Wednesday, October 6, 2010


According to "Movieweb" Screen Gems has bought the rights for the adaptation of THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS by Cassandra Clare into a film franchise. The film will follow a girl who discovers she is the
descendant of a line of Shadowhunters, a secret cadre of warriors dedicated to driving demons out of our world. When her mother disappears, she must join a daring group of young Shadowhunters on an adventure, which leads her through a city filled with mischievous fairies, eccentric warlocks, werewolf gangs and other strange creatures.

The shooting of THIS MEANS WAR has started over in Canada. Starring Reese Witherspoon, Tom Hardy and Chris Pine, this comedy tells the story of two best friends who fall in love with the same woman. The two men's bond disintegrates and their ensuing battle escalates to mammoth proportions, with New York City demolished in their wake.

According to "Moviehole" while starring in the upcoming remake MAD MAX: FURY ROAD, Charlize Theron will portray a character who will have part of one arm missing. As I've already wrote before, the film will also star
Tom Hardy and lovely Teresa Palmer.

Now here's something we've been waiting for a long time now - the first sensational trailer for THE TEMPEST, the new adaptation of Shakespeare's famous play in which Helen Mirren plays sorceress Prospera who's journey spirals through vengeance to forgiveness as she reigns over a magical island, cares for her young daughter, Miranda, and unleashes her powers against shipwrecked enemies. This exciting mix of romance, tragicomedy and the supernatural also stars Alfred Molina, Alan Cumming, Djimon Hounsou, Russell Brand, Ben Whishaw, David Strathairn...


  1. Like I've said in my post, though there are some good-looking images in the trailer of "The Tempest", they just scream direct to DVD rather than signifying true big screen movie magical.

  2. I realize that it's not regarded as one of Shakespeare's finest works, but I've always enjoyed The Tempest. I'm rather looking forward to this movie. The casting looks fantastic...

  3. I absolutely can't wait for The Tempest... I've been reading about it for months and months, and I can't wait to see how Helen Mirren interprets her character as a woman. I saw The Tempest performed this summer with Christopher Plummer as Prospero, and it was spectacular... so I guess you could say I have a bit of 'Tempest' fever at the moment :)

  4. Mischievous fairies and eccentric warlocks...just my thing!

    Always glad to see Reese Witherspoon's movies.

    I was excited about The Tempest, but after viewing the trailer, I am not so sure.

  5. @Jaccsy
    that's because the movie has an artsy vibe to it, Jaccsy, it wasn't meant to look like a blockbuster nor be one. My problem is with the director, I've always believed that she is a master of ruining amazing actors and amazing stories.

    I also liked the play, one of my favourites from Willy :)

    oh, yes, and it's so wonderfully refreshing to see a woman as Prospero/a :)

  6. @Avalon
    but it's a teenager book, so don't get your hopes up to high :)

  7. Damn I would give my right arm for Chris Pine and Tom Hardy to fight over me :(

  8. I never thought Helen would play in a movie like that but she's such a versatile actress.

  9. It looks like Harry Potter paved the way for my fantasy flicks! These look great!!! I so want to go to the movies and come out cheering and clapping~

  10. The Reese Witherspoon movie looks cute!
    And HElen Mirren will be great in The Tempest.

  11. The Mortal Instruments sounds ridiculous and Mad Max sounds like it could be ridiculous if they botch one of my favorite franchises.

    Tossing It Out

  12. you said the tempest was only going to be released in a few places, right? i thought the filmography looked gorgeous. and the cast! i love helen mirren (of course!), but i love hounsou and cumming as well. i think they are severely underrated.

    and the mortal instruments was a very entertaining trilogy. funny, romantic-ish, action packed, and rich with backstory. they were silly books, but still very good. the villain was excellent, and some of the plot twists actually caught me by surprise! i mean, they aren't life changing novels, but they are fun reads! :)

  13. @Falen
    I know, Falsy, Reese really knows how to pick her men :)

    the movie isn't done as a blockbuster, it's still artsy, so she fits in it :)

    yes, it's the revival of fantasy and history

    glad you like it

  14. @Arlee
    but you do like the ridiculous, no? :)

    yes, he's in it too :)

    oh, so you read the book :) I hear it's quite a popular saga and has many readers.

    a/the big one ...

  15. Hi DEZMOND - With the books, people either love them or hate them. No middle ground. There are many more character than Twilight, so it COULD be a fun film. The second and third books get twisted. I hope they rewrite for the films or it could get weird.

    I liked Tempest. It's weird, but cool. Loved the fire dogs. Maybe I'm too easy to please today.

  16. oh, the fire dogs were super cool, Shells :)

  17. glad you like it, Lynda, don't forget to drop by tomorrow, I'll have some great new historical and fantasy updates and plus a trailer on an upcoming historical mega show :)))

  18. A MAd Max remake???
    Count me in!

    And who's playing Max this time around?

  19. You have me intrigued. New York city demolished over Reese Witherspoon? Who is she -- Helen of Troy? :)
    I am very interested in The Tempest, but after the trailer, I am afraid it looks a bit overblown to me. I am leery of too many special effects as it seems to take away rather than add to the story, IMHO. If what you say about the director is true, it may add up to a disappointment. Oh well, it's better for me to see it with lowered expectations so that I may be pleased if it is better than I thought it would be! :)

  20. @Andrew
    as far as I've got it, Charlize will be the female Mad Max :) and Tom Hardy will take the lead male role

    that's a good tactic for watching movies, sister :)))

  21. I am soo excited about the cassandra clare movie option coming out! I think it will be great to see! RaShelle mentioned that you posted about Firelight coming out as a movie too, so excited about that as well! this means war looks really fun! I love still am totally falling in love with your site, everytime I come I love it even more! THanks for all the time you put into it, and thanks for reading about my charcaters sketches and thinking they sounded good, it really meant alot to me! =0)

  22. yes, Debs, you have a post on FIRELIGHT somewhere bellow. Glad you like HOLLYWOOD SPY :)) and I'm glad to see your comments whenever you drop by ;)

  23. The Tempest looks really interesting, and I'm glad they went the same way as Romeo and Juliet and kept all of the original lines. I'm not familiar with the original play, but the Russel/Alfred duo might irritate me a little bit. Still, it looks suitably epic for a Shakespeare :)

  24. Jamie, I totally get your point on Russel :) He is only slightly less irritating then Sacha Baron Cohen. Mollina can also be irritating sometimes (like in SPIDERMAN)