Monday, November 8, 2010


HOLLYWOOD SPY has already written about TRUE BLOOD'S hunk Joe Manganiello being a possible new SUPERMAN in Zack Snyder's reboot of the superhero movie,but the rumors are circling again. And Manganiello is not making it any easier to clear the mystery since he used ambiguous quotation marks in his recent Tweet about the whole story: Just to be clear... as of today,
I am not "negotiating" to play Superman ...but keep your fingers crossed and thanks for the wishful thinking!
There were also rumors that either Brandon Routh or Tom Welling could take the role as well, but Snyder did say the film will be a new take on the story so he might go for new actors as well.

Ah, that Scarlett Johansson is really busy: not only that she might get the lead role in PRIDE AND PREJUDICE AND ZOMBIES and that she is now in final talks to star in WE BOUGHT A ZOO, she will also take a pretty ridiculous role in UNDER THE SKIN,  a sci-fi film about an alien disguised in the form of a mesmerizing woman who uses her voracious sexuality to hunt for human prey, but then finds herself on a collision course with her own kind when she becomes drawn to the complexity of life on earth.

Disney is going to do a film adaptation of the comic book COWBOY NINJA VIKING,  in which the lead hero  is the
creation of  a psychotherapist who recruits Multiple Personality Disorder patients to produce a unit of counter-intelligence agents called Triplets. But when those guys become out of control assassins he must call the deadliest Triplet of them all - COWBOY NINJA VIKING -  to take down his own brethren.

The plot for the upcoming reboot of JUDGE DREDD with Karl Urban has been revealed: the main characters are Judge Cassandra Anderson and Judge Dredd.
Anderson is a psychic Judge on a ride-along with Dredd and she is trying to prove herself  worthy of being a Mega City One Judge. The main villain is a drug pusher name Ma-Ma Clang, who pushes a new drug called Slo-Mo that slows down time for the user. He works out of a complex called Peach Trees where  the Judges will find themselves locked in, with Ma-Ma Clang ordering their death.The sad, sad, sad news is that according to the script Dredd never takes his helmet off during the film, which means we won't see any of Karl Urban's face.


  1. I don’t like Manganiello. He looks more like a villain. Too rude. Maybe if they make him bald he'll become a perfect Lex Luthor :)

  2. Ref: Judge Dredd

    Are you serious? They aren't going to show his face? That's asinine!

  3. @Jaccsy
    :))) he isn't that villainish when you watch him in films. I've seen him in some TV shows and he is really likable and has a very warm look in his eyes. But when you mention Luthor, it would interesting seeing who would play him if he gets in the film :)

    it is a crime, Maria, what can I tell you :(

  4. I had thought P & P & Zombies was already cast and in production to be released early 2011. If they wait much longer people might be all zombied out. Or actually we may already be zombies.

    Tossing It Out

  5. What's the point of having a cute actor if you never see his face? Well, I'm not sure I want to see the movie P&P because it might ruin the original for me but I'm interested as to who will play the new Superman.

  6. Scarlett is one of the most beautiful women alive. today. I love her milky white skin. Champaigne glass between her toes, well, it just doesn't get any beter than that!

  7. Damn! I had to get a closer look at Joe! Dude, I would run a muck just to sniff his boxers! Saying I would drink his bath water is an understatement! I would be on the 12o'clock news for doing the most asinine stuff just to lick his eyeball sweat!

  8. For a second I thought I saw Keith instead of Karl Urban & thought, huh? :)

    Am really looking forward to the seeing a movie made of Pride & Prejudice & Zombies! But Arlee's right, everything is becoming zombified on TV & the big screen.

  9. Whoa, nice photo of Joe! Go Joe! And yes, his character was extremely likable in True Blood. I'm wondering though if he has the charisma for Superman. But he certainly has the body for it!

  10. Scarlett Johanson, oh so fine. . .
    Glad to hear they are doing a new Judge Dredd.

  11. Oh my god, you have no idea how happy this post made me BECAUSE: a few years ago, I read the book that Under the Skin is based off of, and I could never remember the title! It was a totally bizarre read, but I'm glad to know the title now. :)

    Also, please put a picture of Joe on your blog every day. Thanks. :)

  12. No offense to this Joe fellow but I hope they go with someone else for Supes.

    Thanks for that pic of Mr. Urban, Dez... I'm with you and Maria, it's criminal that they won't show his face :( I understand why they won't but still, that face is meant to be shown!!

  13. Yay for ScarJo! She is freaking gorgeous! Not too sure about Cowboy Ninja Viking...sounds... werid. And depending on where they take the Superman film, it would be pretty interesting to see Tom Welling as him. I'm only on season 2 of Smallville, but it's pretty good so far. Ohhh the potential. But I bet they are going to get someone completely new.

  14. I am a huge True Blood fan, so I'd like to see Joe Manganiello be the new Superman. I think he could pull it off nicely. (Although, I'm a little irritated that they photoshopped his face onto my body up there. Ha!)

  15. @Arlee
    how do you know we are not zombies already? :))

    kill me if I know, Clarissa, we wanna see Urban's face!

    indeed she is, too bad her acting doesn't match her beauty

  16. @Falen
    now, no need to be so shy, Falsy, please do tell us openly what you would do to him :))))))

    ah, yes, we are witnessing the total zombification and vampirication of the universe :(

    I knew ladies would like the pic ;)))

  17. @Budd
    yep, no dread when the new Dredd is coming up :)

    glad to be of help :) And you have similarly naked pics of Joe in some of my previous posts :)

    he really is a unique character, isn't he?

  18. @Flixy
    and by someone else we mean Gerry Butler :P We should sign some petition for Karl Urban, are you with me?

    yep, I'm for someone new as well. I do like Welling, but he did his business and now it's time for someone else. Glad you liked ScarJo's pic :)

    naughty devils, how could they do such a thing? Stealing your body? Crime, I say, crime!

  19. I have one thing to say...Joe's abs have to be photoshopped. No one is that yum.

  20. I've once seen a programme on the things models do right before the photo shooting in order not to look bloated and it was really amazing and shocking at the same time :) I'm guessing it's easier scoring perfection with the help of Photoshop, although I'm almost sure Joe really looks like this :)

  21. Hum....Never gave True Blood a shot.

    Cowboy, Ninja, not?

    Like Karl Urban:)

  22. I have seriously been working too hard. Both that S. Johannsen alien plotline and CNJ plotline were too much for my little pea brain... LOL! :D Wha???

    And Alcide for Superman? He's got the look, imo~ ;p

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  24. @Mary
    it does a bit :)

    I watched a few episodes but couldn't quite stand Anna Paquin's dreadful and horrible acting.

    I knew you would like the possible new Superman :)

    @Cheap Cars
    sure, if you give me one of those cheap cars :))

  25. I'm really looking forward to Judge Dredd. Script sounds good, except that part about his helmet staying on the whole time. I hope that's not true. Otherwise it would be a real shame. :(

    It could be a form of sucking up to Judge Dredd fans. Those are mostly the same fans Batman, Punisher, and other tough guy antihero/hero characters have. Best not to discuss such fans.

  26. It really would be an unforgivable shame :(
    And yes, we better not wave the red flag in front of fanboys who will probably destroy cinema sooner or later :(

  27. I love the idea of Cowboy Ninja Viking, I'm looking forward to seeing that :)
    A snyder reboot of Superman gets the thumbs up from me, and I hope he chooses new actors too.

  28. I knew someone would like COWBOY NINJA VIKING ;)