Sunday, October 24, 2010


What is our dear Sandra Bullock up to these days? She might get the lead role in Alfonso Cuaron's GRAVITY, after a whole bunch of female stars have refused it,
which will be a sf film about the female astronaut, the lone survivor of a space mission, who desperately tries to return to Earth, and reunite with her daughter. Robert Downey Jr will join her in a supporting role.

She will also appear in Stephen Daldry's (THE HOURS) inspiring drama EXTREMELY LOUD AND INCREDIBLY CLOSE, a touching story of a nine-year-old amateur inventor, jewelry designer, astrophysicist, tambourine player and pacifist, who searchesNew York for the lock that matches a mysterious key left by his father when he was killed in the September 11 attacks.
Tom Hankswill join Sandra in that one.

According to fresh rumors, Sandra will also join a dream cast including Meryl Streep and Oprah Winfrey in the untitled new film by SEX AND THE CITY 2 director Michael Patrick King which will be set in the world of a home shopping network and will follow the lives of various characters who try to juggle their marriages with their jobs, and the marketing and media attention that surrounds it.

We will be watching her in KISS AND TANGO as well, a romcom about a tango teacher who starts a fake love relationship with her local's owner just to keep her business alive :) Can't wait to see with whom will she play with in that one. I vote for Gerard Butler. Are you with me? :)

Another action-comedy she will star in is MOST WANTED about an FBI agent who is ambushed while trying to escort a criminal suspect so the pair are forced to go on the run together. Here, she will be joined by Ryan Reynolds again with whom she already had a very nice chemistry in successful romantic comedy THE PROPOSAL back in 2009. Equally charming Lauren Graham (GILMORE GIRLS) will also star in the film.


  1. Geez Dezz, that's a lot to remember for a Sunday morning! A couple don't sound like they'll it my TBS list but that's just me. Thanks

  2. blame it on Sandra, Mary, not me, I'm just a messenger :)

  3. Sounds like she's got a lot going on right now. I was enjoy her in the romantic comedies.

    Thoughts in Progress

  4. Gravity sounds like a great kind of movie...well only if it has a happy ending. I wonder why so many other actresses turned it down?

  5. @Masy
    she IS the queen of romantic comedies, although Aniston and Heigl are trying to steal her place :)

    I'm not sure, maybe they didn't want to star with Robert Downey Jr who's in GRAVITY as well :)

  6. These all sound great; Yes, I am will you!
    Gerard and her would be an interesting combo~

    Thanks for the pic post; I know how to do it.
    I recently submitted some stuff to a mag; I know they check your blogs, so I wanted the pic big for a while. I think I will go back to Large instead of Jumbo. Thanks~

  7. I think Bullock should be great in Gravity and Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.

  8. @Ella
    but, you do know, Ella, that no matter what size of the pic you put in the editor - small, medium or large, when the readers click on it it will open in the original size, so you generally don't need to put jumbo version :) unless you like it that way, which is OK :)

    yep, I'll think I'll enjoy all of those films except MOST WANTED.

  9. Nice to see Sandra acquiring so many roles and opportunities.

  10. THat's really cool that Oprah will be in a movie. I like Sandra so it will be nice to see her in these movies.


  11. a huge fan of Sandra Bullock, and looking forward to see her most along side Meryl Streep. The oscar winning actress really is busy lately.

  12. @Alex
    she is swamped with offers

    yes, Meryl and Oprah

    she and Meryl will be a great tandem :)

  13. I loved Sandras and Meryls chemistry and banter at the various award shows.

  14. ah, yes, I remember some of those as well :))) Last year when Sandra went out to accept her Oscar and first wanted to kiss Meryl who was also nominated, and then turned around just a few inches from her face :)))) That was hilarious :) But, to be honest, Meryl should've won that year for JULIE AND JULIA.

  15. I love Meryl so much, but I have to say, I think Sandra in Blinside was amazing, so I'm so on the fence, but swayed more towards Sandra as it was about time she was recognised as such a great talent where Meryl is well known as an outstanding actress if that makes any sence?

  16. Sounds like Sandra will be one busy woman coming up--as though she weren't busy already.

    Tossing It Out

  17. My goodness she is busy!! I'm glad though because I do like most of her films.

  18. Haven't always been the biggest Sandra Bullock fan but after seeing her in Blindside WOW! Am actually excited for both her flick with Ryan Reynolds (they have great chemistry) and that one with Tom Hanks. Feel the same way about Tom Hanks, but it does sound like it could be a touching story. Good job Dez!

  19. DEZMOND - I love Sandra! So glad she's going to be busy, busy, busy. And they all sound fun, interesting and/or involve hot guys. LOL

  20. wowza that's a lot of projects! my hubby thanks you for the eye candy (she's his fave!) :P

  21. @Dempsy
    I think Sandra should've got her Oscar for CRASH, much before her role in BLINDSIDE. On the other hand, I don't think there could be a better acting than Meryl's mind-blowing portrayal of famous Julia Child.

    @Arlee, Lynda and Bry
    yes, Sandra is really a busy bee :))

    yep, she always had great partners in films!

    oh, Vics, I had some even hotter pics of Sandra, maybe even unexpectedly hot, but some were almost too hot to be published :))) I'm keeping the hottest ones for some other occasion :)

  22. Ohh that's a gorgeous photo of miss Bullock with the flower, she is so classy. YES Dez, YES... I'd vote for Gerry Berry (see now I'm following you!) to play Sandy's love interest. He did a scorching hot salsa dance with Katie Heigl in Ugly Truth, he'd be even sizzling doing the tango with her! Be still my heart!

  23. @Flixy
    yes, I paid special attention to pics, and this one with hibiscus flowers is especially lovely :) She's usually goofy, so I wanted to present her in a sexy, sensual way.
    And, naturally, I knew you would notice Gerry Berry in the middle of the post :PPP And I knew your heart would skip a beat while imagining him playing tango :)

  24. I'll always see her as queen of the romantic comedies tho' I thought she was great in Speed & Demolition Man.

    She is also incredibly photogenic! :)

  25. ah, and don't forget her role in JUDGE DREDD :))

  26. She is great actress. She is extremely beautiful. Sandra Bullock was born in a Virginia suburb of Washington, DC, to a German opera singer and a voice teacher.