Tuesday, November 2, 2010


HOLLYWOOD SPY has already informed you this summer, that David E. Kelley, the famous TV producer (ALLY MCBEAL, L.A. LAW) is preparing a new TV show on WONDER WOMAN,
the most popular female super hero. Now, the rumors about the possible actress who could take the lead role have started and the name of the first girl who could get into the group of actresses who will audition for the role has appeared around the net. It's the pretty much unknown Tanit Phoenix who has only appeared in some vampire movies so far, but has the certain looks which will amaze you if you do the Google image search :)

The first pics from THE ADVENTURES OF TINTIN: SECRET OF THE UNICORN have been revealed in the new EMPIRE. Coming out December 2011 it will be a motion-captured adaptation of the famous comic book, directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Jamie Bell, Daniel Craig, Simon Pegg, Cary Elwes, Andy Serkis ... The film stars Jamie Bell as Tintin, the intrepid young reporter whose relentless pursuit of a good story thrusts him into a world of high adventure. The second part of the film should be directed by Peter Jackson.

Today you can check out the trailer for British mini-series ICE, starring some great actors Sam Neill, Ben Cross, Claire Forlani, Stephen Moyer, Richard Roxburgh and Frances
O’Connor. ICE is basically a disaster story about a scientist who can't convince the authorities that a huge disaster is coming when a giant piece of ice the size of a small country breaks off the Antarctic continent and becomes a major world threat as it heads on an inexorable course north towards the UK, Europe and the US. Swathed in its own fog, and carrying its own devastating weather patterns the frozen colossus triggers a series of disasters and plunges the world’s temperatures into steep decline leaving the world to contemplate the dawning of a new ice age.


  1. Wow...that's a pretty big piece of ice that fell off Antarctica to make it all the way north, across the Equator, and up the warm-water Gulf Stream to threaten London...

  2. @MJ
    Not just to threaten, if you watch the trailer you will here the ominous sentece: UK IS NO MORE :)

    cooling our drinks and possibly destroying our lives :o

  3. Wow, Wonder Woman! When I was a tiny tot, I used to dress like her and run around the house with a magic lasso!

  4. I read TinTin as a child and loved all the comics. I can't wait until they come out with the movie. It looks great.


  5. I like the concept of Ice but I don't like that it's a mini-series. Dump the excess filler and just make a movie.

    Tossing It Out

  6. Ice looks compelling. Like Lee wish they'd just gone ahead with a movie.

    Wonder Woman -- thumbs down on that. Women of any age don't need yet another toothpick with fake boobs to compound eating disorders!

  7. Ok, I officially support the new Wonder Woman show if she's Wonder Woman and they don't use that dopey new suit I've seen pictures of. But I know how the CW rolls so she probably won't be Wonder Woman and if they have her wear a suit (I heard they were actually going to go more the Smallville route - pre superhero) it probably will be dopey.

  8. Really amazing your blog! You know everything about showbusiness!

  9. I wouldn't mind her in a role of Wonder Woman. Since I don't have any suggestions myself, she's good enough. If I hear of some better choices down the road, I'll adjust my opinion accordingly. :))

    I'm looking forward to Tin Tin. I was never interested if it was made in 3D or not, if it was a live action or animated... I just want to see a big budget period adventure movie. :)

  10. how does that work when a director directs the second part of the film? is that just how it's done between big names? that sounds either creatively interesting or risky, or both. collaboration is good and i would image that directors each have their own specific vision, so instead of working together on the whole movie, splitting it in half for jackson and speilberg makes sense. too bad they couldn't divy up the scenes throughout and so it could have been a mix and match, with each involved from beginning to end.
    what's up, dude? good to see ya:)

  11. Sure! I'm up for another disaster flick. And you've convinced me that I must watch Wonder Woman.

  12. I'm so very excited for the Tintin movie... I'm not really sure about the double director thing, but I'll be seeing it regardless. :)

  13. @Avalon
    maybe you should audition for the role :)))

    yep, TINTIN was popular when we were kids and much before us as well, too bad it's not a live action film :(

    @Lee and Mary
    ah, I'm different, guys, I actually love that it's mini series because it promises at least a two day fun and excitement between the two or four episodes :)

  14. @Answer
    I totally agree with you both with the horrible new suit and the fact that the whole show will be bad if they do it realistic like SMALLVILLE, I'd prefer it more glamorous and more fantastic.

    thanks :) Greetings to Brazil and congrats on getting the new Mrs. President :))

    I kinda wish TINTIN was a live action and not semi-animated film, but nobody asked me :( Tanit is looking good, but I'm guessing they could find some actress who is also great in her profession :)

  15. @Ed
    hey, Ed, I thought you immigrated to Alaska and that you started a new life without the computer and Internet :PPP I think Spielberg and Jackson are doing this for fun, they want to play with each other by directing the same franchise. It's kinda fun.

    why do I have a feeling it wasn't me but that pic?

    well, at least both of them are renowned and mega successful directors :)

  16. I'm having trouble with the premise of ICE...maybe I don't know my weather very well ;)
    And Tanit looks good for Wonder Woman as long as she can act ;)

  17. Ah, Lyndylove, I'm guessing you're safe from ice Down Under :)

  18. Sorry, but both ICE and the choice for WW are bad. Ice sounds like an idiotic storyline that has no basis whatsoever in reality, and the role choice for WW is not anywhere near muscular enough. Did these people ever even read WW? She's supposed to be an WARRIOR princess, for crying out loud. Muscular like one of those female gladiators.

    Sigh. They'll never get it right.

  19. ah, I'd actually prefer a more curvy WW to a muscular and masculine one :)

  20. DEZMOND - Well, she's def beautiful.

    Tintin might be good - we'll have to see. =D

  21. Holy cow, that wonder woman girl is gorgeous. I think my husband will be convincing me to see that on the big screen!

  22. You see, Australia is the best place to live ;)

  23. I don´t know if Tin Tin movie appeals to Americans, but it´s actually a much beloved series in Europe. Since I´ve seen some animated movies and read the comics as a kid, I might check it out…

  24. @Shells
    she is :) but we must see if she can act :)

    on the small screen, Julie, on the small screen, which means your hubs will be hanging out in front of the TV on a weekly basis :)

    it is, if we forget the blasting sun, the deserts and the dingos :))) And your prime minister off course :Ppp

    TINTIN was mostly popular in Europe in the first half of the 20th century, it's not that popular now, but I'm guessing the popularity of the directors will make the film successful.

  25. Ice kinda reminds me of The Day After Tomorrow. But this looks like a movie, as long as I bring along a sweater! :)

  26. Sooo thrilled to see Tintin!! Love it as a kid and still read the comics from time to time even today.

    I'm curious about ICE, especially with that cast. Is it going to air in the US too, Dez?? Richard Roxburgh's been doing a bunch of stuff lately, wasn't he in Sanctum also? I really like Frances O'Connor, haven't seen her in anything lately.

  27. Oh, man! I forgot to go on that audition for Wonder Woman!!!!
    Oh well. Tanit looks better in a bathing suit and probably in the little outfit anyway. :)
    I do think they should go with a lesser known person like her for it.

  28. @Lisa
    it does sound similar, but this one is just a mini series :)

    I love Roxburgh, he was so great in MOULIN ROUGE and VAN HELSING and many other films. Yep, alongside Ioan Gruffudd.

    well, I told you you should audition but you never listen to your agent :(

  29. lol, there's nothing wrong with the dingos :P The rest, maybe ;)

  30. what???? Nothing wrong with dingos? Haven't you watched A CRY IN THE DARK??? :)))

  31. I think the Wonder Women series could be awesome and looking forward to that, but ICE, WOW, I have not heard about this until now, and thats defintely somethin I would watch. Thanks for the post

  32. there's definitely enough suspense in ICE for your taste, Dempsy ;)

  33. I absolutely love Tintin! Can't wait for the movie and the pictures make me want to read some now...

  34. ICE looks kinda cool, and I like the premise, though it just seems an extension of The Day After Tomorrow with little innovation on the story. Though I might be pleasantly surprised :)
    Tintin certainly looks impressive, though I never watched the original so I don't know what to make of it. A Spielberg/Jackson collab with that many talented voice actors has my vote though :)

  35. well, the topic is certainly similar, but the good part is that now it is set in our dear Europe :) Or, maybe it's not the good part since we're getting destroyed in the miniseries :)