Thursday, June 23, 2011


 Some time ago HOLLYWOOD SPY has presented you first concept art from Pixar's new animated film BRAVE and now you can
check out the mesmerizing and stunningly beautiful poster! (click on it to see it bigger).  Coming to cinemas next summer, this thrilling adventure will be set in medieval Scotland following the impetuous, tangle-haired princess Merida, who wants to become world's greatest archer. A clash of wills with her mother compels Merida to make a reckless choice, which unleashes unintended peril on her father's kingdom and her mother's life. Merida struggles with the unpredictable forces of nature, magic and a dark, ancient curse to set things right!

Although the film has lost battle against Tarsem's SNOW WHITE, which premieres first and doesn't have horrid Kirsten Stewart in the lead role, SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMEN with Charlize Theron and Chris Hemsworth still has another ace in its sleeve: after casting Ian McShane as the lead dwarf the film now also has Eddie Izzard as the biggest dwarf, Bob Hoskins as the blind dwarf, Toby Jones as the shy dwarf and Ray Winstone as one of the twin dwarfs! According to "Deadline", Jennifer Lopez might take the female lead in PARKER, an action film in which Jason Statham plays a thief with strict moral codes who at the same time isn't afraid to kill if necessary. Lopez will get involved with him during a heist.

One of the films, besides Meryl Streep's IRON LADY, Tarsem's IMMORTALS and Michele Williams' MY WEEKEND WITH MARYLIN, which will try to win an Oscar next year, is certainly David Cronenberg's new film A DANGEROUS METHOD in which Michael Fassbender and Viggo Mortensen play two of the most famous psychologists Dr. Carl Gustav Jung and newcomer Sigmund Freud, who both fall in love with a severely unbalanced patient (played dreadfully as always by that Keira Knightley girl).The film also stars amazing French star Vincent Cassell and you can check out the first trailer bellow (if you can stand Knightley, off course).
LINK OF THE WEEK if you wanna read more about the two SNOW WHITE projects, go over to FLIX CHATTER and tell Flixy Dezzy sent you :)


  1. Ooooh I love that Pixar poster, again thanks for posting this Dezzy! It looks very Scottish :D

    And Fassbender, oh my! Thanks for the link love as well, Dezzy, very sweet of you.

  2. kiera was good in king arthur, though, you have to admit.

  3. @Flixy
    isn't the poster just gorgeous?
    I knew you would like the Fass My BenderS pic :)

    what? She was the most horrible Guinevere ever if we don't count the terrible actress from BBC'S Merlin :)

  4. Well, Mr. Fassbender is looking quite dashing today. :)

    Fassbender and Viggo Mortensen in the same movie?!? I better not see that one in public. I might do a little fan screaming.

    And Keira Knightly isn't that bad -- only when she makes that terrible face with her mouth open and we have to see all her teeth. She's better in the lighthearted stuff, but unfortunately she wants to be a serious dramatic actress.

  5. he looks dashing almost every day :)
    It is a charming combination isn't it? :)
    Yep, Keira's jaws thing is one of the reason we can't stand her.

  6. I am so happy I am not the only one who loathes Keira Knightly. :) A Dangerous Method would have been great, but she's ruined it with her awful presence.

    On the bright side, I love that poster for Brave, what an interesting plot it has.

  7. Ooooo, Jung, Freud, Cronenberg -- it will be a good movie! Although I don't think much of that skinny girl KK either.

  8. LOVE that poster! That would get me to the theatre in a heart beat! :)

  9. Beautiful Pixar poster. And that looks like a nice cast for Snow White. I'm glad this one doesn't have Kristen Stewart.

  10. The Brave poster is a beaut, as is the Jennifer Lopez pic. I'm a fan of Cronenberg's films, but I have no opinion of Keira since I can't recall who she is or what she was in.

    Tossing It Out

  11. A quite impressive poster for Brave and that photo for J.Lo makes her look like one character in the animation film :)

  12. BRAVE looks amazing (and that's just the poster! hehehe). Also, that's a strange pic of Lopez...

  13. thanks, your are become the first channel of news for me, light years ahead of the one i was using before.


  14. Meh the Snow White debate is silly...lets face it most people WIL NOT see a film that has Stewart in it. She should give up acting now, I am so over her!!

    Love that Brave poster!!

  15. Fassbender is the only reason I need to watch A Dangerous Method! :)

  16. You're right about the Knightley wench.

  17. I love that Brave poster! And the movie sounds great, too!

  18. I just love the trailer. Based on a true story? Wow, my thoughts on the whole psychiatry profession has changed drastically. But, the acting looks wonderful. I like Keira but in funny movies like Bend it Like Beckam.

  19. @Melsy
    I'm actually surprised with how many people can't stand her. She, Julia Roberts and that Portman wench are usually considered popular and loved by the audience, but they actually have more people who can't stand them than those who liked them. They are just fake and artificial :)

    it's so nice to know that the L world doesn't like Keira either :) And we do love both Jung and Freud :) The second one especially.

    that was exactly my first thought when I saw the poster. I'd watch the movie immediately after seeing the poster :)

  20. @Rosie
    no, no, Rosita, you didn't get it right :) The one with all those great dwarfs is THE ONE with horrid Stewart too :( Actors portraying dwarfs in the other, Tarsem's, SNOW WHITE, aren't known actors.

    ah, I wish I was unable to recall Keira too :) I kinda figured you might like Cronenberg's movies :)

    I've chosen that J.Lo pic deliberately to match the BRAVE poster :) It took me at least ten minutes to decide whether to post a story on her or not last night since you know I hate evil ladies who wear fur and animal carcasses on their back thinking they are stylish, and J.Lo is one of them.

  21. @Burnduro
    glad you think so

    BRAVE is gorgeous :) And the J.Lo pic is from her famous, I like to call it CONAN, photo session in which she posed in those epic/barbarian outfits like ten years ago.

    thanks, Daniel. It's true that thanks to us being fresh many other blogs and sites steal stories from us :) And we would be even more fresh and exclusive if we didn't post just once a day, but I work and have a regular career and don't have time to post many times a day :(

    Custie for the president! :)

  22. @Sammy
    he he ... he does like especially tasty in that picture, doesn't he? :)

    hehe Knightley wench ... Lurk I shall hire you to write my public speeches after this :)

    glad you like it, Suzy, it really is lovely

    we do love psychological films and Freud especially who was a bit crazy but also extremely wise and straight to the point. I support most of his theories.

  23. brave sounds pretty promising.

  24. @Ben
    he he ... I see you are hungry today ;)

    it certainly does!

  25. oh wow. just. wow.
    ((the brave poster))

  26. Can't wait for "Brave." I'll have to check out "A Dangerous Method" when I'm not behind this firewall.

  27. Brave seems like it might be a good film, looking forward to it

  28. @Vics
    wow indeed :)

    it will be a great animated movie. He he ... you're writing from work? :)

    glad you like it, Germs!

  29. Keira Knightley’s ersatz Russian accent and OTT acting skills kill this otherwise interesting trailer. I think Keira is a poor actress who struggles to perform in any part that isn’t a posh English girl, and even then she sucks. Her wooden performances in movies means that I now call her Ikea Knightley.

  30. he he ... I couldn't agree with you more on Keira, everything you said is absolutely true. And I think she is identical to Natalie Portman in all of this.

  31. Wow, what does that J. Statham/J.Lo heist effort have to do with leather singlets and swords?

    If they hook-up they could be J-StayLo.

  32. are you seeing that those singlets and swords hurt your eyes, Munk? (or is it some other body part :))