Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I don't know about you, but I've always loved Fran Drescher a lot. I grew up with THE NANNY and I also loved LIVING WITH FRAN. Well, now Fran might get her own talk show. She has been handed a three-week pilot run this November and if her talk
show scores success Fran will get a national debut later next year. Here's what lovely Fran said about it: "I'm thrilled to be able to bring THE FRAN DRESCHER  TAWK SHOW to daytime TV, which fits me hand in glove. It will cover all of my passions, everything from pedicures to politics. America will have a chance to see the real Fran Drescher, beyond The Nanny. I'm the girl next door, a self-made woman who has been to hell and back a few times".

It seems we shall soon get a new expensive period adventure. According to "Hollywood Reporter" popular novel THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL, will be adapted into a $120 million movie to be shot next year in Eastern Europe (hope it's my headquarters :)) with charming British actor Neil Jackson in the lead role. The story itself is set during the Reign of Terror following the start of the French Revolution and was an inspiration to all other later masked superheros like Zorro for example.

Now, you all know how I have a very low opinion on Nolan's BATMAN, but it's always interesting hearing rumors about who could become a new superhero or a villain. And there were many rumors about who could play villains in the third installment of the DARK KNIGHT saga. Well, Edward Norton has just denied that he's vying to play The Riddler according to "Aceshowbiz".
Although there were many speculations that he could play the crazy freak obsessed with riddles, he says the studio hasn't even approached him with an offer. As you remember Joseph Gordon Levitt and Tom Hardy are also among the actors rumored to be possible stars who will portray the Riddler. There are also some rumors about Killer Croc being one of the villains in the new BATMAN.


  1. Ew edward norton would've been an awful Riddler. I'd rather have him be JGL and have the storyline be something about a child prodigy who nobody likes and everyone picks on. Did they already choose Riddler to be the bad guy?

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  2. I'm not a girl, but I'm just wondering:

    How is Topher Grace winning in your poll about geek and chic. He made an awful Venom, which pretty much ruined Spiderman for everyone :)

  3. The Riddler is the type of character Nolan can make legendary. Nolan’s “realistic” views with Edward Nygma’s intelectual, sophisticated, mind-blowing tactics is what i wanna see.

  4. Thanks for the info on Pimpernel and Batman. My ears won't be following Fran though.

  5. @Titan
    I'll vote for you, don't worry :)
    I'd also choose some other actor for Riddler, although I generally like Norton. Robin Williams would be my choice.
    Topher is probably winning because he is a great actor, a very charming man and to admit the truth, I watched SPIDERMAN only because of him :)))

    yes, yes, but I still think nobody can beat Jim Carrey Riddler, Jack Nicholson's Joker and Tommy Lee Jones' Harvy :)

  6. @Mary
    :)) I get what you mean about Fran's nasal voice :) I've grown to love it gradually :)

  7. Hard shoes to fill, trying to beat Jim Carrey's performance. He was over the top, just like the original Batman series. Break back Jim!

    Fran is interesting; I have enjoyed her past interviews, but a whole talk show... I will have to wait and see! Thanks Dezz~

  8. LOVE TSP--grew up watching the ancient Leslie Howard joint! But yum! I'll trade up for a Neil Jackson... I'll be looking for that one--thanks, Dez~ :o)

  9. you know, i feel really ignorant now. i don't even know what the scarlet pimpernel is about!

  10. Personally, I think Edward Norton could have been a great Riddler--he was such a wonderful smart-ass villain in The Italian Job. And I think he has the acting chops to pull off a credible version of the character that wouldn't be too over-the-top. Robin Williams would probably be pretty darn annoying as he has sometimes tended to be in his comic characters. Nolan's interpretation needs a more sinister comic-like character like Ledger's Joker.

    Tossing It Out

  11. I would actually prefer Norton to Levitt... although I'd prefer Crispin Glover to anyone.

  12. You've got a soft spot for the Burton Batman movies, huh?

    I think it's a shame Norton doesn't get to continue in the Hulk role.

    Crispin Glover? Well, he would be one psychotic Riddler!!

  13. I must be in the minority then, because I think the current round of Batman movies are finally done right. They're dark, the way it should have been done from the get-go. I'm rather glad they didn't get Norton to be the Riddler though. I don't know who would be the best for it, but not him. And thanks for the hot pic of Fran. She may have an annoying voice, but what a bod. Yowsa!

  14. @Ellie
    yes, bring back Jim! :))

    yum indeed :))

    he seems like a very popular guy, I've never seen him in anything so far, but he does seem super charming

    don't worry, Vics, I personally don't even know what PIMPERNEL means :))))

  15. @Arlee
    I understand you, but I personally love over the top villains in super-hero films, after all they are comic heroes not a part of reality, it's a circus! :))

    ah, I remember now that you love Crispin

    I do indeed :)))

    Fran told me to tell you she appreciates your compliments :))))

  16. Hi DEZMOND - Fran and her own talk show? Sure! =D And Neil Jackson in a new period adventure? Sounds sexy!!! =D xoxo

  17. I'm sure both Fran and Neil will give us an abundance of sexiness :))

  18. I like Fran too. I don't know if I'll be able to see the show where I live but I try to catch tidbits on youtube.


  19. I doubt they will use Killer Croc in the sequel though, can't see him fitting into Nolans universe. Would prefer JGL over Edward Norton, but really think now Tom Hardy seems to have landed the Villain role if they are going to even use Riddler that is. Im still rooting for Harley Quinn to show up in the next sequel though

  20. Fran is a cute lady. It seems she never ages.

    Not sure I will see the new Batman, too many for me not to confuse them.

    Cool poll! All so fine! I think I must be a geek....really!

  21. I love Fran! The voice did grow on me. LOL
    Edward Norton would be amazing in anything but I'd prefer him as a leading man instead of an over-the-top villain.
    I am so ancient I have seen the old b&w version of The Scarlet Pimpernel with Leslie Howard and Merle Oberon. (Thank goodness for late-night movies on CBC), but I could never think of it the same again after watching Canada's comedy team of Wayne & Shuster spoof it with a skit called the Brown Pumpernickel. LOL! Off to watch it on Youtube and see if it is as funny as I remembered it!

  22. I'm not much of a talk show person although I did enjoy Fran's The Nanny.

    I LOVED The Scarlet Pimpernel (both). I can quote so many lines I loved, but I won't. I think Neil Jackson could do it justice. Some of the most dangerous men of those times carried the affectation of effeminate and lisping. Lets not forget the ever popular red heels.

  23. I do believe that they have just signed Tom Hardy to one of the roles in Batman 3. I would assume it's the main villain, but maybe he will be someone sort of like Aaron Eackhart's character. I am still excited for the flick though, I absolutely LOVE Nolan's Batman flicks. I'm so excited for it!

  24. @Clarissa
    it will be released nation wide in USA if the pilot is successful. I probably won't be able to watch it either, since it' daytime show

    ah, who knows, maybe Bale has gotten tired of playing Batman, so they hired Hardy to take the bat suit :) I just hope they won't put Catwoman in it, I don't want Nolan ruining her character, I want a separate film with her, but with some great actress :)

    there's a geek hiding in all of us :)))))

  25. @Phylly
    I've seen that the story has been done before on film, and that both films are classics :) I've never seen them, but I see they are quite naughty :)

    hey, Sia, welcome to HOLLYWOOD SPY, glad you like the news and Neil as well :PPP

    and I absolutely can't stand them :))) Yes, the news about HARDY joining the cast has hit the web yesterday. He's an amazing actor! He needs to be a superhero on his own :)

  26. Be still my heart! What a pic of Norton! Thank you for that alone, Dez. :)

    The Scarlet Pimpernel should be an interesting movie...I'm seeing V for Vendetta mixed with Sherlock Holmes...But we'll see!


  27. Hmm... Norton as The Riddler? I'm not so sure about that. In fact, I'm not so sure about the Batman film franchise with Nolan at the head. I admit that both films were excellent from an artistic standpoint, but that last one was just too dark and twisted for me. The evil was so sickening that I felt uncomfortable in the audience. It's hard to articulate how I felt, really... I just know I'm not sure if I'm willing to see another one. It just bothered me too much.

  28. @Michele
    yes, I know how much you lurve Edward :) It actually isn't easy finding nice pics of him, he just doesn't like taking photos.

    I totally agree with you, we really don't need such morbidly and unnecessarily dark and violent movies. Such films can be made only by irresponsible people!

  29. They seek him here, they seek him there ... and I actually squealed upon learning that the first duel identity hero is finally getting another movie (Not that the black and white one isn't wonderful).

  30. yes, we need some more adventures in cinema :))