Monday, November 1, 2010


Now, since we're still in the Halloween atmosphere, I'm sure you'll enjoy John Carpenter's new project. He will adapt Randy Queen's popular comic book DARKCHYLDE.
It focuses on an amiable southern teen cursed to become the creatures from her many recurring nightmares and every time Ariel Chylde transforms, she sheds her skin and a new nightmare emerges from her to act out her deepest, darkest impulses.

According to "Beyond Hollywood" everybody's favourite director Uwe Boll (BLOODRAYNE, ALONE IN THE DARK) :) is going to do something really really really "charming": he says his next film will be BLUBBERELLA, an epic adventure about an overweight superhero.
What's more it will also be a female overweight superhero.

Lena Dunham will direct a movie adaptation of the heartwarming book DASH AND LILY'S BOOK OF DARES. The story follows two teens left alone in Manhattan for Christmas who connect when the girl leaves a notebook full of literary clues at the Strand bookstore and the boy follows the clues all around New York leaving some of his own behind him as well.

Earlier this year HOLLYWOOD SPY has written about Peter Weir's new film THE WAY BACK, and now I have a poster for you. Starring Ed Harris, Jim Sturgess and Colin Farrell, this epic drama chronicles the escape of a small group of multi-national prisoners from a Siberian gulag in 1940 and their epic life affirming journey over thousands of miles across five countries. The film should be out some time early next year.


  1. Wow.. that DARKCHYLDE concept art poster looking so deliciously creepy :) I never got into the series, but I was aware of it and Carpenter seems like the right guy for the job of making it into a movie.

  2. yes, I thought you would find that poster delicious, Jaccsy :) It's my treat for you :)

  3. BLUBBERELLA? Am I the only one that finds this horribly insulting? Like, if you want a big woman to be a superhero, than just have her be one. Why does it need to be special and blubbery?

  4. I read the book THE WAY BACK is based on and I think it's too crazy to be true, but do I care? Nope! :D Can't wait to see it - it looks gorgeous!

  5. darkchylde looks so creepy and wonderful!

    i'm super- excited for THE WAY BACK!!!

    mesmerix- you're not the only one! ugh.

  6. whoa at that darkchylde poster! Creepy... And Blubberella??? Is that like based on the Judy Blume novel~ ;p

  7. Will John Carpenter also compose the music for Darkchylde?

    Blubberella--a movie for our times. Just wonder who they'll cast in the role?

    They Way Back is definitely a film I want to see.

  8. Darkchylde might be interesting, but if it's from the director of Halloween I won't watch it. On the flip side, The Way Back looks positively amazing. Thanks to our good ol' Hollywood Spy I know about this one ;)

  9. He..he... great minds think alike eh Dez, I actually have a post about The Way Back scheduled for tomorrow. I thought about you when I wrote it as it's set in Serbia. The trailer looks good and the cast is definitely appealing.

  10. Blubberella sounds like it could be uniquely entertaining. And with all of the women of excessive size that I see anymore perhaps they could use a superhero to represent them. Seems like something with a lot of humorous potential, but with pathos and message as well.

    Tossing It Out

  11. Carpenter desperately needs a hit. And Boll's movie sounds right up his alley. Why do people keep hiring him to direct?

  12. @Mesmerix
    it is very insulting which is exactly why it is a product of Uwe Boll who doesn't really have taste.

    yep, it probably isn't true or at least some details are exaggerated :)

    it is very creepy, the essence of creepy and horrible :)

  13. @Leigh
    yep, the poster is really and truly creepy

    I'm guessing Blubberella will be some unknown girl, maybe even from Uwe's Germany

    THE WAY BACK really does look epic so far

  14. @Flixy
    hm,Flixy, Serbia and Siberia aren't really the same thing :) Not only that they are in the totally opposite parts of the world, they are also on different continents :) Not to mention that here in Serbia we never had any camps for foreign prisoners, and that in WW2 we fought against Nazism :)

    I like your view, Lee, women could use her as their hero, a woman who is strong and powerful even though she doesn't fit the unrealistic fashion model of a woman.

    Boll is also making a film on Auschwitz, and that's what I'd call offensive and insulting!

  15. Oh dear... I screwed up big time!! So sorry Dez, I guess I misread the name... of course it's a completely different place, and good for your country to be fighting AGAINST the Nazis! Please accept my apology for my silly mishap... though I'm not going to retract that I was thinking of you, in a good way of course! :) Thank you for all your comments for the Roof post, that certainly made me and my friend Prairiegirl very happy.

  16. Lots of wonderful posts here, and as usual, the striking font look really drives home the intensity. Thanks for the updates.

  17. They all sound interesting in their own unique way...blubberella? lol. Darkchylde sounds scary.

  18. @Flixy
    no worries, Flixy, it happens all the time. Say hello to Prairiegirl ;)

    glad you like it, Sammy ;)

    LOL indeed :)) And scary indeed :(

  19. Blubberella, really? Sounds terrible to me, won't knock it until I have seen it though. Darkchylde however sounds like it could be great and a welcome return to form for Carpenter

  20. Hello Dezz - DARKCHYLDE looks to be interesting. Not even gonna touch Blubberella. Hope you're having a great sleep! =D

  21. @Dempsy
    well, mostly everything Uwe does is terrible :)

    actually, I was tossing and turning in bed last night, must be the full moon or something :))

  22. BLUBBERELLA might be a good thing.

  23. overweight super hero...I so have to see that!

  24. I know of Darkchylde comics. One of hot-looking-heroine of 90s comic book brand of hot-looking-heroines. :) Never read it. I heard Darkchylde was one of more prominent comics/heroines from that period, but also one of shorter comic series. Strange...

    Uwe Boll really doesn't know when to quit. I'll give him that one at least. He's persistent if nothing else.

    I've seen the trailer for "The Way Back" (posted here), and it looks very good. Too bad it's not in my favorite genre(s) or my kind of story.
    But for many others this looks like a "not to miss" film.

  25. Oh my gosh.. WHO is letting BOLL STILL MAKE MOVIES?!?!?! ...*heavy sigh*...

  26. @Avalon
    it might, and it might not having in mind the director :)))

    I knew you would like that one, Falsy :)

    Uwe is a strange guy, strange indeed. I liked DUNGEON SIEGE IN THE NAME OF THE KING, but I don't like his personality and his cockiness :)

    heavy indeed :)

  27. Darkchylde sounds damn good, and with Carpenter at the helm I have a good feeling :)
    Uwe Boll... no, no, no, no. Everything the man touches turns to crud. Blubberella sounds pretty bad anyway, but a Boll film is doomed before it starts.

  28. Carpenter is the best carpenter for this kind of job :)