Tuesday, November 9, 2010


You all said this was the most difficult poll ever, but we did manage to choose THE BEST LIVING ACTRESS. And it is no one else but Cate Blanchett who won 44% of your votes. I thought Meryl Streep would be your favourite, but she took second place with 24% of votes. Judi Dench (bow immediately) was third (22%) leaving Kate Winslet in the fourth place (9%).

Cate Blanchett  truly is the best actress of all times. There isn't a single role of hers which wasn't legendary, flawless, breathtaking, stunning, ground breaking, mind blowing, magnificent, profound, intelligent ... not a single one. She is just like Meryl Streep - a category of her own, with whom no one else can compete. Even her weakest performance is better deserving of an Oscar than any other performance of any other actress.  She also possesses an otherworldly, refined and mesmerizing beauty which radiates from deep within. Her best role would be the one from ELIZABETH THE GOLDEN AGE, in which she gave a masterclass in acting, shining in every possible scene in the outstanding epic. She didn't play, but she WAS an elven queen in THE LORD OF THE RINGS. And don't forget her hypnotizing voice while she narrated the story in that epic. She out staged Brad Pitt in THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON
(and wasn't even nominated for an Oscar).   She did what no other actress did - played a man, and played him for real not as a parody in I'M NOT THERE. She was the most perfect Katharine Hepburn in THE AVIATOR. She was so stunningly flawless in CHARLOTTE GRAY, VERONICA GUERIN, THE GIFT. She was the hottest feme fatale in BANDITS. She stole the show in THE TALENTED MR. RIPLEY. She had the most perfect accent in THE GOOD GERMAN. She stole the show again from Brad Pitt in BABEL. She was an action hero in THE MISSING and INDIANA JONES.  And you fell in love with her in NOTES ON A SCANDAL in which she had the most amazing chemistry with her royal majesty Judi Dench (bow immediately). She also stole the show in ROBIN HOOD. We will be watching her in THE HOBBIT, HANNA and THE INDIAN SUMMER.
And beside all these legendary roles in which she always has a new face, she managed to give birth to three lovely kids, to maintain an ideal marriage, to stay away from tabloids, to become a fashion icon, to become a theatre star, to stay irresistibly beautiful,
She has five Oscar nominations, she won one for THE AVIATOR, she is one of the rare thespians who were nominated for both the lead and the supporting role in the same year, she won two BAFTA's, and three awards from the Australian Film Institute, she was nominated seven times and won two Golden Globes. And she was nominated nine times for Screen Actors Guild Awards.
Some of the roles that she didn't play although she was the first candidate include the ones in THE FOUNTAIN, MINORITY REPORT, MR. AND MRS. SMITH, THE MERCHANT OF VENICE, HANNIBAL ...

Now, let's do a poll choosing YOUR FAVOURITE CHRIS :) It seems Chris is a very popular name if you want to become a huge film star. So who is your favourite one: our THOR Chris Hemsworth, our Captain America Chris Evans, our Batman Chris Bale, our Robin Chris O'Donnell, our Captain Kirk Chris Pine, or our favourite Glee member Chris Colfer. All of them are currently hugely popular and you can vote for them as much as you like next two weeks.


  1. I beg to differ with these results!
    They should have been flipped around, if you ask me.

  2. Cate Blanchett had to win, I think. She is a lady of such class and character, and a phenominal actress. I'm always impressed by her roles in movies.

    The Chris poll is much harder for me to decide. I mean, how does one choose between Thor, Captain America, Batman, Robin, and Captain Kirk? Oh, and the Glee guy. :P

  3. I'm stunned that Meryl Streep didn't win. She is, in my humble little opinion, not only the best living actress, but the greatest living actor, male or female or otherwise. Period. :)

  4. @Andrew
    well, we will not ask you :)))

    she never ceases to impress. He he ... I'm guessing I've just gave you another difficult poll :))

    I'm both stunned and not. Meryl and Cate are two of my most favourite actresses ever. I think they have exactly the same amount of talent which is unreachable to any other actress or actor in history :)

  5. Cate Blanchett is a great actress, I agree. (Although I haven't seen her in anything beside The Lord Of the Rings.)

  6. I did pick Meryl, but Cate is just as talented.
    My favorite Chris is my husband, Chris, but I picked Chris Bale because I loved him in American Psycho!

  7. @Masy
    thanks, dear Masy :)

    @The Golden Eagle
    ah, you should watch all of her movies I've mentioned in the post, I promise you will be amazed ;)

    timeless indeed! A woman for all centuries!

    ah, didn't know the hubs is Chris as well :)

  8. love Cate, but it would have been Meryl for me. Interesting to see these results.

  9. The results of HOLLYWOOD SPY's polls are always interesting, Dempsy :)

  10. yay! i voted for cate! i just love how she transforms into her roles! :)

    gotta go for colfer for this one! he seems like the sweetest kid in his interviews! did you know that the defying gravity storyline was inspired by his real life high school experience, where they refused to let him sing the song for a talent show because it's traditionally sung by a woman? he always wanted to sing the song for an audience, so the writers wrote the storyline to give him that opportunity! how sweet is that?! :)

  11. I will vote on the Chris poll, seems like fun :)

  12. @Vics
    hey, Vics, I love that about Cate too :)
    I haven't seen much GLEE so far since it isn't broadcast in my country, but I do love the idea of the show and he does seem like the sweetest possible kid!

    for whom, for whom, for whom? :)))

  13. Hard choice for me, I like both C(K)ates.

  14. Well, 5-10 years ago I would've easily gone w/ Meryl but her roles as of late have been disappointing. She is and always will be a great actress but I actually think Cate possesses a bigger bag of tricks and is more alluring onscreen to watch. You're right, Cate is absolutely timeless and can play any role on Earth! Thanks for this pole, I am just in awe of the Great Cate!

  15. I'm so glad that Cate won, she's my favorite along with Meryl. :-))) Must say I'm surprised, I was almost sure Meryl will win. Dezz, you enchanted your voters so they had to vote for Cate. :-P

  16. @Dempsy
    Bale is always amazing!

    me too

    ah, can't agree with you on Meryl, I thought her latest roles were better than ever, but I do agree with you on Cate, she is just something very very very special as a human being not just as an actress.

    yes, yes, I'm Merlin's apprentice.

  17. Love her. Great poll, great bio.

  18. I'm also a bit biased cuz I recently saw Cate on stage and she absolutely blew me away! Meryl was sitting 2 rows in front of me actually & I watched Meryl intently watch Cate, it was a dream come true! These 2 ladies are my fave so I think we're basically on the same page. Loved Meryl in Doubt, she was amazing!!! I think she deserved her 3rd Oscar for that! I just didn't care for Devil Wears Prada, Mamma Mia, Rendition or Lions for Lambs.

  19. @Lil'Vics
    ah, Lil'Vics I'm glad at least somebody read and liked the bio I wrote :)))

    wow, that's amazing. I can't even imagine what happens when you find Cate, Judi and Meryl in the same room at once :)
    Meryl's role in DOUBT was amazing, she was also flawless and stunning in DEVIL WEARS PRADA with the most perfect face movements. There's also JULIE AND JULIA in which she gave a mindblowing and absolutely unbelievable portrayal of Julia Child. And didn't get an Oscar off course :(

  20. Cate Blanchett is fantastic. I love her. My favourite actress. Her movies are great. Since Elizabeth until Robin Hood. She is talented, classy, clever and funny !
    Unique !

  21. Wahooo!!! She deserves to WIN and I'm sure you agree Dez. The photos you chose are mahvellous dahling... she is so beautiful and does beautiful work, what a combo. And yes, I find her voice hypnotic on LOTR as well... if one day I could produce my own movie for sure I'd love to cast her!

  22. @Anne
    she indeed is unique in every respect ;)

    ah, thank you dahling, I knew you would like my choice of pictures :) It wasn't easy choosing between at least 50 pics I have of her in my headquarters ;)
    Yes, her voice is hypnotic (my students say my own voice has the same calming and hypnotizing quality :))

  23. oh, she is fantastic. I love her, but like I said--that was a hard hard poll. All of those actresses are GREAT! :o)

  24. more than great, Leigh, more than great :)

  25. She's a fine actress & deserves to win. Wish I had her wardrobe, especially that gown in the 3rd picture! :)

  26. the bluish one? :) The one in the last pic would also look good on you, Lisa :)

  27. Well then you should do a podcast so we can all hear your soothing voice, Dez :)

  28. nya, I'd better record you a song as soon as Ryan Tedder accepts to write one for my debut album :)

  29. hmmmm I think Meryl is a better actress than Cate, but Cate is very good. I think I've just seen more Meryl movies so I'm partial. I voted for Kate Winslet because, well, I want to BE her. :)

    Love the new poll! GO CHRISTIAN BALE! :)

  30. Go Cate! With Galadriel on the list, there wasn't much of a contest, hehe.

  31. @Kristin
    all the girls wanna be like Winslet, she's a great role model

    well, she DID have stunning rivals so the poll was the most difficult, but her elven powers brought her the victory :)

  32. What a great topic. I remember voting for my Cate Blanchett but to honest I thought she never would be able to beat the Meryl Streep. But Woow she did it again.

    Cate Blanchett is a very inspiring icon to me. I love her and I believe my whole blog is a gift to her(if she ever see my blog).

    Thank you Dezmond, for this post about Cate. I loved it. Thank you again and again.

    S. Sharp
    twitter: @Shadiatique

  33. I'm glad you've enjoyed the post. It wasn't difficult to write since love for Cate just poured out of me :) She is both amazing and inspiring in every possible way.

    PS, I recommend you to visit www.cate-forums.com a place where all her fans hang out together :) and which she reads, at least I believe she does at least sometimes since it's high on the Google search list.