Saturday, November 20, 2010


According to "Deadline" the casting for Zack Snyder's SUPERMAN reboot has officially begun, and beside Joe Manganiello, whom we've already mentioned as the possible candidate for the lead role, new names include two very striking young actors - Armie Hammer (THE SOCIAL NETWORK) and Ian Somerhalder (THE VAMPIRE DIARIES). According to all rumors, the director and the producers want some actor who is not hugely famous (from age 27 to 32) for SUPERMAN.

Today's main treat is the first picture of amazing Karl Urban as JUDGE DREDD. The picture shows him in the costume at a rehearsal. According to "MovieWeb" the shooting of the remake of the popular sf action flick has started last week in South Africa. You can check out the plot of the film in HOLLYWOOD SPY's previous post on JUDGE DREDD.

And don't forget to vote for HOLLYWOOD SPY in THE MOVIE 411 BLOG AWARDS by our dear Dempsey. If you click on the link you can vote for HOLLYWOOD SPY in the four categories I've been nominated by you gorgeous darlings :) - GOLD MOVIE BLOG, BEST DESIGN, BEST GOSSIP BLOG and SEXIEST MALE BLOGGER :)) You can vote till December 14th. You can also vote for our dear RaShelle, Alex and Jaccsy who are also in the final round in some of the categories.


  1. That guy looks like a little kid going as Judge Dredd for Halloween. Are you sure this isn't an outtake from the previous film because it looks so uninspired.

  2. oh, please, Jaccsy :). The image doesn't even show him clearly :) I'm sure you will like the costume once we get some better pics.

  3. PS, Jaccsy I voted for you in the categories you are nominated for Dempsey awards :)

  4. Thank you so much mate, you're just the most sweet sexy friend ;) I also have voted for you, let's wish the best for us ;)

  5. I hope you will like my performance at Dempsey's awards ceremony. I'm performing together with Lady Gaga ;) Since I probably won't win any of the awards, I figured I should at least steal the show with a smashing performance :P

  6. I went and looked up Zack's IMDB to see what he looked like. I can see him as Superman. I'm also looking forward to the other two hotties as well.

    I hope you guys win the blog awards!


  7. Best of luck in the blog awards. I've already stopped by and voted.

    Thoughts in Progress

  8. I voted in the catagories where I recognized the bloggers--namely you, Alex, and RaShelle. I even voted for you as the sexiest although you don't do that much for me--I like you for your mind. Now RaShelle is a different story--she's more my type than you are.
    Good luck! Looks like you are doing well in the votes so far--- now how much money was it that you receive if you win?

    Tossing It Out

  9. @Clarissa
    Clarissa, Zack, won't be the SUPERMAN, he will direct SUPERMAN :) But he really could fit the role himself :) Hope you've voted for us :)

    consider yourself hugged and kissed :)

    thanks, Alex. You're definitely winning the SF BLOG award.

  10. Dezmond and GaGa in matching meat costumes. I will be sure to watch.

    Tossing It Out

  11. @Masy
    thank you Masy dearest ;)

    oh, such compliments ... :)) I kinda fancy the idea of the sexiest blogger award meaning the mind not just the looks, because I definitely don't have the later, unlike our dear Shells, whom I did nominate because she is our beauty ^_^
    They're paying me nothing, except that they are paying for the costumes in which Lady Gaga and I will do a performance at the gala awards ceremony.

  12. @Arlee
    no, it's just leeks and tofu for this vegetarian ;) No meat for me.

  13. I could definitely see Ian as Superman. He's got those blue-ice eyes. Quite hot, IMO.

  14. Well, this post certainly brightened my day!
    Thanks. I'm on my way to vote.

  15. @Liz
    yep, those are some hypnotizing eyes :)

    thanks for voting for your HOLLYWOOD SPY, Mary ;)

  16. DEZMOND - Those are some gorgeous young guys.

    Thanks for the mention on the awards. Awesome, sexy friend that you are. Good luck!

  17. Dezmond, I voted for you! And it was fun to see a real picture of you instead of the cartoon :-)

    Oh, and I voted for Alex too. Awesome fun!

  18. Dezmond,
    I think you're going to win in all the categories you've entered! I also happened to vote for Alex C. just because you weren't competing w/ him in that category!

    Best of luck! :)

  19. Deem yourself voted for, Dezmond!

    Will be crossing fingers and toes for you - well, perhaps not toes - maybe arms instead ...

    Good luck :)

  20. I think Ian would be great as Superman actually, I like the idea, think he would need to beef up a little though, and I'm sure he was in Smallville for a while, I will have to check that.
    Congrats on all your nominations Dez, sincere best of luck to you, I love your news flashes on upcoming movie news and have great admiration for your blog

  21. I voted for you, in all categories~ Good Luck!

  22. As much as I like Ian Somerhalder in the Vampire Diaries he's really a much better villain, plus I can't picture him as Superman at all. I wish Warner Brothers would look at the obvious and just cast Tom Welling.

  23. Somerholder would make a pretty good superman, though it depends on which direction they'd want to go with the reboot.
    You've got my vote Dez, and by the looks of it you're going to take those awards by storm!

  24. Just voted for you, Dez. Good luck.

  25. @Shells
    I knew you would notice the guys :) I'm convinced you will win the award!

    thanks ,Juls, and I did post my pics many times before :) It's not like I'm hiding the real me :) Thank for voting for Alex as well!

    thanks, Lisa, both Alex and I thank you for giving us your votes :)

  26. @Wendy
    deem yourself kissed :) And yes, the Middle Earth Hobbits don't have flexible toes :)

    thanks, dear Dempsy, I know you went through hell counting all the nominations and I thank both you and our lovely Christian for giving so much effort into the whole thing. We miss your posts in your blog, so I hope you'll be back after the awards finish.

    thanks, Ella ;)

  27. @Answer
    I like Welling, but I'm not sure he would work as a Superman in the film. He is just and old face in that role, very much used and spent, and we need something more refreshing.

    yep, Ian, could be great in this role. And thanks for giving us some votes, standing ovations for Wales :)

    thanks, Michael, I knew I had a strong fan-base in Britain :))

  28. Thanks Dezmond, so nice really. Well now its down to the public vote I have some time back. Chritian also want me to let you know...well in his words 'ahhh i love that bloke' .. Woop Bro-mance x

  29. ah, he already knows I love him too ;)

  30. First let me say, congrats on your nomination and I hope you'll rake all of the awards :D

    Glad you agree that Welling should NOT be Superman. I think Ian is stunning, he certainly has the face of Supes, but not sure he's got the physique though. I think Superman should be at least 6'2".

  31. thanks, Flixy, hope you went over there and voted for me :)

    I'm not watching THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, but I believe Ian looks bigger and more muscly in it than he did before. I still want Patrick Wilson or Ryan McPartlin in the role :)

  32. At least with Urban in the role, we can hopefully expect a bit more seriousness (without being wooden, that is). Oh, and I voted for you and Alex, since you both have awesome sites. Good luck.

  33. thanks for voting for both Alex and me, Eric :) We shall mention you at the stage if we get an award :P