Saturday, November 6, 2010


I've already wrote about  RETREAT, the exciting new thriller with an amazing cast which is currently in production to be released next year, but now, thanks to Ted, HOLLYWOOD SPY has a cool concept art poster for the film and the first pictures from the shooting.
Here's the story: In a last-ditch attempt to save their faltering marriage, a professional couple Martin (Cillian Murphy) and Kate Badenoch (Thandie Newton) retreat to a beautiful, yet remote and unpopulated island of Dinnish in Great Britain. A place where they once shared a romantic holiday – an island that holds fond memories of happier times.
It is Autumn. The rocky, barren moors are blown by freezing winds, and the generator and radio communication in the couple’s cottage are failing. Relationships are already tense, and anxieties are pushed higher when they lose all contact with the mainland, and find themselves inexplicably stranded and cut off.
After a huge storm, a stranger (Jamie Bell) is washed up on the shore. He has frightening news of cataclysmic events happening in the world outside. But who is this volatile, charismatic American dressed in uniform and carrying a gun. Is he telling the truth? Slowly, the couple become unwitting players in a ménage-a-trois.
In a series of tense twists the captive couple uses all their ingenuity to outwit the stranger and unravel the truth. But is the truth what they really want to hear? Loyalties divide and merge, paranoia runs high and conflicts bubble to the surface resulting in a violent and shocking conclusion.

HOLLYWOOD SPY has received around 30 awards from fellow bloggers so far (the latest one from the kind gentleman Lee at TOSSING IT OUT) and beside saying a big THANKS to all of you who awarded your spy since 2009, I wanted to remind you that HOLLYWOOD SPY has his own special award ceremony each January so you can all expect a special honour and some love from me then ;)


  1. I think the studio got sold by the idea. But the treatment will matter a lot for the triumph of this film. It will be a psychological thriller with a lot of twists and wasted time.

  2. it will, Jacssy, can't wait to see the first trailer :)

  3. I like the sound of this. Cillian Murphy has failed to do wrong by me so far, so I'll be interested to see how this turns out.

    Congrats on receiving all those awards, Dez!

  4. Thanks for the mention Dezz! But I am only an amatuer compared to you...You do such a great job! Here's another still of Jamie in RETREAT


  5. YOu have a special awards ceremony? How cool is that! It's like the Academy Awards! Can't wait.


  6. The Retreat sounds like a movie that I might like--sounds like some potential apocalyptic overtones there.

    Tossing It Out

  7. @Jamie
    yes, yes, Cillian just can't do any wrong :) and thanks ;)

    glad you liked the post, Ted ;)

    it really is like the academy awards :))

    yes, and throughout the film you don't know whether the apocalypse is real or not :)

  8. I'm liking this idea about someone telling the couple about cataclysmic events that may/may not me true.

  9. Yep, Lisa, it's great because it's very psychological :)

  10. Cillain is such a hunk ha ha, I will watch this definately, like the cast and premise.

  11. well, he definitely wasn't a hunk in BREAKFAST ON PLUTO :)) but I get what you mean and agree with you ;)

  12. DEZMOND - Seems like it'll be an intense film. Love the name, Thandie.

  13. I know you like pretty names, Shells :) What are the names of your kids?

  14. Just popping in to say hi.

    As I live a rather sheltered life and don't get out much, I never know quite what to say - Middle Earth being what it is an all ...

    I do read your posts though :)

  15. Hey, Wendy it's good to hear from Middle Earth :) I'm glad the Orcs didn't take over your realm ;)

  16. Oooh, the cast alone sold me on this one. Both Cillian and Jamie are such tremendous actors who are much more talented than today's biggest movie stars (y'know who they are). This looks intense... and something that'd really utilize the acting talent of the people involved.

  17. yep, the cast is amazing, and plus there's Thandie as well, she is also a great actress. And, Flixy, you know I will totally agree with you on the fact that the biggest stars are usually the least talented ones :(