Monday, May 2, 2011


Oooh, what better way to start a working week than with some stunning epic fantasy news :) As you know, Peter Jackson is still
casting some new people for the roles in the mammoth production of THE HOBBIT, to add them to the long list of many actors who already played in LORD OF THE RINGS. The latest name to appear on the list, the news which Jackson announced yesterday at Facebook, is Lee Pace, whom we love heaps, and who will take the role of the Elven King Thranduil. You already know that HOLLYWOOD SPY adored Lee Pace in Tarsem's stunning fantasy film THE FALL, and Peter Jackson admits that he fell in love with Lee's acting in that film as well and that he saw him as Elven king immediately. I'm overly happy! :)

SHORT HEADLINES *R.L. Stine's kids novel IT'S THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL ... FOREVER will be made into a film about a boy who discovers that his second day of school is exactly
like the first day, which was actually the worst day of his life. He keeps reliving the horrible day until he can figure out a way out of this recurring nightmare. *According to fresh rumors, Chris Evans' Captain America will have a different costume in THE AVENGERS from the one he will wear this summer in his solo movie. *New updates from the HUNGER GAMES film adaptation front: Woody Harrelson could take the role of the head gamemaker Seneca Crane while Stanley Tucci could play President Coriolanus Snow. Lenny Cravitz is also mentioned as the possible addition to the cast.

Here's an adorable trailer for WHAT'S YOUR NUMBER with adorable Anna Faris and the actors we absolutely adore Chris
Zachary Quinto (HEROES) and David Annable (BROTHERS AND SISTERS). This lovely comedy which premieres this September also stars the new Hobbit Martin Freeman and is based on the best selling book by Karyn Bosnak about a young woman who treks through her sexual past to find Mr. Right, exploring the idea of sexual quotas and whether such numbers matter. While visiting her old boyfriends to see whether one of her old flames was actually the fire of her life, she will actually discover that love most usually sits somewhere right in front of our noses and that finding it doesn't require analysis but open eyes.


  1. HA I can see Lee as the Elven King! How cool.
    I like the idea of Woody in that role for Hunger Games too. It fits.

  2. the news about Lee becoming our king has totally made my weekend :)) Peter couldn't gave a better birthday present to HOLLYWOOD SPY :)

  3. I LOVE Lee Pace!! (I loved that silly show Pushing Daisies) And even though I never met him, he went to a HS very close to me, and my friend played soccer with his sister :) And, Jim Parsons (Big Bang Theory) went to the same HS my hubs went to (though he graduated 10 years earlier). I like to keep my eye on the locals haha.

  4. he really seems like a lovely and kind person, and he has quite a stage presence. He should be used much more in Hollywood.

  5. Lee is going to make an outstanding Elven king. A lovely b-day present for the Spy of spies. What's Your Number looks adorable and I would love to see Woody and Lenny in Hunger Games. I've got the hots for them both. ;)

  6. you have hots for Woody? O, man, Melsy you really have strange taste :)))) But then again, you have hots for Steven Tyler so why not Woody he he he :))

  7. I love Martin Freeman. Still don't know if I want to see the movie.

  8. yep, I understand you, Clarissa, those little Hobbits were the most boring part of LORD OF THE RINGS and now they will rule the whole film :(

  9. was not aware of this pace character. thanks for the info!

  10. he played in cult PUSHING DAISIES show and in Tarsem Singh's THE FALL which you MUST watch if you haven't by now.

  11. Some very exciting news! I love the pick for the Elven king.

  12. What's Your Number looks like a good date movie. Cute and fun.

  13. What's Your Number does look kind of fun. There were actually some comical scenes in that clip, and a lot of familiar faces.

    Yay for Lee Pace. He really hasn't been in that many movies has he?

  14. lee pace!!! *sigh* what a great choice!
    tucci could do well as snow. he was so unbelievably disturbing in the lovely bones.

  15. @Emily
    isn't it the most marvelous pick for the role of the Elven king? :) The only better choice would have been yours truly he he :))

    ah, you, always coming up with strategies for seducing ladies :P

  16. @Luanne
    yep, it sounds like a relaxing and cute flick, with a lot of great and super charming actors in it :)
    Yes, Lee, hasn't been much around, he mostly played in lower productions. I hear he also stars in TWILIGHT, but I don't follow that saga :)

    a great choice indeed. Wonder whether they would dye his hair blond? It could look strange with his thick eyebrows.
    Tucci is always great :)

  17. R.L. Stine. I remember his Goosebumps and Fear Street series :) Are those will be made into a film as well?

  18. @Sam
    perfection indeed :)

    hey, Jaccsy where did you go missing? :)
    I've never heard of the GOOSEBUMPS series :)

  19. I really like Lee Pace. I voted for Isla even though I am not familiar with here body... of work.

  20. LOL Dez, I do have strange tastes, what can I say? And as for your party, I hope you liked my stunning gown choice and my hot Turkish belly-dancing moves. ;)

  21. Yay for Lee Pace!! That Peter Jackson sure knows talent when he sees one. Man oh man, w/ Richard Armitage AND Lee Pace in The Hobbit, my already-high anticipation for it has gone through the roof now. I've been championing for Lee for some time now, I think he should have the career of Bradley Cooper or even Jake Gyllenhaal.

  22. Lee looks good as an elf.
    I still haven't heard anything about the dwarves yet...they are the center of the story apart from bilbo.
    I am planning to reread it before seeing it...tho I have read it either 3 or 4 times.

  23. Dezzy - The movie with Chris Evans sounds like a twist on the movie Groundhog's Day. Fun!

  24. I can see Tucci as President Snow in The Hunger Games. I wonder who Lenny Kravitz would play?

  25. He'll make a fine elf, indeed.

  26. I liked Groundhog Day a lot. Maybe a kid's version would suit my young mind even better!
    Thanks for all the support you gave to me and everyone else during the A to Z Challenge.

    Tossing It Out

  27. Lee Pace as Elven King. Yes, please. I'm there. I've been convinced of his acting chops since Infamous, so I've got faith in him.

  28. @Budd
    he he nicely put :)

    ah, your belly dancing was rather daring and brave :) especially with the seethrough harem pants and outfit :) But all the gents were mesmerized :)

    yes, Lee really is one of the most underrated actors in Hollywood, for some reason the right guys sometimes do not get the attention they deserve :((

  29. @Novroz
    ah, just three or four times? You must read it two times more before the film premieres :)

    I've never seen GROUNDHOG'S DAY, although I remember Arlee, bellow, has mentioned it a few times before too :)

    I've no idea whom will Lenny play, it hasn't been revealed yet :)

  30. @MPax
    indeed :)

    don't mention it, Lee, I've enjoyed reading posts during your historical and record breaking challenge :) There were a lot of bad posts, but also a lot of great ones. I think that two or three people even found me through challenge, which is lovely.
    I also enjoyed our interview, and I'm still honored to have given a little talk to your site :)

    @ Hufstader
    he will be amazing! :)

  31. It really bothers me that they still casting new people for the Hobbit, because that means I have to waite a very long tiiiiiiiiiiiiiime to see the movie. Great news- casting Lee... he's very talented.

    Thanks for the topic ;)

  32. ooo--Woody Harrelson in THG? Interesting... Also Stanley Tucci as CS and Lenny Kravitz??? as who?

    and I love Ana Faris. I think she's so funny~ Thanks for the update, dezzy~ :D

  33. @Sharp
    ah, we shall have to wait some time for THE HOBBIT, but at least we shall get two sequels :)

    it is not known who might Kravitz play if he gets a role.
    Faris is often charming :)

  34. It feels like I haven't been here for a long long time. I must work on that ...

    Lee Pace as the Elven King in the Hobbit. Excellent choice methinks :)

    Keep up the good work Dezmond :)

  35. Lee Pace, he is such a cutie; These all sound fab! I like Chris Evans and Ana Faris is a rig!
    Tucci, yes I can see that; he can play just about any part! Yes, thanks for all the A-Z support ;-D

  36. @Wendy
    yep, haven't seen you here since winter :(
    Methinks, Lee will be amazing as well :)

    lots of gorgeous and great people in the news today :)

  37. I've read Hunger Games (all three books) last month. I had to see why is it so popular for myself.
    And even though I felt a little depressed while reading it, and also with the way it ended, I can see why so many people read it. It was an easy read (young adult literature after all), but with a heavy story/setting. I don't regret reading it.

    What's Your Number looks interesting. I'm looking forward to it. :)

  38. You read HUNGER GAMES in Serbian? I forgot who published it here.
    I'd never read it, but I do believe it's depressing and dark :(

  39. I read it in English. It's probably translated, but I can't confirm that.
    I rarely (if ever) seek translated books if original (if it's English) is more easily available to me. And internet makes e-books easily available.

    I started reading books in English when I was 17, and since then, I probably read as many books in English as I did in Serbian (even more so, if you count only years from 17 till now).

    But I don't mind reading translations. I just try to decide if "everything" can be read in Serbian, or if it must be English. I don't like to "switch" languages mid-series.
    I had problems with it several years ago with Song of Fire and Ice series. Not so much as a problem, but more of an inconvenience. I can't remember exactly but I think I started with Serbian, then after a year or two, switched to English, and almost immediately after that switched to Serbian... and got lost in names. :) Mostly related to geography, but also some of the human names. Translator was not lazy, so all names that had some meaning had been translated to Serbian. I don't blame translator, since that is the right way to do it (most of the time).
    Trouble was, I'm awful when it comes to remembering names, no matter the language. :)) And that series had so many names for characters, places and everything else...

    Dezz, you probably don't have such problems, being professional translator, but it was inconvenient for me.

  40. oh, but I do have problems reading anything in Serbian :) Since I'm professionally damaged :) I'm unable to read a translated book without constantly analyzing the syntax, the mistakes, the vocabulary ... so in the end I just can follow the plot. This is mostly because 90% of my colleagues are bad in their work. I haven't been able to read a book in Serbian for years now.