Wednesday, June 22, 2011


SHORT HEADLINES Since Tim Burton decided not to direct MALEFICENT with Angelina Jolie, according to "MovieWeb" the new one interested to take the helm is Guillermo Del Toro who admitted that he has a collection of dozens of
Maleficent figures and is a huge fan of the Sleeping Beauty tale. Now, this is certainly interesting: Ian McShane, whom we loved in PILLARS OF THE EARTH has joined SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN. He will portray Caesar the Dwarf leader next to Charlize Theron, Sam Claflin and Chris Hemsworth!
And more from Tarsem's IMMORTALS today :) We've already seen the amazing posters with the Gods appearing in the movie, and now I have the posters with the main characters Henry Cavill as Theseus, Stephen Dorff as his slave, Freida Pinto as Phaedra and evil King Hyperion played by Mickey Rourke.

Dreamworks has just released a hilarious and delightful new trailer for the super charming and positively adorable PUSS IN BOOTS film, which comes to cinemas this November. With the adorable voices from Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek, the SHREK spin-off will go back in the past, way before Puss ever met Shrek, when our suave and furry feline hero went on a swashbuckling ride, teamed up with mastermind Humpty Dumpty and the street-savvy Kitty to steal the famed Goose that lays the Golden Eggs. The film is directed by Chris Miller who helmed SHREK 3 and he also worked on MADAGASCAR and MONSTERS VS ALIENS.
LINK OF THE DAY be sure to visit our dear Emily White's blog. Her fantasy saga ELEMENTAL is coming out soon!


  1. The Immortals posters look similar to the ones they posted before, but they sure are stunning. I wish they'd just put Henry in all of them, ahah.

  2. well, that's from the same collection of posters, but previously we've seen only the ones with Gods, and not these.

  3. I would love to see a well done live action WOnder WOman movie. Btw dez have you seen the animated wonder woman movie yet?

    And Angelina and Del Toro working together sounds like a match made in heaven. While i wil admit sometimes the media/paparazzi attention she gets can be excessive at times, i still think she can do wonders with the right material.

  4. I haven't, Dirty, I hardly have enough time to breathe :(
    Del Toro news is just a gossip, nothing is official, but he is eager to take the job if the studio offers it to him.

  5. yeah that is odd that there hasn't been a wonder woman movie yet. a sort of don quixote situation or what?

  6. it's odd that we haven't had many female super heroes movies generally.

  7. Great trailer! I've been getting bored with the last two Shrek movies, but I'll always love Puss in boots. :)

  8. lol!!!!!!! LOVE love love Puss in Boots. SOooo loooking forward to that.

    Also Christina Hendricks makes an intersting choice for Wonder Woman.

  9. I see Puss in Boots pairs together two favorites as far as voices. And no way that's Christina's real hair. I bet I still have her beat.

  10. @Emily
    yep, I've never liked Shrek either, but Puss is so great :)

    isn't it just super adorable and hilarious while chasing the ray of light and drinking the milk?:)

    'tis not her real hair, but I don't think anyone is noticing the hair on that pic :)
    We do love both Antonio and Salma :)

  11. OMG!!! I LOVE this trailer for Puss in Boots. I cannot wait for my favorite naughty Kitty to hit the big screen again. My ultimate animated film would feature Puss, the Penguins and Scrat.

    Yay!! A Wonder Woman movie. I'm keeping all my fingers and toes crossed. I hope it comes to fruition. We need the Amazon Princess.

  12. Puss in Boots already had me laughing. Love Antonio Banderas.

    Even the slaves in Immortals are gorgeous. :)

  13. ...that's one badass "puddy-tat"

    EL :)

  14. yup. they can go ahead and throw del toro in with jolie... make it a complete skip. :P

  15. Puss in Boots is going to be AWESOME!

  16. Is immortals a serious movie or a slightly comedic movie. the trailers are a little confusing on this and Christina Hendricks is one hot woman.

  17. please Christina Hendricks please please please

  18. Christina Hendricks, wow oh wow

  19. Blimey that image of Henricks is lovely. I do love a proper woman. Not these skinny size zero sticks!!

    My girls are so looking forward to Puss in Boots too!!

  20. So many awesome movies. I want to see Wonder Woman and Puss in Boots looks like lovely fun!

  21. @Melsy
    ah, you named all my favourite animated heroes - Puss, Scrat and Penguins :) Those are the best animated characters ever drawn!

    isn't Puss just hilarious? :)
    Stephen Dorff is really gorgeous even as a slave :)

    indeed he is :)

  22. @Debra
    me too!

    he he I couldn't agree with you more, sister :)

    it is, it is!

    it's a serious movie, but Tarsem's vision and visuals are always surreal so that's why you find the costumes maybe a bit unusual. But that's Tarsem's magic.

  23. @Daniel
    please indeed :)

    wow indeed :)

    yep, we do love Christina's curves! When men are voting, she and Kate Winslet are always proclaimed the hottest ladies ever

    yes, unlike summer, autumn and winter will be great in cinemas this year!

  24. Christina Hendricks? Yes, please. Puss In Boots? Hysterical.

    Question: In the YouTube sidebar after watching that, there was a trailer for a movie called "R." Have you seen this?

  25. ah, my gents really like Christina :)
    And Puss is hysterical!
    No, I haven't seen R!

  26. I also just saw one for "Griff the Invisible" with Ryan Kwanten. I'll have to admit, I only recall him in "True Blood," but would never have guessed that he's Australian. Perhaps a new level of respect for him as an actor. Strange thought.

  27. we do love us some Kwanten any time :) He actually competed in HOLLYWOOD SPY's poll on best Australian actors this winter, and if you put his name in the search box in the right sidebar you will find a number of posts on him and naughty pics too :)

  28. on a hendricks wonder woman: Yes, so much yes! Make this happen, Dez!

  29. Don't tell anyone cause then everyone will hate me, but I don't like cats. I seriously doubt I'll be seeing any Puss in Boots. I'm not real big on the animated films anyway. Hey!--I'm not trying to be negative, it's just a matter of preferences. Now I do like Christina!

    Tossing It Out

  30. Hey...the cute puss has left the ugly Shrek ;)

  31. @Budd
    I will need the support of your connections in Hollywood :)

    as a person who had at least 100 cats so far, I can't relate to people not liking cats :)But I'm sure your grandkids will love PUSS IN BOOTS.

    finally :)