Friday, June 10, 2011


Since it seems crazy comedies are currently trendy in cinemas, this one might sound interesting to most of you. According to "Variety" everyone's favourite Reese Witherspoon might take
the lead role in Dreamwork's project WHO INVITED HER? The studio has lead a real war for the script rights for this hilarious comedy in which Reese could play a woman who insists on tagging along on a guy's bachelor party weekend. Reese will also produce this film, just like she is producing THIS MEANS WAR in which Chris Pine and Tom Hardy are playing two guys literally battling over a woman played by Witherspoon.

SHORT HEADLINES Universal is trying to get Roland Emmerich behind the helm of their huge sf film ASTEROIDS in which the remnants of human civilization are  living on far-flung
colonies within an asteroid belt alongside aliens. The survivors were led to believe that this alien civilization was benevolent, rescuing them from doom, but they ultimately discover that the aliens have engineered Earth’s destruction, and soon will do the same for the rest of humankind. Jake Gyllenhaal and Olivia Wilde could take roles in NOW YOU SEE ME, a Louis Leterrier's film about a group of world's best magicians who use their powers and skills to rob banks after which they throw all the money to their audience.

Oooh, again two of my favourite movie creatures in the same project: amazing British lad Matthew Goode (LEAP YEAR, WATCHMEN) might take the role in STOKER, a film based on Wentworth Miller's script. As you remember I already wrote about Wentworth writing screenplays beside acting, and this one
will have Mia Wasikowska (whom I'm not overly amazed by) as a girl mourning the loss of her father and Matthew Goode will play the mysterious uncle who shows up unexpectedly after the death, while Nicole Kidman will portray the girl's mother. Produced by Ridley and Toni Scott, the film, as reported previously in HOLLYWOOD SPY, had Colin Firth, Michael Fassbender and James Franco competing for the lead role.


  1. This Means War sounds really funny! I love Chris Pine.

  2. Dayum! Throw a little water on a guy and he is prime and ready for Playgirl magazine! I'm so gonna be staring at that pic of Jake for like an hour...or until my keyboard gets hella sticky ;)

  3. @Raquel
    it could be a lovely romcom in a unique, warring way :)

    well, thanks for the very vivid mental picture :))

  4. Ah, Dezzy. That's for the Gyllenhaal pic! Yummy.

    And I love Reese. She's a cutie. =D

  5. yep, two cuties for the cute you today :)

  6. I was wondering what Wentworth Miller had been up to. Thanks for the info Dez.

  7. ASTEROIDS sounds cool. Gotta love benevolent aliens turned bad ;)

  8. @Ricky
    hey, Ricks, I mentioned Wenty last week as well, check it out somewhere bellow :)

    yep, until those aliens happen to us personally :)

  9. reese witherspoon often has some very cute movies. i personally think she's producing the this means war one, just so that she can be fought over by those two gents. :P

  10. Wow, I never saw Reese Witherspoon look like that. She always does well with those comedies. Bread and butter.

  11. will reese ever top election is the question.

  12. I'm really digging the Stoker project. Should be an entertaining film. The cast is rounding up nicely.

  13. Who Invited Her? sounds like it could have real possibilities!

  14. Hi Dez! (I'm back from my trip) I'm VERY eager to see how Stoker will turn out!

  15. Reese needs to stop making all those rom-coms. She is so much better than that, she needs get back to the edgy characters she used to play.

  16. Everyone's favourite Reese Witherspoon, is she your favourite too? :)
    Anyway, I want to complete your info, "Stoker" will be directed by one of the best directors from Asia, Park Chan-wook :)

  17. Magicians stealing from the banks and throwing the money to an audience is got to be a crowd pleaser.

    Reese has IT, doesn't she? The movie can be bland and she gives it the kiss of life. Mind you, not even she could save Four Christmases. Gawdawful.

  18. I like reese witherspoon :P

    She's pretty hot haha.

  19. Who invited her has possibilities.

  20. This Means War? Yes please,look aces!!

    Great info as always Dezzy!

  21. I'm loving these two new Reese projects. She has a knack for comedy. Matthew Goode looks delicious so thanks for this pic. ;) He is gorgeous and I'll watch anything he's in.

  22. @Vics
    you mean you wouldn't personally like to find yourself in such situation? :))

    Somebody mentioned ELECTION recently too, but I've never seen it.

    I tried very hard to find a hot pic of Reese since this is kinda a HOT BLUE Friday at HOLLYWOOD SPY :))

    it's an interesting cast if we don't count Wasikowska, and I expect from story to be unusual given that Wenty is the writer :)

  23. @Debra
    it certainly could, it could be a female HANGOVER or something :)

    welcome back, Sam, hope you had a nice time at your travelling

    and what's wrong with romcoms? Heartwarming, positive stories celebrating love and emotions can never be something wrong. I personally respect and admire romcom actors 100 times better than irresponsible and immature directors and actors who act in and produce dark, violent and aggressive films like Nollan, Fincher, Tarantino ...

  24. @Jaccsy
    I do like her but she's not my favourite of actresses :) And I did mention that the Asian director is doing STOKER each time I wrote about the film before, just click the red letter link in the post and you will see :)

    it is a crowd pleaser isn't it? I'd certainly be pleased if they'd shower me with money :)
    Haven't seen FOUR CHRISTMASES although I wanted to :)

    glad you like her :)

  25. @Lurk
    it certainly does :)

    he he glad you like the news today ;)

    ah, don;t mention MAtthew Goode. He is so charismatic and interesting, I just love watching him in all possible films of his. I heard he is privately quite arrogant, which I don't like, but we could teach him some manners if needed :))

    I'll tell her you said so :P

  26. After all these years, Reese Witherspoon is still lookin good!

  27. he he I knew me boys would like that pic of Reese :P

  28. RW likes the attention! And who would blame her. Some great films coming up. I hope Firth gets the part.

  29. I hate to admit it but I will watch any movie with Reese Witherspoon in it ;)

  30. Critics can say what they like about Emmerich's films--I don't care, they are usually fun rides and this one sounds okay by me.

    A movie about magicians is another one that catches my attention.

    Tossing It Out

  31. @Clarissa
    stars live for and from attention :) You didn't read the post carefully, Firth was competing for the role but it went to Goode :)

    she's your sinful pleasure :)

    thanks, Mary, you too, mine will be a working one with a midnight relaxing session for baking cakes :)

    I'm looking forward to watching Emmerich's ANONYMOUS this autumn, which is his first medieval drama.

  32. You and me giving lessons to arrogant man, why Dez you are so naughty. ;) That's what I love best about you besides your sweet personality, of course.

  33. he he a mix of sweet and spicy, I heard that compliment before :) As in everything I like to develop balance within me when it comes to those things as well :)
    And you know he would ask for additional lessons after we're done with him :)))