Saturday, January 16, 2010


Ladies and gentleman, welcome to the glamorous HOLLYWOOD SPY AWARDS 2009 ceremony. As announced, I've decided to give some praise to the people who have been the most faithful supporters of this blog. Each of them gets a tittle as an award. Since all the stars and the press have gathered in the auditorium, let's start with our ceremony:

BEST CYBER FAN award goes to my dear friend Marko Belsak. He's too lazy to open his own blog, so he uses my headquarters for spreading his cinematic propaganda, and I'm not complaining :) As my dearest cyber supporter and a great friend, he's been following my spy work for many years now throughout the Net. I've said many times that I'd like him for my attorney if I ever ended up in court. I honour his wisdom, loyalty and resourcefulness.

CYBER SAMURAI award goes to Jaccsy from BUZZES CAFE and MOVIE CAFE, Hollywood Spy's ambassador for Asia and southern hemisphere, a brave blogging samurai who sails the movie oceans connecting East and West in the darkness of cinema.

QUEEN OF ROMANCE awards goes to lady Avalon of ROBIN HOOD, NARNIA, NATIVE ACTORS AND PERIOD FILMS blog. Surrounding us with mists of ancient past she often brings up profound social topics in her blog demonstrating her sensibility, understanding and tenderness. Her people should be proud of her.

BLOGGING LADY 2009 award goes to my dear Michele from THE SOUTHERN CITY MYSTERIES blog. As a TV producer and a writer she possesses amazing organizing skills, but although she's a kind of lady you would like as a chief of your presidential cabinet, she still remains a southern belle from the 21st century.

MAN OF INTEGRITY award goes to TheAnswerMVP2001 from COMMON SENSE MOVIE REVIEWS blog. Deeply opinionated, wise and firm he is respected by the blogging society although he's not afraid to admit he has hots for older ladies and S Club 7 :) I like to talk music with him, it's a thing of our own.

THE WITTY CHARMER award goes to our dear Ryan aka Univarn from A LIFE IN EQUINOX blog. Although our favourite movie lists are different like elves and orks, although nobody can grasp the tittle of his blog (I suspect he can't either), although his life long goal is to conquer the planet and put pandas as his minions, although he shows mild signs of schizophrenia (when he talks to himself), I still love him very much convinced that his charms would melt even the heart of late Charlton Heston.

Now, off you go home, and check your mailboxes . I've sent you bills to pay for this honour I've just bestowed upon you all. We can negotiate the payment rates :)


  1. Haha, I love your write up on Ryan! Spot on I must say! I consider you and I to be the elves and Ryan the ork! ;) Thanks for the award I will proudly display it on my blog!

  2. Why, thank you sir, I truly gave my best to bravely lead you in our skirmish against those luring Orks, whose lot hides in the mines of Equinox :))
    I'm glad you like the award, now go on and nail it right above your mantel :)

  3. Oh Dezmond, I love your awards. And each one is so unique. Congratulations to all the winners.

  4. Thanks Masy, I think the awards have to be unique in order to be truly honorable and to show respect to the winners :)

  5. Haha, many thanks for the kind remarks Dez :P. I shall proudly hijack that picture and display it on my blog. As for my comments:

    1. Elves vs. Orks... well my ears are far too lacking to be an Elf. But I'm not as ghastly as an Ork. Perhaps I'm an Elk?

    2. Perhaps I'll write a post explaining my title. I could have gone with Solstice but I think Equinox has a nicer ring to it. Besides the title comes with a rather romanticized notion of blogging.

    3. As for my Schizophrenia. I have it fully under control (lies), and you'll see in good time (never) that I'm fully able to make it work (mass murderer) for the greater good (destruction) of all bloggers (and leprechauns).

    4. When it comes to the matter of Charlton Heston. Perhaps it already has? Either way, I'm not telling *wink*.

  6. If you put on some horns, you might pass as elk, Ryan :)
    Oh, I see this is not a mild schizophrenia, but a more serious condition, now that you're seeing leprechauns as well (and there's no David Spade anywhere near you).
    Ohhh, your last sentence is the most enticing sounding teaser for a future bestselling love romance :))and I'm sure you wouldn't have any problems publishing it since NRA would surely sponsor its release :)

  7. Oh thank you! I appreciate this! Very considerate of you.....oh and really cute piggy.

  8. I want to thank the member of the Academy who was bold enough to give me this award.. :)) Thanks Dezmy.. This is really the highlight of my day ;)

  9. You are fantastic! I have never received an award so personalized. And they way you presented them...Only Dez! I came in my formal attire, as requested, but I can't post a picture on here, so you'll have to come to my blog to see it!


  10. @Avalon
    this little piggy says thanx :)

    It's easy being bold when you are bribed (I expect those $1000 we agreed upon) :))

    I'm glad the award put a smile on your face, and I shall check the dress immediately :)

  11. Thanks so much for the award and kind words. :))
    Unfortunately, I still don't have time/will for my own blog, so I'll leach on you a while longer. :)

  12. Leach on just don't bite :))

    PS are you imposing that I have time??? :)) Sometimes I don't know myself how do I manage fitting the blog and Facebook into my busy daily schedule.