Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Ah, so today we are having a trailer day, with two stunning and absolutely breathtaking movie  videos. But before that, check out the short headlines: Christopher Meloni (oh, do you remember
him from OZ?) who is in talks to star in MAN OF STEEL, won't play Lex Luthor, but some general as "Vulture" reports. Fox is preparing a film adaptation of Justin Cronin's book PASSAGE, about a scientific experiment gone horribly awry that unleashes a new breed of vampires on society: vampires which also have the ability to read minds. Ridley Scott is producing. Although it didn't break records at the box office Warner Bros. is ready to greenlit the sequel to GREEN LANTERN! The film has earned less than $100 million so far in USA.
After we've seen the stunning poster and some adorable pictures, we finally have an absolutely mindblowing and mesmerizing first teaser for Pixar's animated film BRAVE which is coming to
cinemas next year. Set in medieval Scotland it follows the impetuous, tangle-haired princess Merida, who wants to become world's greatest archer. A clash of wills with her mother compels Merida to make a reckless choice, which unleashes unintended peril on her father's kingdom and her mother's life. Merida struggles with the unpredictable forces of nature, magic and a dark, ancient curse to set things right!The voice cast includes Emma Thompson and Kevin McKidd! I swear you won't be able to breathe while watching this one!

And after the truly sensational and groundbreaking first trailer which amazed the audience around the world attracting great praise from the movie lovers, Tarsem Singh has released the
second absolutely stunning and grandiose trailer for his Greek epic IMMORTALS. The film follows the adventure of brave Theseus (Henry Cavill) who has to fight against the evil King Hyperion (Mickey Rourke) on his bloodthirsty quest to release the Titans in their revengeful wrath. Secretly chosen by Zeus (Luke Evans), Theseus must stop Hyperion and his evil hordes with the help of his cunning slave (Stephen Dorff) and visionary priestess Phaedra (Freida Pinto). The film also stars John Hurt as Old Zeus, Kellan Lutz as Poseidon, Isabel Lucas as Athena, Corey Sevier as Apollo! This will be the biggest visual feast ever!

LINK OF THE DAY pop over to Kal's cave for some hilarious MEOW MIX if you like crazy cats, and I know you do :)


  1. Looking forward to Brave.
    Have you seen The Secret of Kells?

  2. Oh, Christopher Meloni...how do I love thee? I am so upset he's not returning to SVU! :(

  3. @Munk
    I have, and I liked it and wrote about it among the first sites around the Net :)You?

    I'm guessing you like Chrissy best in OZ! Oh, how I miss me some OZ in late night hours :)

  4. ooh, you must! Once you start watching it you will become addicted! Trust me! It's one of the most unique shows ever. Extremely psychological and with outstanding acting and plot.

  5. Unleash the Titans!

    I'm ready for Immortals. Why is November so far away?

  6. Loo,did you know that one of my biggest dreams is to be able to use sentence UNLEASH THE DRAGONS once in real life :)
    Yes, why is November so far? How shall we survive the scorching summer? Only Conan can help us :)

  7. oh wow oh wow BRAVE looks fantastic. Do I HAVE to wait until summer next year???!!!

  8. indeed you have to, Lyndy, I'm not sure how shall we survive till then! Isn't it just marvelous?

  9. I didn't know that about Meloni and SVU, how sad... Great trailers.

  10. Can't wait to see BRAVE and Immortals! If you put those two titles together, they kinda work, don't they... the BRAVE IMMORTALS, ahah.

    Oh Dezzy, I'm soooo looking forward to Comic Con next month as Henry will be one of the panelists for Immortals and there'll be an autograph signing session! Man, just thinking about it makes me dizzy :D

  11. yet again a great post and i was completely distracted by ryan reynolds to the right ;)

  12. Thx for The Immortals clip Dez. I'm currently enjoying Henry Cavill in The Tudors. Season 1 is playing on BBC America. 3 more seasons after that...WooHoo! :)

  13. I so cannot wait for these two films! They look absolutely stunning. It seems like forever until November though I'm sure you have the exact countdown running, sweetie. ;)

  14. Fantastic trailers today Dezzy! Looking forward to Immortal in November, Henri Cavill looks gorgeous!
    Too bad we have to wait until next summer for Brave, think is going to be another Pixar Hit.
    Saw Green Lantern this past weekend and was so disappointed, knew it wasn't going to be great but never thought it was going to be so bad. It's slow paced, has a weak storyline and terrible cheap special effects. Not even eye candy Ryan Reynolds could save the movie so really...a sequel?!! No thank you I pass! Lol

  15. Oh how I adore Christopher Meloni. I always knew there was a hot body under that suit :)

    Do you think Brave appropriate for a 6 and 4 yr? I could make some serious g-ma points there . .

    But Immortals is the one that really tweaks my interest. I love battle, and men in skirts :). Except, I found very little redeeming qualities in 300 and not sure I want to risk another movie by the same producers. Why couldn't Mel Gibson intervene . .


  16. Loving 'Brave' more and more. The same could be said for the Immortals but in the opposite direction....Looks pants now! :-(

  17. thx for the new trailer of immortal!!

  18. Immortals looks like it's shaping up to be pretty awesome, we'll see if they can deliver

  19. Loving the Immortals! 11/11/11 is sooooooo far away...

  20. "Brave" looks great. And Kevin McKidd, you say? I miss "Journeyman."

    Now, when you say "General" for Christopher Meloni, and the fact that the Vulture article references filming at Edwards Air Force Base, can we assume he's not Zod?

    "Passage" - Yes please!

    "Green Lantern 2" - Excellent!

    As for "Immortals," I just hope Henry Cavill's acting—specifically his facial expressions—are better than what was in that trailer. He's screaming to a bunch of warriors, and his eyes are just dead and face just flat.

  21. @Clarissa
    what is SVU?

    is IMMORTALS really going to be at Comic Con? I heard lots of films decided not to appear there this year at all. Most of the big ones.

    it certainly does :)

    @Onion Gypsy
    Ryan often likes to appear here scantily clad to thrill my ladies :)

  22. @Ricrar
    enjoy it, sister, the first season is actually the best one, the second is so so, and the third and fourth were rather weak. So enjoy the good one while it lasts! Many characters from the first season do not appear later on.

    yes, it's been quite a long time since we've seen such great trailers and such promising films. Hollywood doesn't make me happy often, so I'm trying to enjoy these rare occasions :)

    Henry does look gorgeous as always :)
    Bad effects in GREEN LANTERN? Are you sure, girl? I reckon that film has the best effects we've seen in a long time. I hear some people didn't like it, and some did, but it certainly wasn't or isn't a huge hit in cinemas :(

  23. @Donnzie
    you mean you haven't seen Christopher's body before? You really must check out OZ show, in which he is naked full frontal like 90% of time :) And not just him .....

    glad you like BRAVE, Custie :)

    be welcome :0

    that was my goal :PPP

  24. @Jim
    trust me, it will deliver big time :)

    we might die before it happens :)

    We do love McKidd a lot!!!
    Isn't Zod already cast? I forgot the name of the actor, he is not that famous.
    The problem with Cavill is that he is like me :) - a very quiet man, with a quiet voice, so like me when I have to raise my tone in a classroom Henry could seem strange when he has to scream in the heat of the battle :) But he will be great because he is such a nice and kind person and a lovely boy, which we don't see often in Hollywood, and thus he deserves our support and a chance in the film world.

  25. You're right, Zod is going to be played by Michael Shannon (who was banging Kim Basinger in "8 Mile").

    I'll trust you on Cavill and suspend judgement until after the film.

  26. GL 2 has a 75% chance of being better. So there is that.

  27. yes, Michael Shannon, I've never watched him before, so I forget his name always :)
    Yep, trust me on Cavill and especially on Tarsem. He makes the most refined, profound and stunning films and he is also a visual genius! He is quite unlike any other director in Hollywood. You MUST watch his THE FALL is you haven't so far.

  28. nice to see you optimistic, Budd :P

  29. Yes Dezzy, I couldn't believe it either but I've read it in a few sites already, and this one has the full schedule from Relativity: http://www.starsentertainment.com/home/item/5123-comic-con-2011-relativity-films-announces-lineup-for-hall-h.html

    From what I've seen him in interviews, Henry does seem like a soft-spoken fella, so it's cool to see him get in touch with his inner bad-assery if you will. I just hope my brain will work when I meet him and Luke so it won't be an embarrassing experience like when I met Gerry Berry! :D

  30. looking forward to brave :D

  31. Hi Dezzy - Both BRAVE AND the IMMORTALS look great! Thanks. =D

  32. O-oo! Brave with the Lil Guy for sure.
    Do photographers hang out any where but in showers these days?

  33. @Flixy
    wowza... than take the list: I need me autographs from Henry and Luke, and possibly from Tarsem too :) I need you to tell Luke Hollywood Spy is his biggest online supporter and I need you to ask Henry for his phone number :) Wrote everything down? I;m so sad I didn't get to catch Luke Evans last year when he was filming RAVEN in my country :(

    we all are, we all are :)

  34. @Shells
    hi, Shellzilla, how are you these days? You've been AWOL from Blogger in last month or so :( Glad you like both BRAVE and IMMORTALS!

    actually I have an army of paparazzis every day in front of my bathroom window, and I swear it has nothing to do with the fact I gave them my daily showering schedule /smilessheepishly/

  35. Oh. My. Goodness. Brave looks so beautiful. I love the little curlies that stuck out from her hair, and that horse! Those Pixar jerks just HAD to put a teaser out when it's a year away... :-)

  36. yes, they are really teasing us big time :)

  37. i'm actually looking forward to the immortals! thanks for the scoop as always.

  38. glad to hear that, Edmund! :) New scoop coming in about 20 minutes!

  39. ooooohhhh!!!! brave just keeps looking better and better!
    and immortals- wow!

  40. Oh wow, 'Brave' looks amazing! One year to go ...

  41. @Vics
    amazing trailers, aren't they? :)

    It really does look amazing!