise, he doesn't interest me.

  26. Love you, too, Dezz!! :) Hmm...Maleficent could be good. I heard somewhere that there were a lot of "Sleeping Beauty type books" out there right now. Figures a movie was just around the corner.

    Person of Interest could be good, too. I don't think I've seen Caviezel in anything lately...

  27. @Vics
    he he I see what you did there :))

    I think they chose Cruise because it is a very expensive film and they need someone who brings money all around the world, even though we're not exactly in love with Cruise.

    there are some more names in the cast ... but I didn't mention all of them :)

  28. @SickByTrend
    thanks for following us ;)

    I wonder which actors and films you do like, Mary :) I starting a new poll tomorrow and I think it might be the first one you like :)

    :) there are also a few SLEEPING BEAUTY films in preparation too :) SNOW WHITE likewise.

  29. Person Of Interest sounds good, i'm a fan of Caviezel.

  30. Caviezel is quite charismatic. He's been a few time here down at Balkans traveling with his wife who is a Bosnian, and since they are both extremely religious they come to visit some holy place in Herzegovina.

  31. I'd love to be paid $100 million for my sci-fi epic.

  32. Holy cow! I had no idea I was that negative. I'll try to do better.
    It seems as if as soon as something is a success EVERY BODY DOES IT. (Like vampires and Zombies)
    I think it's just that I bore easily.

  33. @MPax
    I wouldn't mind it either :)

    we can't stand vampires and zombies either :)

  34. 7000 hits just this weekend alone?? Wow, hats off to you Dezzy, that's great, congrats!

    Yay for Caviezel! I love him, he's such an underrated actor. I saw the trailer for his show, looks really good. There are 3 new shows I'm looking forward to this Fall and this is one of them.

  35. Oh btw, why does Cruise look like he's in pain in that photo?? $100 mil is not enough for him? :D

  36. you have a few theories of mine on what he is doing in that picture in some of the above comments :)
    Yep, the number of comments has risen generally in last few days for some reason.
    Caviezel is a lovely actor with angel eyes.