Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Our poll in which we were choosing YOUR MOST ANTICIPATED BLOCKBUSTER OF 2010 has just finished and the results are very interesting. The movie you want to see most this year is the upcoming epic CLASH OF THE TITANS with 22% of your votes, followed by this week's release LEGION with 18% of the votes, PRINCE OF PERSIA: SANDS OF TIME with 17% and THE LAST AIRBENDER with 15% of your votes. It seems you are not into Russell Crowe since only 2% of you want to see his ROBIN HOOD.

But let us turn to our new poll which starts immediately: we are choosing THE BIGGEST STAR OF 2009. Who was the biggest, the most popular, the most successful, who was under the spotlight all the time? I thought about this for a long time and decided that four nominees should be the two music stars and two movie stars who ruled 2009.
LADY GAGA who managed to freshen up the stale waters of world music scene with her stunning, creative and catchy hits "Just Dance", "Poker Face", "Paparazzi", "Love Game" and the sensational "Bad Romance", and she also proved that you are pretty as you are, not as what world wants you to be.
BEYONCE, the r'n'b diva, queen of charts, who conquered the world last year with her smash hits "Single Ladies", "Halo", Sweet Dreams", "Brokenhearted Girl" and with her ultra successful world wide tour.
SAM WORTHINGTON who not only starred in two of the last year's biggest cinema hits "Terminator Salvation" and "Avatar" but also got a role in this year's "CLASH OF THE TITANS" and is considered the main candidate in pretty much all the casting deals for the biggest upcoming blockbusters.
JAMES CAMERON who mesmerized and hypnotized all the world with his "Avatar" creating something that is looking to become the most profitable movie of all times.


  1. No Woody Harrelson! I must protest Dez! I liked Lada Gaga's Just Dance but after awhile all her songs started to sound the exact same. I have to say none of these truly impressed me so much that I would label them my personal favorite star of 2009. Since the question is Biggest I think Cameron has to take it though.

  2. That was a hard poll since many of the movies look awesome....having to narrow it down to just one was hard....

    But the next poll is easy (well for me it is) Lady Gaga is my choice. I think she will be the next big thing. Beyonce is playing out.

  3. You have the neatest polls. I'm casting my vote for James Cameron.

  4. Well, undoubtly Lady Gaga is an international pop sensation... I hated her at first ["Just Dance" was a dreadful song], but after "Paparazzi" I somehow started to like her. Enough with Gaga, because Cameron gets my vote! ;)

  5. @Ryan
    this new poll is fully objective and not at all subjective, that is why I've put these four people in the run. I was thinking about worldwide popularity not just the USA one. And I must add, that the secret of Gaga's success is exactly the fact that all of her song are totally different and unique: she always has fresh new melodies, production, arrangements, videos, outfits ...
    If I was choosing my personal star of the year it would be Ryan Tedder who made all the best songs last year (HALO, BATTLEFIELD, PLEASE DON'T STOP THE RAIN..) and came back with ONE REPUBLIC to make me dance whenever I hear ALL THE RIGHT MOVES :)

    I think Gaga already is the next big thing :)

    Oh, why, thank you very much Masy :)

    Yep, JUST DANCE would be her only song I don't like either :) I didn't like LOVE GAME either, but somehow the disco-stick-mania got me too, with the rest of the world :))

    I see the battle will be fought between Gaga and Cameron :) So vote on for next two weeks and help your favourite win the poll.

  6. I think Cameron. At least these last few months.

  7. Marko, we know you've never heard of Beyonce, what about Gaga? :)

  8. I've heard that name (Lady Gaga), and I came to know it is associated with some young female singer. Not long after that, I searched internet to match photos with that name. But that was the extent of my interest.
    Maybe I've heard/seen some of her work by chance, but I don't remember. I remember a link to certain video of hers on this blog. I was entertained by video, but I didn't catch a song. Afterwards, I still wasn't interested in searching for more.

    Compared to Lady Gaga, Beyonce is infinitely more known to me. But, she's been working much longer if I'm not mistaken. I'm sometimes even interested in Beyonce's work and career. Sometimes.
    Lady Gaga may never hold any interest to me personally. I still can't say for sure.

  9. I would like you to watch at least these three of her videos on YouTube and tell me whatcha think :)