Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Our latest poll in which we've spent two weeks choosing your favourite BLOCKBUSTER OF 2009 is officially over and the results are not surprising. I must say I personally like your choice. With 28% of votes, James Cameron's "Avatar" is the winner. It seems you agree with millions of people who've already helped this movie to earn more than $1 billion around the world in just 15 days. Second place is reserved for "Star Trek" with 24% of your votes which means it was really close behind "Avatar". It seems that you liked this highly entertaining, charming and successful remake of the famous franchise with its amazing cast and almost stunning character development.
The third place went to one of the most anticipated movies this year, Zack Snyder's "Watchmen" with 22% of your votes. Although it didn't make miracles at the box office being too complicated and to philosophical, it seems that it's stunning cast and Snyder's brave enthusiasm have won your love and well-deserved respect.

The new poll starts immediately and in the next two weeks we will be choosing YOUR MOST ANTICIPATED 2010 BLOCKBUSTER. The candidates are: "The Last Airbender", "Prince of Persia: the Sands of Time", "Narnia: Voyage of Dawn Trader", "Robin Hood", "Clash of the Titans", "How To Train Your Dragon", "Legion" and "Alice in Wonderland". Hope I didn't miss any. You can vote as many times as you want.


  1. I'm not looking forward to the 2009 blockbusters so far. Though there's always some surprises. Robin Hood has looked too "Gladiator-esque" (a movie I love but don't want to see the formula tarnished). Clash of the Titans, jury is still out. I will be seeing How to Train Your Dragon for the sole fact that Craig Ferguson (whose autobiography I just finished and immensely enjoyed - emotional stuff) is a voice for it...

    Alice in Wonderland, Toy Story 3, and Inception those are the 3 biggies for me in 2010.

  2. Can I just say I wouldn't have heard of half the 2010 candidates without this blog? I've already voted! Alice in Wonderland is my top.


  3. I've got to start going to the movies more. I'll have to go with Alice in Wonderland for number one because of Johnny Depp.

  4. Avatar's achievement was on the morning news and I have to admit the previews did not tempt me. I must be the minority on this one. When the DVD becomes available we will watch it and who knows I might love it! (secretly hoping the kids do not make me take them to the movies to see it)

    And Dezmond...lol....you know my vote is for Narnia!

  5. All three are terrific blockbusters. I'm guessing a lot of the box office struggles of Watchmen was due to the hard R-rating, but I really thought it was a memorable piece of visceral art.

    As far as 2010 goes, definitely add Inception, Iron Man 2, and perhaps Toy Story 3 because every Pixar film is bound to do good, and I'm sure parents would love to rejoin the Toy Story days.

  6. Star Trek remains my favorite film of the year, although I really liked Avatar, and think that that film is more important (in general cinematographic terms).
    Watchmen were OK, even though I didn't expect to like them very much.

    As for 2010, as previous posters said you missed Iron Man 2, Inception, Toy Story 3, and Shrek 4 (although I only looking forward to Iron Man).
    With Iron Man in pool, my most anticipated film of 2010 is - The Last Airbender (and then Iron Man :)) ). Things may change in the coming months though...

  7. HOLLYWOOD SPY doesn't do ironing, pottering, twilighting, transforming, leodecaprioing and quentinizing :)) so that explains the absence of some movies from the poll.

    Marko I agree with you on STAR TREK vs AVATAR.

  8. Great movie Avatar,loved it,the only sad thing is that i heard people committed suicide because Pandora doesn't exist.
    Have you heard about this?