Tuesday, November 23, 2010


The time has come to pronounce HOLLYWOOD SPY'S FAVOURITE CHRIS among the actors, and as expected it's Christian Bale (34%), who stole the victory by just three votes more from Chris Evans (32%).  Young Chris Colfer took the third place with 16% of your votes.
I'm sure you will agree with me that Christian Bale is one of those actors who have both charisma and the profound acting talent. He's one of the few actors who can do a breathtaking, groundbreaking dramatic performance (THE MACHINIST, I'M NOT THERE, THE NEW WORLD),  and then show of his muscles in some action packed blockbuster (REIGN OF FIRE, EQUILIBRIUM,  THE DARK KNIGHT, TERMINATOR SALVATION) without ruining his integrity. Most people still remember him as AMERICAN PSYCHO but his best
achievement probably is his first role, played when he was yet a small small kid in Steven Spielberg's legendary war drama EMPIRE OF THE SUN. People often forget that he is actually British, which just explains his acting talent :) Did you know that he was supposed to play Leo De Caprio's role in TITANIC but didn't get it because the producers didn't want a British actor beside Kate Winslet? Believe it or not, he was never, I repeat NEVER, nominated for an Oscar nor for a Golden Globe!!! Not even for THE MACHINIST in which he lost 63 pounds giving the most tremendous performance.
Chris Evans is officially the most attractive man in Hollywood. He is always charming and likable in his roles. Having the flawless body sometimes really is a burden for him since people tend to forget he's a good actor as well (LONDON, THE LOSS OF A TEARDROP DIAMOND, THE NANNY DIARIES). But action films really are his trade mark (THE FANTASTIC FOUR, PUSH, CELLULAR, SUNSHINE), and he's the new CAPTAIN AMERICA (did you know that he will get just $300,000 for that role?). He played together with Jessica Biel two times (CELLULAR, LONDON) and she was his real girlfriend as well before she left him for Justin Timberlake. He's the worlds hunkiest vegetarian :)

Now, since we've voted out our favourite Chris, let's see who would be your favourite Cat :) Since Catwoman might and might not appear in the DARK KNIGHT RISES and since she might or might not get her new separate film, whom would you like to see in the role? Who would be THE BEST CATWOMAN? Here are some purrrrrfect actresses which posses some feline magic about them: Salma Hayek, Nicole Scherzinger, Charlize Theron, Blake Lively, Ashley Judd, Eva Longoria, Vanessa Marcil and Olivia Wilde. And don't tell me some of them are too old for the role because the years just make them more purrrfect. You can vote as much as you like next two weeks. This is just part one, part two will come in December ;)


  1. Actually, he's Welsh ;)
    I'm glad Bale won the poll, I have yet to see him in a dud movie. I'm looking forward to The Dark Knight Rises too :)

  2. Bale - Totally agree. Great actor. American Psycho...hmm...I'd read the book so the film was a bit of a letdown. Saying that, they couldn't have made a film exactly like the book due to the content BUT Bale was great!

    Catwoman...Jessica Alba, for obvious reasons in the black spandex! ;-)

  3. @Jamie
    Actually he's English, but he was just born in Wales, Jamie :P

    You should watch him in THE MACHINIST as well.
    Jessica Alba may and may not appear in the second part of the poll :)

  4. Woo hoo! Justice is served :D Sorry but the rest of the Chris-es don't hold a candle to this guy. I like what you said about him, Dez... he's definitely got charisma and immense talent... and obviously he's nice eye candy :D I adore that first photo of him in the wool vest. Man, he dresses well, too!

  5. Your poles are just an excuse to put up hot pics aren't they? ;)

  6. Dez, how many times do I have to tell you - stop overlooking me for Catwoman! Gender is such a petty thing, we all know I've got the curves to make it work. And looks... I mean come on, really, no debate necessary.

    Oh and for my vote I'm going with Theron (Hayek as a 2nd) because out of all the actresses I think they have the best chance of going toe to toe with the likes of Bale, Freeman, and Caine.

  7. DEZMOND - I didn't vote for Christian Bale, only because he was the obvious choice. He's a hottie. =D As for the part of catwoman - of the pics in your sidebar, Nicole looks like catwoman, only problem is, she can't act. Olivia can - so HER.

  8. @Flixy
    you always like what I say, daHling :) And I knew you would like him in some GQ shoot, so I've put those up for you :)

    like I need an excuse for that :PPP

    send me your pic in a black spandex suit and I promise I will put you in the second part of the CATWOMAN poll. I promise!

    how do you know Pussycat Nicole can't act? :) I actually believe she has a tremendous acting talent because she has the natural charisma and just radiates with some deep magic. Just watch any of her videos and you will see. I think Hollywood is the next step for her. Olivia is also super lovely :)

  9. Good for Bale, sad he hasn't won, before! Mmh, I would like to see, Salma Hayek. Nicole could do it, too~

  10. yep, Bale's victory here at HOLLYWOOD SPY is his first step towards an Oscar, mark my words :))

  11. Charlize Theron gets my vote for Catwoman. I'd gladly lick some milk with her any day.

  12. Hard decision on your new poll, will have to think this one over before I vote.

  13. Christian Bale was amazing in The Machinist. Anyone who loses 63 pounds for a movie role definitely deserves some nominations!

  14. Nice poll! Catwoman choices! Many people are going to pick Nicole S. because of the HOTT pic you put of her, but no one can speak to her acting. Olivia Wilde better not win...I'm honestly not a fan of seeing her as much as we've been forced to lately (Tron, Cowboys and Aliens, The Next Three Days, House M.D.). Selma has the body for it, but can't really see her as a blonde. Charlize is a blonde, but Blake Lively fits it more. The others...well, at least they're hott. Blake it is for me! nice poll, Dez.

  15. And where's Rach? Why she wasn't included on your polling?

  16. @Myra
    please do tell us all the things you would do with Charlize, No need to be shy :)))

    indeed you must, this is an issue of utter importance for the well being of the whole universe :)))

    he indeed was. The film itself didn't deserve such an amazing actor and such physical sacrifice, but that's not Bale's but the director's fault.

  17. @Scarlet
    glad you like the poll :) Well, who says that the Catwoman has to be blond? :) I believe the hair colour isn't important but the feline appearance and alluring charms and all of these girls have that. I'm not overly amazed by Olivia so far, but she does have a certain beauty about her. Blake is the new IT GIRL in Hollywood :)

    ah, dear Jaccsy please read the above post again. I said that this is just the part one of the poll. Weisz will appear in the second part later in December alongside some other mega gorgeous ladies :)