Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I'm not sure why is he so popular suddenly, I personally find him overly cocky, but according to "Beyond Hollywood" Mark Wahlberg has been offered the lead role in the upcoming reboot of THE CROW to be directed by Stephen Norrington. As you remember Brandon Lee had played the lead role in the original film from the 90's, and he also died accidentally during the production.

Warner Bros. and Akiva Goldsman will produce DARK MOON a film which will focus on the belief that manned moon missions did not stop with Apollo 17 in 1972.
Using the "found footage" route, the film will reveal a black ops post-Apollo mission sent to the moon to explore previously classified discoveries and its unintended and disturbing consequences.

And check out yet another marvelous poster for the sf adventure TRON: LEGACY coming to cinemas this December. Starring Jeff Bridges, Michael Sheen, Olivia Wilde, Garrett Hedlund, Bruce Boxleitner, John Hurt ... it tells the story about the world of futuristic games in which humans are pawns themselves. Although not so intriguing in plot, the film promises amazing visuals and breathtaking special effects.

Now it was only natural for this to happen. Although he admits he will probably never record another pop album again, music legend Elton John has revealed that he might record a duet with Lady Gaga on her next album. Recently, he also had a privilege to listen to Gaga's BORN THIS WAY, the most anticipated album for 2011, and he said that the tittle song is so mind blowing that it will completely get rid of Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive" as the self-confidence anthem when it comes out. He has also called Gaga the bastard daughter of Elton John :) Gaga herself said that the upcoming album will be the "absolute greatest work" she's ever done.

And if you have a minute or two, drop by over to FILM INTEL, where my dear friend Sam has written a great article about Angelina Jolie's UNTITLED BOSNIAN LOVE STORY using me as his personal spy :)


  1. Remake The Crow? Seriously? Now I really might lose all respect for Hollywood.

    I can't stand Gaga, personally...and never cared much for Elton, either. So no happies from me. :)

  2. Wow Dezmond. You always overload us with so much amazing info, but this is even more than usual!

  3. Mark Wahlberg is too cocky for his own good, and I can't think of any movie he was in that was any good. A remake of the Crow would be a very bad move.

    I like the sound of Dark Moon, though it sounds like a straight to DVD movie that won't do very well :P

  4. @Summer
    oh, I'll tell Elton what you said about him :))) He will not be happy :)))

    oh, and I thought this was a very poor day at HOLLYWOOD SPY when it comes to news :))))) Thanks for cheering me up!

    yes, and I didn't like a lot of Mark's personal opinions and attitudes in interviews and so. He seems a bit uneducated, if I may say so, hope I'm wrong.

  5. I like working out to Gaga's music, and I like her attitude. She's a freak, and she doesn't care. I think it's awesome that she lets her freak flag fly.

    The Crow remake is not so awesome though. I mean, what's there to remake? It's a cult classic. I hope they don't ruin it.

  6. I agree Mesmerix, we should all let our freak flags fly around :)))

  7. So much great news. Personally, I'd be freaked out doing The Crow considering the last person who did it died. Oh well, I think Mark's a terrific actor.


  8. A Jolie Good Mess; good article. I am sure you already know how I feel from personal conversations in the past.

    Great photo of Gaga.

    I used to like Mark when he was Marky Mark and now I look back and wondered where my mind was. As for his acting skills, I am not so sure, I suppose he is not a terrible actor but not the best either.

    Oh and I love Elton's music!

  9. Unfortunately none of this news excites me. Not of a fan of Wahlberg, and not looking forward to Tron. Care to share some super cool fun news Dez? :p

  10. Wahlberg as The Crow? I don't think so--bad fit.
    Gaga and Elton-- sounds like a fit, but probably not up my alley. I've heard that Elton's new duet album with Leon Russell is quite good.

    Tossing It Out

  11. remake... the *crow*
    i think i might just be sick now. :(

  12. That's a really good article on the Film Intel Dez, I've already dropped my comment yesterday.

    Oh sheesh, another day another remake. I like Wahlberg but I think he's wrong for the role. Ah man, makes me sad that Brandon Lee's gone.

  13. Now they're going to ruin The Crow as well?! Don't they understand that it was the real tragedy of Lee's death that fueled the energy of the movie? (And why the sequels have been awful.) That stunning, tragic film was a one-shot deal for me.

  14. @Clarissa
    oh, glad you like the news :)

    glad you like the pic and Jolie Good Mess :)))

    well, I told you it is a bad day in the news world :)

    it seems everyone agrees CROW remake is a NO, NO :)

  15. @Vics
    oh, not again, just when I thought you were healthy again :)

    I've seen the comment at Sam's place :) Thanks.

    the film really should just remain the memory of Brandon.

  16. Lady Gaga, Sir Elton & Gloria Gaynor all in one paragraph. That's seismic.

    I have a M.Wallberg story if you're interested. Nothing salacious. A friend's story.

  17. Kind of expected a Crow remake sooner or later, don't know how Mark Wahlberg will quite fit that role at all. A Lady Gaga and Elton John duet could be quite gooD. Great post

  18. thanks, Dempsy, glad you dropped by, it's always nice having you here ;)

  19. Oh, they don't need to remake The Crow. That makes me sad, especially with Wahlberg. I don't like him either.

  20. Wahlberg acting always struck me as very wooden. I'm surprised he's so popular. Must have a good agent.

    Lady Gaga: Two women divided by decades. LOL! We were born on the same day.

  21. I am a huge Elton John fan and have lately come to appreciate Lady Gaga's song writing and vocal talents (as long as I don't have to watch the videos!) I would like to hear a duet with them!

  22. Really? No love for Wahlberg? Can't say I can picture him in the Crow, nor am I pleased that a "reboot" is in the works, but I love me some Wahlberg. Ok ok, so the only reason his music career got any attention probably had more to do with his washboard physique than actual talent. And so he's starred in more than a few floppy flicks. His performance in Invincible and The Departed secured him a place in my affections.

  23. I don't agree about Wahlberg...I actually think he's pretty self-aware! Anyone who saw Date Night (hilarious, btw) saw him poke real fun at himself, his image, and the roles he plays. I think he is confident, but aware of his role in Hollywood. I heard him talk about his brother, Donny (the one with true acting talent), one time, and Wahlberg came across really humble.

    The Jolie link is intriguing me so heading there now!


  24. @Rosie and Maria
    glad you agree with me on Wahlberg. And MAria do you also share a musical talent with Gaga? :))

    glad you like sir Elton :) You don't like Gaga's videos? How come? :))

    @Lill Vics and Michele
    well, at least someone likes Mark, at it's not his wife :PPP

  25. Ref: And MAria do you also share a musical talent with Gaga?

    Oh, please, Dezz. Have you been drinking? :)

  26. I think Elton John is amazingly talented. I think a Gaga/Elton duet would be cool. An old school pop star meets new pop star.
    Mark Wahlberg is an odd Crow choice I think!!!

  27. @Maria
    just a small snifter after the lunch :)))

    I can already imagine the video for their duet :))

  28. I am big fan of Elton John and really love watching his each and every film. He is my favorite one. Have you ever seen his any movie ?