Monday, June 20, 2011


 You all know how much I love me some Arthurian legends. Well, according to "MovieWeb", Warner Bros. has just won a huge battle for the screenplay for ARTHUR AND LANCELOT
by David Dobkin. They apparently gave $2 million for this story which will be a modern reimagining of the King Arthur and Sir Lancelot legendary tales. With a hefty budget of $90 million, the epic will be directed by the very same Dobkin who wrote the story and whom you remember by WEDDING CRASHERS, SHANGHAI KNIGHTS and the upcoming THE CHANGE UP film with Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds! It seems that after charming, lovely and decent BBC's show MERLIN and atrocious, horrible and shockingly bad CAMELOT on Starz, we shall watch some knights in cinemas too!


  1. anyone else think they should have just let andy serkis play gollum rather than that daft cgi thing?

  2. he he well, there's more of Serkis in it than the CGI :)

  3. Evangeline Lily has that elf quality, doesn't she?

    Congrats on the HUGE number of visitors. My little stats have sadly gone back to their normal flat selves just like a deflated wonder bra.

    Ooh, and thanks for the heads up on King Arthur. Can't wait for that. :)

  4. indeed she does, Loo :) and Dame Edna also has a Goblin quality :)) You should Google her if you haven't heard about her before :)

    He he he ... seems Blogger has exorcised the stats ghosts and demons although we liked them :) I'm still at about 1,400 to 2,500 visitors a day.

    We do love King Arthur and his knights :)

  5. I wonder when Andy is going to get a real human role instead of being motion captured in as some creature.

    The Hobbit is looking better and better and I cannot wait for John Carter. That pic is incredibly breathtaking. And a new King Arthur, pinch me I must be dreaming. I LOVE Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. Boo hiss for the current Arthur on Starz.

  6. I'm wondering what the modern reimagining of the King Arthur and Sir Lancelot will be.
    LOVE the concept art for JOHN CARTER.
    And congrats on your many visitors :)

  7. @Melsy
    maybe Andy doesn't really know how to act for real :)
    And aren't this Monday news just stunning? :) I mean THE HOBBIT, ARTHUR and JOHN CARTER, did we die and went to movie heaven? :))
    Hissing and booing and shaking fists at Starz CAMELOT, although we do love them for SPARTACUS :)

  8. @Lyndy
    they probably mean more action and dynamic scenes with soapy twists and sex :)
    That means modern :)
    Isn't concept art for JOHN CARTER great? And the cast too? And plus the director, it just can't be anything but amazing film!
    Thanks on congrats :)

  9. John Carter, yes. Evangeline Lilly, yes, yes. Deflated wonder bras, what?
    Thanks for the nod and congrats on the hits.

  10. Ooh, I can't wait for this. Evangeline Lilly will be beautiful in it. :)

  11. Cool King Arthur poster, but I gotta give the ooh la la title to Evangeline Lilly. Such a beautiful woman!

  12. I love the Arthurian legends too. I hope this new movie is worthy of the genre!

  13. i think shes lovely, looking forward to seeing movie. +followed

  14. I am very excited to see Evangeline Lilly in the Hobbit! She is gorgeous, and I think she will do an awesome job!


  15. Wow, that's incredible! Congrats. Evangeline Lilly? Droool! And awesome concept art. I'm inspired. :)

  16. Evangeline Lilly as a Sylfan Elf? I would say that it's perfect choice! I'd love to watch her in the clean pure appearance after the soiled gritty looks in "Lost" :)

  17. Hi Dezzy, And maximum props for passing 600,000 visitors, that is just silly numbers!!

    I am glad that Lilly is finally getting some work and not having to do make up and hair commercials all the time!!


  18. I think Evangeline Lily will make a PERFECT elf. Now if they could just come up with some pointy-eared man candy too... ;-)

  19. Hobbit loveliness and more John Carter goodness but more King Arthur, I don't know.

  20. 600,000 visitors? Wow - congrats!

    I'm excited to see Evangeline Lilly in an upcoming movie. I've missed her since Lost.

  21. @Munk
    he he you know what Luanne was talking about :)
    Glad you like the linky thing ;) Hope at least some of my freaky readers will pop over to your cave ;)

    she will be stunning :)

    I'm not sure but I think I took that Arthur pic from a computer game :) I love doing that :) And yes, Evangeline Lilly is a lily indeed!

  22. @Debra
    we shall keep our fingers crossed although the director's previous work doesn't really give much hope but it will still be historical film :)

    thanks for the following, Alexis and welcome to HOLLYWOOD SPY, I shall pop over to your place ASAP! :)

    the film will be full of gorgeous Elven people :) Can't wait to see it in cinemas!

  23. @HiFi
    thanks :) and glad you liked both the concept art and the smell of lilies :))

    yep, I can already imagine her in floating Elven white gowns and pale luminescent skin and those blue blue eyes :)

    thanks, it IS a silly number, especially since it seems it was only yesterday that we had 500,000! I don't know what happens with the 6 digit stat counter after we reach million :)

  24. @Sam
    I mentioned in the post that they already hired Lee Pace as Elven king, so he will be your man candy with pointed ears :) And plus Orlando Bloom is returning too :) And you will have Richard Armitage there too

    well said, Lurk, hobbit loveliness and John Carter goodness :)

    thanks, Suzy :) keep on visiting so that we can reach 700,000 soon :)

  25. A King Arthur flick -- I'm all for that!
    Love the concept art.
    Great wek to you.

  26. Oops! I meant you should have a Great week. Looks like the typing finger for vowels isn't working this morning.

  27. 'tis Monday, Mary, perfectly normal to forget a vowel or two :))
    Glad you like the Arthur news :)

  28. Congrats on 600,000+ visitors, Dezz!!
    I've been absent in the blogosphere lately due to taking 2 graduate courses in three weeks and my kids being home from school. I'm crazy busy!! I'll visit more in a few weeks!
    Kelly Polark

  29. Congrats on 600,000+ visitors!

    I am now eagerly looking up information about this Evangeline Lilly! I can see why Peter Jackson cast her.

  30. Evangeline Lilly playing elf? What's next,Aston Kusherdoing ugly betty's male version? My god, those people are insane!

  31. Man, you have me getting excited for John Carter. The only thing is that every time I hear or see the name "John Carter," I immediately think of the Noah Wyle character from "ER."

  32. With all of these characters, he is going to have to make it the Hobbit Trilogy.

  33. Congratulations on all of those visitors! You deserve it.
    I look forward to the John Carter film. Sounds like a good one.

    Tossing It Out

  34. Evangeline makes a natural elf. Yay on Knights and stories on Mars,

  35. 600,000 visitors!!! Woot, woot [doing a little dance] Congrats Dezzy!

    @Budd – with that cast, I totally don't mind seeing even a half dozen The Hobbit films!!

  36. I'm not all that excited for Arthur, but maybe the trailer will change my mind. And i've never watched Lost, but Evangeline does look easy on the eyes :)

  37. @Kelly
    glad to see you again! Welcome back to the blogosphere :)

    thanks :) She was one of the stars of LOST TV show, which I didn't really watch, but she sure is pretty!

    ah, I have a feeling you're not happy about the latest HOBBIT casting choice :)

  38. @Joshua
    hehe ... I'm anxiously waiting for the first JOHN CARTER trailer which should appear really soon!

    I reckon most of these stars will have a relatively short appearance on screen

    thanks, Lee, glad you're excited about my favourite 2012 film :)

  39. @Mary Pax
    she is rather Elven isn't she? :)

    thanks :) With this cast I also wouldn't mind three or four HOBBIT films although these little hobbits are my least favourite characters in the saga

    I tried watching LOST a few times, but it was rather boring, I think you must watch it very carefully from the very beginning in order to like it.

  40. I was wondering when someone from the cast of Lost was going to start working again, lol.

  41. ah, they are starting slowly, you have Matthew Fox mentioned in one of the post last week too :))

  42. Evangeline Lilly will make one pretty elf. :)

    I have no doubt John Carter will look stunning. And it does have an amazing cast.
    But we're still waiting for that trailer you keep promising us Dezz! :))

  43. she will indeed, Bels :)
    Well, I don't exactly have influence in Hollywood (don't tell anyone) so I can't force them to give us trailers :)

  44. 600.000!!! Japanese would say Omedetou Dezu-san, Indonesian will say Selamat ya Dezz, and American will say congrats Dezz :)
    You are really famous!!