Monday, January 11, 2010


Here at HOLLYWOOD SPY we've been reporting for years now how Neil Jordan has been planning a historical movie on famous Borgia family. Many actors have been mentioned in the project - Ewan McGregor, Cristina Riccie, Antonio Banderas, Jude Law, Portia De Rossi ... but now it's official. "The Borgias" will be a stunning and totally decadent new historical show from the best channel out there - "Show time". Jeremy Irons will headline this new 13 episode historical drama replacing the worldwide smash hit "The Tudors" which will end next spring.
"The Borgias" takes place in Italy in 1492 and is centered around a powerful crime family that is headed by patriarch Rodrigo Borgia (Irons)who becomes a pope and has some very problematic children, Cezare and Lucrezia being the most famous among them. With many outrageous twists and turns, blood, lust, political scandals and dark family ties this new epic saga will be produced by amazing Michael Hirst, who has written every episode of "The Tudors". The show is originated at DreamWorks TV and Robert Zemeckis' ImageMovers while Neil Jordan will executive produce the whole show and will direct the first two episodes. Production starts in the spring for an early 2011 run.
This is the most natural replacement for "The Tudors" which have set an extremely high standard for all future historical shows in almost all fields - from acting, directing to costume and set design and cinematography. I'm overwhelmed by this news and can't wait for the casting process to continue!


  1. Just to let you know Dezmond, I've also nominated you as one of my kreativ bloggers.

  2. you have? I'm extremely honoured and much obliged :) and I shall put your award here in my awards' shelf :)

  3. Glad to see another history piece hitting the air, not enough of them. I imagine this will be quite graphic considering the history of the Borgias. Nice to hear Jeremy Irons will star in it, I liked him best in The Man in the Iron Mask.

  4. Yes, yes, Avalon, this will be a humongous treat for us fans of historical shows and luxurious settings :) I hope they will pick up some mindblowingly sexy actors for the roles of Lucrezia and Cezare :))

  5. This will be interesting.
    Too bad it's not my type of show. :)

  6. but,Marko, you remember for how many years now,I've been molesting you with the story about BORGIA project?? :)))

  7. Yes, I do. :)

    And do you remember how long I've been telling you about Asian films, how they look and feel like "Western" films in almost all relevant genres, and that they are not "strange" or weaker versions of something else...
    I've even had the time to check Indian cinematography, and you didn't even gave a decent try to more familiar (to us, Westerners) feel of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean films. A few trailers and blog posts are not the same as actually viewing those without prejudices. :)
    Then again, maybe I'm wrong and you did try to watch them. Maybe you found them just a little "off" to accept them. If so, I apologise. It's OK either way.
    Just don't be surprised when our American friends don't seem interested in Serbian movies (even with recommendations). Any (and all) of us have our preferences, and we are more or less set in our ways. Accepting "new" or "different" isn't always easy. Or necessary for that matter. :)

    But considering Borgias... You know me Dezz.:) You know I don't like stories about criminals and madman. Most of their actions make me sick. I did however (try to) read Jodorovsky and Manara's grafic novel (comic book) about Borgias. It's not yet finished, but I don't doubt it will end in bloodshed and atrocities. There was no shortage of that so far. :) I admit I mostly opened that book because of Manara's art, especially his depictions of women. But even Manara's pretty pictures didn't help me to like that story/people any better.

    Borgias TV show has impressive cast so far. I'm probably not wrong to point out that it's the most impressive cast in TV series ever (or in last 15 years at least). I'm also waiting to see who's playing Lucrezia and Cezare. :)) (Maybe that will make me at least check out this show)

  8. Ugh, you have my favourite Asian friend Jaccsy (MOVIE CAFE and BUZZES CAFE) who writes about Asian movies from the spot :) I would have felt like stealing infos from him if I started writing about such movies as well :PPP

    I've watched most of the bigger Asian movies from CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON, HERO, THE HOUSE OF FLYING DAGGERS, RED CLIFF .... and liked most of them, you know how I enjoy a good visual experience as well.

    When it comes to BORGIAS I just hope they won't put some totally unknown or boring actors in the roles of Lucy and Cezz :)