Thursday, June 16, 2011


Well, you can't really see much on this poster except for the bare chested Taylor Kitsch and some red letters :) but it's the first teaser poster for my most anticipated upcoming film (beside Tarsem's IMMORTALS) Andrew Stanton's space opera JOHN CARTER (previously OF MARS). Coming to theaters next
March, the film is set on the exotic planet following a war-weary, former military captain John Carter (Taylor Kitsch), who is inexplicably transported to Mars where he becomes reluctantly embroiled in a conflict of epic proportions amongst the inhabitants of the planet, including Tars Tarkas (Willem Dafoe) and the captivating Princess Dejah Thoris (Lynn Collins). In a world on the brink of collapse, Carter rediscovers his humanity when he realizes that the survival of Barsoom and its people rests in his hands. The stunning cast also includes ROME's Polly Walker and James Purefoy, Mark Strong, Ciaran Hinds, Samantha Morton, Dominic West. Click to read the whole detailed post on the film (with some very indecent pictures :).

SHORT HEADLINES As "Playlist" reports, Relativity has bought Gerard Butler's MACHINE GUN PREACHER from Lionsgate in order to make it an Oscar vehicle for the Scottish
actor who plays  a former drug-dealing Hell’s Angel who returns to religion and opens an orphanage in Sudan, after which he also forms a militia to prevent the children from being turned into child soldiers. And speaking of Oscars, the Academy had decided that next year the Best Film category can have between five and ten nominated films and not all ten like this year. The films will have to have 5% of the first place votes to get nominated. Russel Crowe is in talks to play Superman's real dad Jor El from Krypton in MAN OF STEEL in which Kevin Costner plays the adoptive father.

Check out the first, rather beautiful, poster for action thriller STRAW DOGS which premieres this September with impossibly hot cast including James Marsden, Alexander Skarsgaard, Dominic Purcell and Kate Bosworth. The film revolves around a Los Angeles screenwriter David Sumner (James Marsden) who decides to move with his wife (Kate Bosworth) to her hometown somewhere deep South. There, while tensions build between them, a brewing conflict with locals becomes a threat to them both. This is off course a remake of Dustin Hoffman's 70's classic but with a changed setting.
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  1. Uh, wow, Straw Dogs gets kind of ugly at the end. Of course, I like a movie where all the bad guys get what they deserve. I like it even better when I can't tell for sure who the bad guys really are.

    Can't wait until you have a John Carter clip to watch. :)

  2. Ooh! These sound like some really great movies!

  3. @Luanne
    I kinda screamed a lot while watching STRAW DOGS trailer :)
    JOHN CARTER trailer should come up really soon, possibly in a few days :)

    me too :) And welcome to HOLLYWOOD SPY ;)

  4. STRAW DOGS looks scary! But cool.
    JOHN CARTER poster looks really good. I like the simplicity.

  5. yep, Lyndy, I was also surprised by the trailer, didn't expect something so tense and scary.
    Unlike some haters around the Net, I also love the JOHN CARTER poster, it's very simple, stylish and eyecatching!

  6. haha are you implying that i did not pronounce it correctly?

  7. No, I just wouldn't know how to pronounce it perfectly since I'm not a native English speaker :)

  8. Ooo! Space opera and Gerard Butler on the same day. My heart's all atwitter. Thanks, Dez!

  9. God I love Taylor Kitsch. He is just so damned pretty to look at. I so cannot wait for this movie. It is going to be epic.

    Russell would make an excellent Jor El. He's got that deep, rumbling voice.

    Gerard Butler in something with a great story line? Knock me over with a feather and call me shocked. He's done such crap of late, mostly ridiculous rom coms.

  10. Gerard Butler's project, on premise and story alone, sounds like it could warrant some Oscar buzz; premature statement, but the Academy loves these kinds of films.

    I agree with Melissa. Crowe would make a terrific Jor El. I would love to see him take the role.

  11. Thanks for featuring that pic of Butler, Dezzy, what a treat :D Relativity Media's CEO is friends w/ GB I believe, but YAY on that Oscar comment.

    @Matthew – You're right the Academy loves that kind of story line and I do hope GB will finally be recognized for his acting talent as he sure has them in spades despite what's been written about him.

  12. HA!
    It just happens that my best friend's name is John Carter.

    I hope the MOVIE John Carter becomes the hugest blockbuster of all-time, just to make my friend's life really annoying.

  13. Just have to wait and see some actual John Carter footage to further gauge just how well this movie look.

  14. Straw Dogs has potential but John Carter for me especially, damn good idea.

  15. Lots of goodies here, Dez. The trailer for Straw Dogs was cool - I'm sure I saw the original but I can't remember a thing about it. Getting older has its benefits ;)

  16. I know one lady who would be very happy if Gerry Butler got an Oscar!! I can hear her scream from here (I am looking at you Ruth)

    Straw Dogs? WHYYYYY? how very poor

  17. Straw dogs looks interesting. Hmm inhabitants in Mars, now that's an interesting premise.

  18. @Mary
    he he ... Dezz knows what you like :)

    he IS very cute and charming and seems like a good boy. I really want this film to be the biggest ever and to score millions at the box office but I'm afraid of fanboy haters who like to trash these kinds of movies even before they appear in cinemas. I've already noticed a very dirty negative campaign against it on some snobish sites. :(

  19. @Matty
    yes, it's too early for Oscars but the film will be released somewhere later this year, so maybe it's not early to start the campaign? :) I love and respect Butler and wouldn't mind seeing him accepting the award, he deserves it more than most of the bad actors who got it in recent years.

    we are keeping our fingers and toes crossed for Gerry Berry :)

    ah, yes, and my best friend is accidentally called Dejah Thoris :PP Just joking :P
    I'd love for this film to be a huge huge blockbuster.

  20. @Jaccsy
    the trailer should arrive very soon, in matter of days :)

    it's not generally the type of films I watch, but this trailer really caught my attention, and I like the cast

    glad you liked it, Michael :) I haven't noticed that you're getting older, you're fresh as daisy in the morning dew :)))

  21. @Custie
    yes, certain ladies here have certain affections towards Gerry Berry, RufRuf Sewel, Dicky Armitage and other dashing British gents :)

    yep, both films are more than interesting!

  22. Thanks for the Shout out Dez. was your post an entry?

  23. very very interesting read!!! i sort of educate myself by reading your posts!!

  24. Thanks for the link to the trailer, definitaley looks like it will be a good movie

  25. @Budd
    nope, Budd, you know we don't have Kindle in my country. Unless I could pass it onto some of my readers in the case I win? :)

    glad you thinks so, my dear :)

    germs in my blog? Are we infected now? :PP

  26. I dont even know who John Carter is, but followed ;)

  27. first film look very very cool! :D thanks for sharing!


    Don't forget to watching the GUCCI live show in my blog next 20th of june at 12:30 pm in Milano!! :)

  28. @Lassea
    well it says in the post who John Carter is, darling :)

    glad you liked it, David :)
    I won't miss it, I do love me some Gucci :)

  29. hmmm.... can't decide whether i like that john carter poster or not. the straw dogs one is pretty cool, though!

  30. The cast of Straw Dogs sounds great!

  31. @Vics
    hey, Vics, haven't seen you in a thousand years :PP How ya been doin'?

    it does, doesn't it? :)

  32. heya dezz! just like everyone else, crazy busy! i've been missing everyone so much, but i've been lurking, so i haven't been completely gone! just late to posts and not having enough time to comment. miss you!

  33. hope you've been writing us some nice new book :)

  34. Ha..ha.. Custie, you are so absolutely right about that! I'll definitely throw a 'party' on Gerry Berry's behalf if he's nominated, Dezzy and you're soooo invited!! :D

  35. Good luck to Gerry...Ruth will be thrilled if he won an Oscar ;)

  36. @Flixy
    off course I'm invited, the party would be unimaginable without me /snortssnobishly/

    she's already thrilled!

  37. Straw Dogs is one of my favourite movies thanks to Peckinpah's direction and Dustin Hoffman's performance. I think that's why I wasn't too thrilled about a remake. However, this trailer looks good but I bet they lean toward adding in more graphic violence. Even though the original film had a lot of implied violence, it wasn't very bloody.

  38. I haven't watched the original film, but I do agree with you that this trailer is rather exciting!

  39. I'm very interested in John Carter film.

    Although I wonder, why did Disney chose this particular story to adapt to big screen? This has more nudity than Conan or Red Sonja, and almost as much violence and gore (if not even more). Conan always gets an R rating, and Disney has a trouble putting out a PG13 movie.

    There will be consequences... and compromises...
    Lets just hope John Carter isn't too "vanilla" in this adaptation.

  40. Check out the original Straw Dogs Dezmond, you won't regret it. Incredible film!

  41. @Bels
    well, since it's directed by Andrew Stanton who did WALL E and FINDING NEMO I'm guessing the film will be toned down totally. I think they will go for a huge fantasy opera to be viewed by kids and adults.

    I will, Dan, as soon as I find some time :) I hardly find time to watch the current blockbusters not to mention covering all of the classics :( I'm not even sure how I manage to maintain this blog with my career and everything :)