Monday, November 29, 2010


For all my dear ladies, here are great new pictures of Wentworth Miller (HOLLYWOOD SPY'S best TV hunk) in the television commercial for Chevrolet Cruze. Beside shooting adds, Wentworth Miller is active in the writing department as well. You already know that he has studied English language and literature at college, and currently one of his screenplays, STOKER, is in preproduction over at Fox. To be directed by Asian director Park Chan Wook (OLD BOY, SYMPATHY FOR LADY VENGEANCE, THIRST) the film will follow a girl named India whose father mysteriously dies and then her estranged uncle comes to live with her and her mother, which is when people start to go missing in her hometown and India discovers that her uncle may be the cause.
Wentworth Miller might also appear in MARY MOTHER OF CHRIST, a historical drama in which he or Jonathan Rhys Meyers might portray the dual role of Gabriel and Lucifer beside Camila Belle as Mary, Al Pacino as Herod and Peter O'Toole as Symeon. It will be a dramatic rendering of the key events in Mary's life leading up to the birth of Jesus and the holy family's journey from Egypt to Nazareth following the death of King Herod. Julia Ormond and Jessica Langue are also among the possible cast members.
Next year, Wentworth Miller will also join Dermot Mulroney in a highly unusual historical thriller THE MOURNING PORTRAIT set in the 1920's in Appalachia, where a mysterious traveler rides into a small town advertising his services as a photographer of the dead. He immortalizes the recently deceased wife of a local bootlegger but the locals grow suspicious of the photographer’s macabre demeanor and other-worldly life force especially after the bootlegger's daughter disappears.

To end the boring Monday, here are two new pictures from next year's epic television series GAME OF THRONES which will premiere on HBO in spring. The first one shows Sansa played by Sophie Turner while the other one shows Ned played by Sean Bean. HOLLYWOOD SPY will show you the new TV spot for the epic show tomorrow.


  1. You can't wonder how boring this monday is :)) But I'm really glad that finally I found a hopeful Singaporean movie project called "Spirit of Fight" :)

  2. Multi-talented! Sounds like he's got a busy year ahead.

  3. Looks to me like they're going to go simple on the Direwolves (mythical wolves found early in the first book - here one of them pictured next to Sansa) to make lives easier on them. As the books progress the Direwolves grow well beyond the height of average wolves, almost reaching human height. Unless the directors intend to go the way of camera trickery, that'll be a challenge for them (especially once they get into the third book with dragons, mammoths, and other creatures coming to life)

  4. @JACCSY
    I'm also glad I've read something on some Singapore project over at your place, Jaccsy ;)

    yep, too bad he didn't get the Spartacus role as well :(

    maybe this one's just a little puppy :)

  5. is it boring Monday? I guess you're right. Although I think we're all supposed to be shopping right now...

    That Mary looks like it's scandal baiting, but I like it! :D

  6. jiminey, game of thrones looks so good! too bad it's on hbo! :)
    and miller is SO talented! wow!
    and the Mary movie sounds like it will have an excellent cast! :)
    great news scrounging for a "boring" monday! :)

  7. @Dez Oh they are puppies in the first book. The picture with Sansa and her's is a bit ominous (and judging by the next one I'm wondering if that's supposed to be Arya in the background or not which could mean they're both part of the same section of the book). Won't give anything away though.

    Oh and Dez I know a couple of Game of Thrones trailers went up this weekend - in case you were curious (one another teaser/behind the scenes, the other a proper trailer)

  8. Glad to see how Wentworth's career is progressing. He's a very talented actor & I'd forgotten that he was also a writer.

  9. This guy's busy. The Mourning Portrait has the concept that sounds the most interesting to me.

    Tossing It Out

  10. I too thought the wolf seemed a bit small.

  11. Interesting how so many shows continue to pop up that center around the middle ages, knights, dragons, swordfighting!! I love it! And the actors involved in the projects! Thanks for the info Dez!

  12. @Lisa
    yes, he really is talented and charismatic. Hope Hollywood will recognize that :(

    I thought you were gonna like that one :)

    I'm guessing they didn't want to go CGI with the beasts.

    it's all because of the success of THE TUDORS! Glad you liked the info.

  13. @Leigh
    well, shopping is reserved only for you lucky ones who can enjoy sales in USA :p

    hey, Vics, missed ya over tha weekend :) How's tha family? Job? Book? Kids?

    yep, I know about the trailers. I've published both teasers earlier this year. But I generally don't do behind the scenes ones, although that one was also great. The new, long trailer was released just today and will publish it tomorrow. And yes, that is little Arya.

  14. my kids are fine as well, I mean my penguins off course :)

  15. In The Mourning Portrait, Wentworth is actually portraying the villianeous photographer and not the new widower. Just an FYI

  16. The Mourning Portrait sounds fascinating.

    I haven't watched any of Miller's shows, but I've seen him in a movie or two.

  17. Same Here ! I also didn't watch any show of Miller's but watched movies of him. He is very good actor.

  18. Mary Mother of Christ sounds cool.

    Game of Thrones looks and sounds like something I would like. I usually have to wait for the dvd release because of my hectic schedule.

  19. The period drama genre is certainly alive and thriving in Hollywood. I've never seen Miller in anything so maybe I'll check him out in Mary Mother of Christ.

  20. I love Wentworth as an actor. I can't imagine him in a period drama though.


  21. @})!({
    yes, I know, but the above post doesn't mention at all which role Wenty will take of the two described ;) Anyhow, I can't wait to see him in it.

    it does sound like an intriguing story. There are some teasers at YouTube if you want to check them out.

    @Watch Movie
    he is indeed.

  22. @Avalon
    yes, Avalon, it will be our new LEGEND OF THE SEEKER :) Our weekly dose of fantasy :)

    you haven't seen DINOTOPIA, back when we were younger?

    I can't either, but I also can't wait to see him in such a new setting :)

  23. Mary Mother of Christ sounds very interesting, especially if the same actor is playing both Lucifer and Gabriel. I'm getting ever more excited about Game of Thrones too!

  24. it could be, I'm only a bit skeptic about Camila's acting skills, but I will give her a benefit of the doubt.

  25. I have absolutely no idea what Dinotopia is but it probably wasn't playing in my home country when I was younger. He must be a toddler then as I'm older than that guy?

  26. A toddler?!? Flixy, Wenty is much much older than me :) I think he is close to his 40's which is quite shocking since he looks like a boy.

    DINOTOPIA was a great mini-series back from the late 90's or early 2000's I'm not totally sure. It was about two brothers who end up in a world inhabited by talking Dinosaurs :)

  27. I cant tell you how much I love Wentworth, loved him in prison break, loved him in resident evil, and love him on that poster i have displaying in my house lol

  28. I also love that poster you're hiding in your bathroom :PP
    And HOLLYWOOD SPY loves all the ways you love our dear Wenty :)
    I also loved him in HUMAN STAIN, in DINOTOPIA, in all the fashion commercials and adds he did ...

  29. Thanks for sending the link again Dezzy. WOW, Miller is almost 40?!? Man, that dude ages VERY well.