Saturday, June 4, 2011


Not only that Warner Bros. is preparing a new TARZAN project, but they are planning on making three films out of it. The story of
the men who lives in a jungle where he was raised by apes, will be directed by Craig Brewer (who did the remake of FOOTLOOSE this year).  Paramount will make an animated film out of NEW KID comic. The charming story revolves around a young boy who is the only human student in a new school full of aliens. According to "Heat Vision" the work on HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 2 has officially started. The sequel will be the second part of the trilogy and it will bring back many of the adorable characters from the original film.

This Saturday, you can watch the first trailer for next year's romantic drama THE VOW with a stunning cast which includes
Channing Tatum, Rachel McAdams, Scott Speedman, Sam Neill, Jesicca Lange ... The story follows a freshly married couple (Tatum and McAdams) whose car gets hit by a truck after which the woman loses all recent memory which includes her new husband as well, who now has to win her heart for the second time. But the problem is that her former fiancee (Speedman)  appears from nowhere using her memory loss to seduce her again. Judging from the lovely trailer the film will feature a very emotional and touching performance from Channing Tatum and lots of wimpy scenes and bad hair days from McAdams.


  1. I just saw How to Train Your Dragon on HBO the other night and absolutely loved it. The best part is, you can substitute in zombies for dragons and get the same results. I ride my zombie to work everyday now and I'm saving a fortune in gas...

  2. gah!! valentine's NEXT YEAR for THE VOW??? Aw! I wanna see it NOW! ;)

  3. Oh yes! and extremely pleased to hear about HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 2 :)

  4. @Sean
    ah, I should've expected you would replace adorable dragons with less adorable zombies :P

    yep, I wanna see THE VOW now too :)
    And we all love DRAGONS especially in HOW TO TRAIN THEM film!

  5. Okay...I read The Vow as a non-fiction account of the couple YEARS ago. Can't wait to see the movie.

    Edge of Your Seat Romance

  6. Sorry, Dez, but I absolutely cannot stand Channing Tatum and I try avoid everything he's in. Sometimes, I'm forced to endure him when he's starring with people I like. ;)

    In spite of Olivia Wilde, The Words sounds very interesting. So does this new Tarzan project.

  7. Dezzy - THE VOW is one I want to see. Love Rachel McAdams (I think it's because of THE NOTEBOOK - one of my all time fav movies).

    Not sure how I feel about Tarzan in a pair of undies... naked is fine. Or a loin cloth. LOL

    I love Olivia Wilde. Okay, I totally hate her, in a you're-gorgeous-and-I-want-to-punch-you-in-the-face way.

  8. The Words sounds like something I would like. I can imagine the punishment for stealing could get very interesting and creative in that one. But I'm starting to wonder if there are any movies being made that don't have Bradley Cooper in them. ;/

  9. Sounds horrible, but I would prefer if The Vow vanished without trace. I've used a similar plot strand in my second crime novel (written 2006 - publication date 2013) and I wouldn't want anyone to think I stole it from this movie. But hey, I console myself with the thought that there is nothing truly original.

  10. NEW KID sounds cute. I might have to watch that one when it comes out. :)

  11. @Raquel
    yes, I hear there were many real similar stories to the one from the film. It will make the film that more interesting to you :)

    yes, I know some of you don't really like Channing :) kinda like I can't stand Rachel McAdams who, if you ask me, has a kinda spineless approach to acting and all of her performances are rather mediocre.
    I also know that many people don't like Wilde for some reason :). I haven't seen her much so far, so I don't have an opinion, but she IS getting prettier as years go by :)

  12. @Shells
    I want to see THE VOW too :)
    You mean you want to see Tarzan without the undies? I see you're not naive at all :PPPP
    Olivia really is pretty especially in some of her recent photo shoots.

    you know, I have the same feeling about Cooper being present in everything, but that's how it goes. We had the same situation for a few months with Anne Hathaway, James Franco, Olivia Wilde and Ryan Reynolds. Every star gets its five minutes of total fame :)

  13. @Michael
    ah, bummer, buddy. I hear that the plot has been used quite a lot in a number of films and books so far, so it's not so original generally, but I'm sure your approach is unique and creative. I'd like to read it when it comes out. We shall die from anticipation till 2013 :) Why did they give you such a long deadline for release?

    I think there's an animated show or something on TV about NEW KID, I know it has a whole line of products which kids like :)

  14. The book I'm referring to is the 2nd in the series, Dez. The first, BLOOD TEARS, comes out May 2012.

  15. Olivia is definitely an actress I'd like to see bigger and better things from. Absolutely stunning in the looks department, but didn't impress me so much in Tron with her acting ability. Hoping that "Cowboys vs Aliens" gives here a little more to work with.

  16. I'm so with you on Rachel. She is one-dimensional in her approach to roles. Always annoyingly perky. LOL on Channing. I feel like a minority. Then again, I love Steven Tyler, so there's no accounting for my taste sometimes ;)Olivia is stunning to be sure, but I'm just tired of seeing her name attached to everything like a few years ago when it seemed there wasn't a new film out that didn't have Keira Knightly in it.

  17. Aw, I loved the first How to Train Your Dragon!

  18. Didn't realize Olivia Wilde can look that beautiful. She wasn't that beautiful in Tron.

    How to train your dragon 2 is in the making? I haven''t even watched the 1st yet :( shame on me.
    By the way...I thought this might look good for the 2nd movie (tho the cast is no longer a dragon ;) ) >

  19. Dezzy - I'd be fine seeing him from the waist up. Just saying, undies don't really work on him. Or maybe it's just those.

    And, I'm totally naive. *blushes*


  20. @Michael
    oh, you have the whole series coming out? I didn't get it like that. I thought it's the one book. That's great and amazing! You will literally be like Agatha Christie :P

    hey, Markus, welcome to HOLLYWOOD SPY!
    Yep, COWBOYS AND ALIENS could do the job for Olivia, especially since there's a scene in which she is topless in front of alien army :)

  21. @Melsy
    yep, and plus you like me, which means that you clearly have no taste whatsoever :))))
    Anne Hathaway also had her avalanche of roles last winter, and it seems Depp and Portman also appear a bit too much in films. Mila Kunis could be the next girl to become top wanted in Hollywood in that way.

    aw, we all liked HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON :) It was the best film last year.

  22. @Novroz
    you didn't like her bob hairdo in TRON? :)
    I didn't find her that gorgeous before, but most of her photo shoots from this and last year have been quite stunning.

    OK,I shall tell him to take them off :) I'm sure the animal kingdom will be stunned :)

  23. I think I have exceptional taste when it comes to spies and friends. :) And you are right about Anne, I forgot about that. I'm getting old. LOL

  24. how to train your dragon 2, wow, I can't wait. And the Tarzan movie sounds interesting too, I hope it's a really new version though.
    Nahno ∗ McLein

  25. @Melsy
    he he :) We are getting old, but also wiser (at least I hope so) :) And I've noticed I'm getting naughtier with years too :)

    hopefully they will put something fresh in it, and the casting for the lead role could be very interesting. There are so many actors we wouldn't mind seeing in loin cloth :)

  26. Awesome round up Dezz. Love, love that Tarzan pic. Yum . .


  27. see, I knew some of my ladies would find that Tarzan pic interesting :PP

  28. Olivia Wild has one of those really captivating faces. Her eyes are just really incredible. Maybe that's why I'm really wanting to go watch her new movie.

  29. her face is very symmetrical, and they say the key to attractive face is symmetry :)

  30. Terry Lynn JOhnson

    I've been waiting all my life for a good Tarzan movie. Hopefully this time...

    love that film trailer! great premise.

  31. glad you liked the trailer, Terry and we shall keep our fingers crossed for Tarzan and Cheeta :)

  32. The Vow is apparently a tear jerker that my wife will lure me into watching. But, McAdams is hot, so...


  33. The Vow trailer looks awesome - already told dh that going to see it on Valentines Day would be most romantic - followed by a delicious, candlelit dinner. Can hardly wait. Channing Tatum and significant other rewin my love without fail.

  34. p.s. Michael Caine received my vote for best senior actor - he's such a charming, humorous man. Check many Caine interviews on youtube--his professional wisdom and cheerful disposition joys to behold.

  35. @El
    something to look forward too, then, for both of you :)

    he he that sounds like a definite plan :) A whole year ahead :)
    Michael Caine is a great actor.

  36. Yay for HTTYD! I hope it lives up to the first one, you're right Dezzy, the voice cast are indeed adorable! It'll be the first sequel for our Gerry Berry.