Saturday, October 2, 2010


According to "Variety", our dear Emily Blunt has joined Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in LOOPER, a sf flick which centers on a future where a group of hitmen named Loopers are sent back in time to kill those
who have committed serious crimes in the future. Once they die in the past, the crime in the future ceases to happen. Emily Blunt will portray a single mother whose son becomes a target, and she goes to great lengths to protect him.

Well, we've always known that Will Smith has had a very high opinion about himself (and his kids and wife), and now he will be the president of USA. Not the real one, yet, but in the sequel to one of the most successful blockbusters of all times INDEPENDENCE DAY II. Speaking to MTV, director Roland Emerich has revealed that it will be an alternate
reality kind of movie in which they will tell what would have happened after that kind of alien attack, asking questions like: Did they rebuild the White House? Who will be president? Or better to say who Will be president? :) They are planning to shoot two back-to-back sequels, one for 2012 and one for 2013.

Speaking of Will Smith, MEN IN BLACK III might get Emma Thompson in the role of Agent Oh, an aggressive MIB agent who is in charge of monitoring a prison break. Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones will return to their old roles in the sequel which will be set in 1969.
Is there anything her imperial majesty Meryl Streep hasn't played so far? Well, she's never played a drug addict, but now she will. In AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY Meryl will play the drug-addicted mother of the Weston family, whose husband goes missing, so her daughters return home to comfort their mother. While they're at home, numerous family secrets are revealed. Julia Roberts might play one of the daughters.


  1. They all look good but I'm thinking a couple of folks will need some airbrush and filtering. Won't matter though I'll see them anyway.

  2. @Mary
    who need airbrushing? :)

    yes, I remember that :)

  3. sequel is definitely not necessary for ID4, especially with Will Smith coming in and forcing all his family in the film. But let's face it, the studio will always do whatever he wants.

  4. Maybe we can have a sequel where the aliens from Earth Defense Force do battle with the aliens from Independence Day while Earth is rebuilding all of its landmarks.

    Tossing It Out

  5. @Jaccsy
    not just in the film,but in music as well, they are launching the music career of his daughter as well :(((

    a brilliant idea, dear sir, it would save us a lot of money! :)

  6. i love will smith. think he's incredibly talented... just saying. but these movies don't need sequels. it seems like hollywood will make one unique movie and then remake and remake and ugh. it ruins the magic of the first one. there's a difference between stories that were made to be trilogies (LOTR for example) and these things that are produced in hopes of bleeding a few more bucks out of the fans of the originals... sorry.. just a little annoyed.

  7. A lot of great movies and Will Smith is in all of them! ;)

    I'll keep an eye out.


  8. Men in Black III, huh?
    Loopers sounds a bit like Minority Report. Since I didn't like MR, perhaps I will enjoy Loopers instead.

  9. @Vics
    oh, it's just fell on my mind that LOTR could get a remake some time in the future :((((((

    he's the star of the day :)

    I didn't like MR either.

  10. Another Independence Day? I wasn't expecting that but it sounds interesting, as does everything else! Although I still find it strange to have a sequel so far into the future...

  11. they got to milk the successful project :)

  12. Men in Black III? Independence Day 2???
    Will Smith seems to be is running out of ideas.

  13. ah, Andrew, what can I tell you, the whole world is running out of ideas :(

  14. Hi DEZMOND - I thought Loopers sounded like Minority Report too (as Alex said), but told from a different angle. I like Emily, so maybe this will be good.
    I loved Independence Day. When if first came out I was blown away. Everything was new to me then. (Plus my brother was in it - so I was glued to the screen, looking for the parts where he'd made the cut) LOL. I think sequels to it are just a way to make more $$$. I'm looking for something origional from Hollywood these days.

  15. oh, what did your brother play? Hope he wasn't one of the invisible aliens :)))

  16. DEZMOND - LOL No, he wasn't. He was one of "the pilots." Actually had a rather "big" speaking part too. Met Will Smith, Bill Pullman and Jeff Goldblum. In fact, he and Jeff hung out quite a bit since a large part of the movie was filmed on the salt flatts here in Utah. But, all of his speaking part ended up of the cutting room floor. You can still see him quite a bit, you just have to know where to look.

  17. Oh, horrible, I can't imagine how he felt with his speaking part being cut out of the film :(((

  18. DEZMOND - He was okay. He had fun, got paid, but it did help him realize how tough a movie career was. He did a few more shows - don't know if you heard of Touched By An Angel - those were filmed in Utah too, then decided to move on. That was his acting career. =D

  19. WOW, Emma Thompson in MIB III?? I don't know what to think of that, I like Emma but not sure I'll watch this one.

  20. @Shells
    I remember TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL. Never watched it, but I remember it

    I'm with you, Flixy, but it is a growing trend for great, dramatic actors to appear in stupid and shallow movies.

  21. I am a fan of Will Smith, but I don't think he has what it takes to portray the Prez. Morgan Freeman did an awesome job of it, but we're talking about a much higher class of actor there. Will is an enjoyable action star, and he even showed some good acting chops in that one where he was the homeless single father trying to be a stockbroker (sorry, forgetting the name right now), but I don't see him being able to pull this off.

  22. Looper sounds interesting.

    I'm not expecting much from Independence Day(s) or from Men in Black 3.

    Will Smith can play USA President if he likes. He probably wouldn't be any worse in that role than most of them (USA Presidents) were in real life. Or any other (countries) Presidents for that matter. :)

  23. @Eric
    I agree, although you must bare in mind that this will be just an entertaining blockbuster not a presidential drama :)

    di si ti Blesace, nema te stoljecima. Sve OK na poslu, zena, deca? :)

  24. Po starom obicaju, citam ovaj blog skoro svaki dan, ali svaki put odlazem pisanje "za sutra".
    Sada tu je verovatno jasno zasto sam neke stvari (npr. studiranje) toliko oduzio.
    Na poslu nista novo, osim sto malo cesce idem na teren ovih nedelja.
    Inace sam OK. Kupio sam kucni kros-trenazer, da malo vezbam i smrsam. Ali za sada imam kondicije za samo 5-6 minuta (nesto preko jednog km malo brzeg dzoginga)
    Nadam se da je kod tebe sve OK. (Bar onako generalno.)

  25. znam da uvek vrebas negde iz pozadine :)
    Nadam se da se ne smrzavas na terenu, imajuci u vidu trenutno zahladjenje.
    E, i ja sam kupio pre dve nedelje CARDIO TWISTER ali nikako nemam vremena da ga sastavim :) Pre ces ti preci na 15-16 minuta na svom kros-trenazeru nego sto cu ja uspeti da sastavim ovo moje cudo :)
    Jes' sve je ok, evo blizi se sajam, imacu tri nove i cetiri,pet starih knjiga kod ALNARIJA.

  26. I liked Independence Day partly because I saw it on July 4th at the Chinese Theatre & it was the perfect movie to see there.

    But a sequel using alternate reality????

  27. ah, what can I tell you, Lisa, they just have to milk the cow dry :)

  28. Well... I'm not too surprised about these sequels. And Will Smith is a pretty good actor, so I won't complain yet. But I don't see how a sequel (and TWO of them?) would be interesting for ID without more alien attacks...

  29. Looks like they've found a role that matches Smith's ego, hehe. Both the ID and MiB sequels should be fun, though. Loopers sounds a lot like Minority Report, but I like Gordon-Lovitt's stuff so I'll give it a shot :)