Friday, November 12, 2010


Back in April, HOLLYWOOD SPY informed you that a Japanese sci-fi war novel ALL YOU NEED IS KILL will be made into a Warner Brothers film.  The latest news say the main role has been offered to Ryan Gosling. This will be a futuristic, alien invasion story about a soldier who is
killed in action when forced to battle a vicious alien species. He returns at the start of every day to relive this fate for eternity. In the process, he becomes a great warrior and discovers that he may be able to change his destiny as well as the course of war.

One of the most famous movie producers of all times Dino de Laurentiis has died yesterday at the age of 91. Since I've always loved spectacular epics and huge movies with stunning visuals and magnificent adventures,  back as a kid I always liked seeing his name at the beginning of a film because it promised great fun and luxurious movies. Some of the films he produced include DUNE, CONAN THE BARBARIAN, BARBARELLA, KING KONG...

Here's a lovely excuse to post a pic of super gorgeous Elizabeth Banks (the queen of the red carpet if I may add) for all my guys: she will join Chris Pine in WELCOME TO PEOPLE, a film which already sounds a bit boring - it follows  a struggling man in his 20's who returns home to LA for the funeral of his estranged record producer father and discovers that the will stipulates he must deliver $150,000 in cash to a 30 year old alcoholic sister he never knew existed and her troubled 12 year old son. Banks will be the alcoholic sister.

Since wizards are so popular these days, Hollywood doesn't want us to watch MERLIN only in the popular BBC's show with Collin Morgan and in the upcoming Starz's CAMELOT show, so we will be watching the wise wizard in a new film by Working Title as well, and the only thing which we know so far is that it will be a contemporary take on the legendary magician that will bring MERLIN into a modern setting.


  1. I love movies that repeat time over and over. So I will be watching for it.
    Have a great weekend, Dez.

  2. I already saw Merlin in a recent big screen movie. He appeared in the opening scene of Sorcerer's Apprentice.

  3. ugh. i have movies that repeat over and over again... i STILL haven't been able to make it through the entirety of groundhog's day...

    ooh! and don't forget the disney channel has come up with some modern day camelot show as well. bandwagon overload! :)

  4. All you need is Kill was a great read. I hope they don't screw it up.

  5. So All You Need is Kill is like a science fiction Groundhog Day?
    And saw that DeLaurentis had died at age 91. He had a long - and interesting - career.

  6. All You Need to Kill does not sound like it will have the humor and charm of Groundhog Day, which was a great film--I love that movie. The space version sounds annoying.
    I recall when DeLaurentis opened his studios in North Carolina. I had friends who appeared in some of those movies and the company I used to work for occasionally provided costuming for them. Some of the scenes in King Kong were filmed not far from where my mother lives in Tennessee. One of my former insurance agents had an extra part as a soldier in that film.

    Tossing It Out

  7. If it's possible Ryan Gosling just keeps getting more and more handsome!

  8. @Clarissa
    hope you'll have a nice weekend too ;)

    I saw it too, and didn't like it :) But I do adore BBC's Merlin portrayed by Collin Morgan

    I'm glad at least somebody has noticed her :))

    oh, I haven't heard of that Disney's new show :)Is it worth checking out?

  9. @Budd
    you've read the book?

    I must admit I've never watched GROUNDHOG DAY, nor heard of it.

    wow, you really have a lot of connections with Laurentiis! It all sounds very interesting.

    I actually noticed the very same thing about him last time I mentioned him in one of the posts :) He really keeps looking better.

  10. i had to go look it up. guess it's a made for tv movie and it premiers tonight. looks pretty silly, but my kids are excited about it. here's the trailer...

  11. I'm not sure but I think I've seen the add for that movie. Sometimes, while I'm drinking my black tea in the morning in front of the telly, I watch a few minutes of Hanna Montana on Disney since there's nothing else on TV at that time :)))

  12. Completely off topic, but it's funny that you chose that picture to illustrate your thoughts on the upcoming Merlin. I used to know the woman (Sue Dawe) who drew it. What made you choose that particular picture?

  13. that was the only interesting one I managed to find, Lil'Vics :) I thought there would be more Merlin's at Google but there weren't :(

  14. Cool. Geez, with the number of times they've told the story, I'd think there would be oodles to choose from on Google, too. But I'm glad you posted this one. Makes me all nostalgic.

  15. It happen to me with Cleopatra as well, Lil'Vics. Back when I was writing a post on her I thought I would find an abundance of amazing Cleopatra pics over at Google, but I didn't :(

    Glad this one has reminded you on the good old past :)

  16. This sound great; Ryan can do it! I'm glad to see him in this type of role!

    Welcome to the People has a lot of potential!
    I love films with a reality edge~

  17. I agree, Ella, that Ryan deserves a bigger leading role, so this might be it.

  18. All you need is kill sounds pretty good, and I'm game for any Merlin movie you care to throw at me. I wonder if they'll go with the BBC's approach and have Merlin as a young man, or go with the traditional bearded wizard look?

  19. well, since it's American film, I'm not expecting much creativity around Merlin :)