Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Although George Lucas has already written 50 episodes for a live action STAR WARS TV series, it seems we really won't see it produced any time soon. Beside the fact that there haven't been
any successful sf shows in recent few years so the project could be risky, the main problem, which Lucas mentioned a number of times himself, is the price: producing huge sf episodes in the way he imagined it, with CGI and huge futuristic sets is expensive. And according to "MovieWeb" the biggest problem is digital animation which would be used in the amount TV is still not able to finance. If it gets done it would be set between episodes 3 and 4 in the time when the Empire was spreading around the galaxy from its Coruscant capital, following the underground leaders who control the black market.

Now, HOLLYWOOD SPY has already informed you that HBO is planning a mini series based on Neil Gaiman's famous novel AMERICAN GODS, but now "The Hollywood Reporter" says
that ten or twelve episodes will have a huge budget of around $40 million! The story describes a battle between two different God-like factions. One set of Gods is based on myths and legends who became real because the human race believed in them at one time. They're starting to disappear, and are being replaced by a new set of Gods that are a manifestation of America's preoccupation with technology, celebrity, media and drugs. The main character will be an ex-con who gets mixed up in this war when he unwittingly decides to join a conman who turns out to be a dieing deity gathering troops for the final battle.

Do you remember legendary BBC TV series I, CLAUDIUS with marvelous Derek Jacobi? Well, according to "Deadline NY" it is
getting a new mini series version over at BBC and HBO by producers of equally legendary but more recent ROME. Based on popular ancient Roman epic novels by cult writer Robert Graves the story brings a glimpse into the power, madness, murder, backstabbing and debauchery that was part and parcel of ruling-class Rome by following the rise of Roman emperor Claudius who was hiding his wit and wisdom behind a stutter and a limp in order to achieve his goals.
LINK OF THE DAY My dear Matty brings an extensive X-MEN: FIRST CLASS review over at FilmMattic!


  1. That Princess Leia is hot! :P I hope they get to do the show. :)

  2. she is indeed, have you noticed her heavenly eyebrows and angelic smile? :)

  3. had not heard of the jacobi miniseries before. good info!

  4. Gutted if we *never* get to see the live action Star Wars series - particuarly if they've already written the whole thing! - but at least Clone Wars is still ongoing.

    Having said that, how can digital animation be "too expensive" when Clone Wars is *wholly* CGI yet being produced for multiple series'??

    ~ CR@B Howard

  5. @E
    it's quite an old one from the 70's I think :)

    I've no idea, CR, you must ask Lucas :) but I'm guessing that CGI in animated films and in live action ones isn't the same one.

  6. I think Princess Leia needs a spa day. :)

    American Gods will be an interesting project. I prefer Gaiman's Neverwhere, though. It's my favorite of his stories.

  7. HBO taking on American Gods. Nice. :-)

    I'm with L.G. though: Neverwhere would have been even cooler!

  8. Thanks for the link love Dezz! You're the best :)

    The "American Gods" series has huge production value. It's definitely worth a gander.

  9. Can't wait to see what becomes of American Gods. Neil Gaiman is an awesome writer.

    I do remember "I, Claudius" I watched it about ten years ago when our local public station ran it as a special. Terrific series and Jacobi was amazing.

  10. Is that a dieing deity gathering troops, or a dieting deity gathering soups? Either way, I'd better get reading.

  11. Princess Leia up there...


    After a few beers...
    I think I'd still hit it ;)

  12. There are so many shows and so many options of viewing things on one's television that the market is becoming vastly over-saturated and anything big budget television show must be a huge risk. I guess that means more reality shows and things like cooking shows. That's okay--I don't watch any of it anyway.

    Tossing It Out

  13. American Gods looks interesting, so many ways to go with this one ;D

  14. I loved the original "I, Claudius" series -- hope the remake is as compelling!

  15. I will definitely try to see American Gods. I might pick up the book if i find the money(and time to read)

  16. Ah, American Gods; I have this gift certificate from B&N that is begging to be spent. American Gods is on my list of propects. I hate to see a movie before I read the novel.

    On a lighter note Dez: Donnzy; seriously? LOL, my only nicknames have been D or Donut before now. I think you just topped my favorite sweetheart list.


  17. Star Wars TV show would be great but will have a bit of American Gods while I wait.

  18. HAHAHAHA I'm sorry, I had trouble getting past the pic of Rowan Atkinson

  19. I love that picture of Atkinson, such a great find.

    The problem with any Star Wars TV show would be the success of the films before it. Making it a tough act to follow!!

    Ah well

    How are you Dezzy?

  20. hahaha, I simply can't wait to see that princess Leia in action...my god!!!! It's gonna be a blast!!!!
    Greetings from Spain,

  21. OMG. OMG. OMG. American Gods will be EPIC!!!

  22. @Luanne
    we shall book her a day at a spa at Naboo :)

    glad you like the news on AMERICAN GODS :)

    be welcome, and that huge budget for the TV show, really does promise something special

    I'm glad someone remembers I CLAUDIUS :) I wasn't born when it was made, so I watched it a few years ago and it is a show for a more mature audience, the older adults, and Jacobi was brilliant as always.
    How's your tooth? Better? Hope you're not feeling any pain :(

  23. @Munk
    it's a dieting deity gathering soups, and I'm shocked that you read it otherwise :P This is why we must prepare and hide all our canned soups, even the Andy Warhol ones :)

    after a few one liter beer bottles I presume :)

    'tis true, my friend, there is a mass production, but it's weird that in the ocean of projects I still can't really find much of those which would interest me. I watch maybe four to five 10 episode series a year, and that's it.

    yep, Ella, it could turn out to be pretty much everything and anything and even nothing :)

  24. @Debra
    we shall keep our fingers crossed :)

    in my experience time is usually much more difficult to find than money :(

    ah, you DO know that Dezz is widely known as the master in giving nicknames :)Many people in the blogosphere have received new nicks and names thanks to yours truly :)

    the wait will be long since AMERICAN GODS won't appear before 2013 and STAR WARS before 2000andnever :)

  25. @Lyndy
    it's so obvious you're Australian, since you're the first one to notice it was our dear Rowan :) with buns in his hair :)

    glad you liked Rowan's pic :)
    I'm rather grumpy and in an ill mood these days, unfortunately, a number of things suddenly got broken in my villa and I hate having the repairmen in my chambers. HOLLYWOOD SPY is currently my only stress relief heaven :)How are you and the family? And the two cats? :)

    hey, XAVS, welcome to HOLLYWOOD SPY, and I'm sending love to Spain :) Please don't send us any cucumbers :PPP

    glad to see you excited, I know you like Gaiman :)

  26. @ DEzzy, We are all very well, the boss is away this week so I am finding it hard to stay away from games and online movies and actually do some work!!

  27. and who's your boss, Custie? I've never asked you what do you do? Something in MI5 or something in TESCO? :ppp

  28. I for one would give a Star wars TV show serious consideration. Perhaps, Lucas is just biding his time for when there would be more willing investors to produce the show. I'm pretty sure he finds this as more of a hobby than a money making machine anyways.

  29. American Gods will be interesting.

    What happened to Princess Leia?!

  30. American Gods will be worth keeping am eye on. Tom Hanks is actually a solid producer for television material.

  31. @HiFi
    yep, I think STAR WARS is his life and he lives for it, it's not so much about money.

    what? Is something wrong with Leia? :))

    FTW :)

    haven't watched anything he produced, but I generally try to avoid Tom's films and roles.

  32. THe news is not interesting, at least for me....but your chosen picture is freakin hilarious...I love that princess Bean one lol

  33. Bean is a princess indeed :)

  34. I know I'm catching up on a few older posts, but "American Gods" as a mini-series? Yes please. I saw people "campaigning" for David Boreanaz for Shadow, and Anthony Hopkins as Wednesday. I could possibly see Dominic Purcell as Shadow. Maybe Viggo Mortensen. As far as Wednesday, I'd be less inclined to Anthony Hopkins, only because of "Thor." Maybe John Goodman, only because of the larger size and playful nature. I imagined Wednesday as a bigger guy, but agile. Your thoughts and/or picks?

  35. well, I've never read the book, Josh, but I'm not sure Hopkins and Viggo would play on TV. Purcell certainly would. I'm sure they would go for less popular and expensive actors in the end.