Sunday, October 31, 2010


Now, this is something really fresh and original. Premiering this November in Serbia and the Balkans region, ÜBER LIFE is the first Serbian interactive film and also one of the first ones in the world as well made in that new technology which gives the viewer a sense of being truly involved and able to choose a course of dramatic action and to affect the fate of the hero.
The new interactive way of watching the movie gives a whole new dimension to the classic epic tale. Or to put it more simple - this is a film which you both watch and play like a video game :)
ÜBER LIFE is universal and archetypal tale about the forces of good and evil, love and courage. The main hero, a man who has lost
everything, opposes deviant religious powers of darkness and unexpectedly discovers love, the true motive for the struggle and life. Driven by strong motives and the will to survive he gets into various adventures, in which dream and reality are constantly intertwined. This epic adventure takes place in three different ways, via multiple choices of dramatic flows,
where the viewers with their participation and selection decide on the further course and destiny of the hero. Film is full of fiction, special effects, action scenes and a large number of dreamy and surreal scenes. For more information you can visit ÜBER LIFE official website.


  1. This is some fascinating stuff! I suck at video games, does that mean the hero is doomed from the start?
    Great trailer!

  2. Now that sounds and looks fantastic! You should bring us more news around your country's movie industry pal. Is the movie made in 3D?

  3. @Mary
    he he ... hope not, Mary :)

    since it is interactive the movie is not made for cinemas but for DVD, and it's out tomorrow in Serbia. The interactive experience can last from 5 to 20 minutes, so this is not a usual long movie but more of a new experiment in the field of filmmaking :)
    And yes, it does look amazing even though it was made with a shockingly low budget :) Serbs are similar to Asians in that respect, Jaccsy, shooting great looking films for little money :)

  4. this looks very interesting, Dezmond. Will you be having a go?

  5. @Simon
    glad you like it, Simon ;)

    I sure will :)

  6. That sounds amazing! Wonder how long before we get to experience that movie?

  7. Wow! That trailer is like mix of gothic fantasy and sci-fi and looks super amazing!
    Thanks for the Halloween treat! :) Have a great day!

  8. Dezmond,
    Thanks for explaining that it comes out in DVD because I couldn't figure out how it would work in a movie theatre.

    Looks pretty exciting! :)

  9. @Alex
    I've no idea

    glad you liked it, Phylly :)

    yep, it's on a DVD media so that you can choose your options in the story through your computer or a DVD player.

  10. That movie doesn't look bad at all. Let me know how it is and if it makes it to english.

  11. wow, it looks awesome. I like the concept too!

  12. DEZMOND - What a great idea for a show. Do they play the episode and then viewers have to vote what they want to happen next from choices? How does the gaming part work? The premise looks great too. Exciting.

  13. Okay, so I read that it's coming on DVD. So, is it a movie they've already made with the alternate scenes and everything already done? I'm confused. I'm only a LITTLE dingy sometimes. LOL

  14. I love the idea; I can't wait to go to a movie like this or DVD~ Interactive will be the new
    wave, I'm over 3D~

  15. This sounds like too much work for me. I just want to sit and watch a movie, not decide where it's going to go.

    Tossing It Out

  16. @sHELLS
    It's a film on DVD which lasts around 20 minutes and you as a viewer have opportunities throughout the film to select options in the plot, and to finish or continue the story in the way you want to. So you chose between the alternate scenes :)

    yep, it could be the new 3D :))

    yep, I expected you wouldn't like it, Lee :)

  17. I am from serbia, one scene can be 5 to 20 min. budget is maybe low, but we are not people who need 5 000 000 for movie. Sreten

  18. da, Sretene, upravo sam zato i naglasio da u Srbiji moze da se napravi vizuelno lep film za stotinjak puta manje novca nego u Holivudu.

  19. Looks quite decent. I'm not a fan of interactive stories, but this could be interesting.

  20. Bels, do you remember interactive stories in MIKIJEV ZABAVNIK and MIKIJEV ALMANAH when we were kids? :)))

  21. Wowza, it certainly looks impressive, and I'm interested in the interactivity aspect too. it reminds me of a German horror movie (I'm not sure if it's been released or still in production) where the main character communicates with the audience via cellphone, and they make the choices that drive the story. kind of like a choose your own adventure book. I'm looking forward to seeing more of this :D

  22. wow, that with the cellphone sounds extremely complicated :) This one is easier since you choose your options while watching the DVD.

  23. Citao sam samo jednu takvu svesku u Mikijevom Zabavniku. I to cak nije bio moj Zabavnik. Verovatno sam tada kupovao neke druge stripove. Secam se da sam imao i citao Mikijeve Zabavnike, ali su mi ih verovatno kupovali roditelji (kada sam bio bas mali), posto se ne secam da sam ih sam trazio... ...ala sam mator, nicega se vise ne secam.:))

    Inace sam bas danas video ÜBER LIFE panoe i plakate u holu jednog velikog Beogradskog trznog centra. Znaci da postoji solidna reklama. Verovatno cu i ja kupiti DVD (ako nije previse skup). Da malo pomazem nase mlade autore.


  25. Uberlife on facebook:

    Uberlife on twitter:

    Uberlife DVD is available in almost every store in Belgrade for only 2,5 Euros

    It's also easy to order via or by calling +381113234675

  26. Ah, you could've at least said THANKS FOR WRITING ABOUT OUR MOVIE, before putting all these adds of yours and links in the comment :(

  27. my bad dezmond :)
    tnx a lot for spreading kind words about this movie!
    anyway i have no connection to actual uberlife crew or film, i just gathered all that info on various places and thought it should be here to spare ppl from wasting some time on google search :)

    btw i remember Mikijev Almanah with multi-ending stories via page selection, it was published by Politika back in '80s :)
    brings back some good memories about that period!


  28. You're excused :)

    Yes, the good old 80's when we had happy childhoods unlike today's kids who are growing up watching violent animated films and aggressive cartoons :(