Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Hollywood is crazy, but we knew that already, didn't we? I  mean for months they give us just a few good trailers and then they release a mass of new ones in just one day: yesterday you've seen the GREEN LANTERN trailer, and now prepare for three new ones:
I've written before about the upcoming fantasy horror RED RIDING HOOD, in which Amanda Seyfried plays a beautiful young girl who decides to run away from her village with a boy she loves because her parents want her to marry someone else. But there's a little problem: a werewolf prowls the dark forest surrounding their village. The people of the village have to seek help from a famed werewolf hunter (Gary Oldman) , and he warns them that the wolf, who takes human form by day, could be any one of them. As the death toll rises with each moon, the girl  begins to suspect that the werewolf could be someone she loves. The film also stars Virginia Madsen and Julie Christie, and you can check out the first breathtaking trailer:

Earlier this week HOLLYWOOD SPY wrote about the upcoming COWBOYS AND ALIENS film set in the Wild West in which the cowboys have to join Apache warriors and outlaws in order to fight against aliens who came right from the sky and started abducting innocent people from their desert town. Coming out next summer, this unusual mix of cowboy and alien movies stars Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford, Olivia Wilde, Keith Caradine ...

I've also written about YOUR HIGHNESS before, and you seemed to like the medieval comedy which will be released next April starring: James Franco, Damian Lewis, Justin Theroux, Natalie Portman, Zooey Deschanel and Danny McBride. You can now check out the first fun and naughty trailer.


  1. You have the most interesting trailers. Little Red looks intriguing.

    Thoughts in Progress

  2. I agree, Masy, RED RIDING HOOD looks absolutely stunning, especially the scenes with her floating red hood :) I think it could be a smash hit next year.

  3. Funny!

    I love the way they turned Red Ridinghood into Another Twilight! Amazing!

    Love the Cowboys and Aliens.


  4. glad you like the trailers, Clarissa ;)

  5. ...'Lil Red's come a long way! That trailer's a guaranteed box office draw:)

  6. OMG.. Natalie Portman has sucked my breath away.. Help me!! :)) She's so damn hawt there!! I can't even get my eyes off her... you know what. :)))

  7. Red Riding Hood looks pretty damned good. I doubt I will be taking my kids.

  8. @Jaccsy
    Natalie does look pretty in the trailer, but unfortunately, she has the most artificial and the most horrible British accent I've ever heard in my life. She kinda sounds like a female Keanu Reeves :)

    yep, this one's definitely not for kidos :)

  9. Red Riding Hood looks too much like Twilight-- no thank you.

    Cowboys and Aliens looks like a movie that I would enjoy--I'm ready for that one.

    Your Highness looks like it had a lot of humor potential that will be spoiled by excessive profanity and crudity. If the preview is just a sampling of what is to be expected then I'll probably skip this one. But what potential it could have had--it put me in mind of Monty Python until they got to M**F**er and it was downhill after that. Why do scriptwriters and filmmakers think saying the word s**t is funnier than something more creative and literate.

    Tossing It Out

  10. oh my holy cow dezmond, I have missed seeing all the great stuff you always write about! I have been off the internet for a bit but is so nice to be back! I love the trailers on little red ridding hood and cowboys and aliens. i can't wait to see them,I wish I could see the Your highness one, but it seems to be off the site. As always I love your blog, it is one of my very favorites, and it is a treat to check it out, and what a great treat this time!! =0)

  11. Can't watch the trailers yet because I'm in class but looking forward to checking them out. I posted Cowboys and Aliens yesterday, and it looks awesome.

  12. omg--RRH looks FANTASTIC! woo! And I just had no idea what to think about that Cowboys & Aliens last time you covered it. Now it looks crazy, awesome, wow! Must see these--thanks, Dez~ :o)

  13. @Arlee
    I fully and totally agree with you on YOUR HIGHNESS and the part when it goes downhill. Everything you said is true.

    hey, Debbs, nice to see you back after a long time. Hope everything's fine with you and teh family. I'm glad you enjoy your visits to HOLLYWOOD SPY :)

    you should share HOLLYWOOD SPY with the teachers in the class :)

    glad you like it, Leigh :)

  14. It's a trailer bonanza! Love the first two (especially cowboys, although I feel like I've seen the whole movie after watching the trailer). But I can't watch the last trailer (prob coz I'm in the wrong country or something -- it's been blocked "on copyright grounds")

  15. I've put the new trailer for YOUR HIGHNESS, try again, Lyndylove :) The previous one was taken of YouTube :)

  16. Your Hinghness has potential, but I'm with Arlee. If they took out the crass humour, it would be far better.

  17. As said above, I'm with you sister Lyndy and with brother Lee :)

  18. Red Riding Hood released in time for many spring breaks! Will be big w/ the Twilight crowd. Gotta admit the red hood against the snow looks stunning.

  19. Nice...those all look much better than I thought they would. Thanks for sharing these.

  20. Thanks for sharing these. Little Red Riding Hood looks very creepy - my favorite kind of movie!

  21. I am very excited for Red Riding Hood and Cowboys and Aliens! Your Highness doesn't do much for me. Oh man, I can't wait for RRH though! Were you able to check out "TrailerTimeThursday!" this week?

  22. Cowboys & Aliens looks awesome... I wasn't that interested in it but after seeing the trailer, whoah! RRH looks too Twilight-ish for my liking... but like the comment above, it probably will be popular with the Twi-hards. I'm with Scarlet about Your Highness... pass.

  23. Little Red looks like it rocks! Love the red cape against the snow!

  24. @Lisa and Flixy
    I see the connection with TWILIGHT, but I think this one will attract new audience as well. Me, for example. I can't stand TWILIGHT, but RED RIDING HOOD looks inviting and interesting to me. Probably because of the historical setting and the amazing visuals.

    hey, Okie, long time no see, how have you been doing? :)

  25. @Susan
    glad you like it, Susan, and welcome to HOLLYWOOD SPY :)Hope we will be seeing you here often.

    I've seen your trailer post yesterday but didn't have the time to comment, I'll do it this evening :)

    me likey the red cape too :)