Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Now, it seems we really can't have a day without Bradley Cooper being mentioned in the news, can we? According to "Variety" he could star in Doug Liman's sf film LUNA in which the story revolves around a group of renegade scientists who build a space craft in order to try and steal a mysterious energy source from the moon. It's interesting that beside Cooper, another names included in the run for the lead role include Captain America Chris Evans, and two less interesting actors - Andrew Spiderman Garfield and Emile Hirsch. Chris Pine was also mentioned previously, but he is mentioned in pretty much anything. HOLLYWOOD SPY has already wrote about the possible female leads.

SHORT HEADLINES Naomie Harris (28 DAYS LATER) has confirmed that she has been offered a Bond girl role in JAMES BOND 23 to be directed this winter by Sam Mendes. Warner Bros. is preparing an untitled sf epic on the war in outer space with Sam Worthington in the lead role. Gorgeous Olivia Munn will star in THE BABY MAKER beside Paul Schneider, a film about a married couple who can't conceive so they decide to rob a sperm bank where he made a deposit as a young man. Jan Kounen (COCO CHANEL AND IGOR STRAVINSKY) is working on an animated sf film WINDWALKERS about a futuristic world where unyielding winds threaten humanity, so a special team is put together to venture to the Upper Reaches from where the winds originate.

Some rumors indicate that TERMINATOR 5 could be shot without the troublesome Governator as the main hero, with some younger actor playing the lead role of Kyle Reese. And rumors say that Paul Walker could be that young actor to be hired by director Justin Lin (who worked with Walker on FAST FIVE). But, according to "DreadCentral" Arnold Schwarzenegger will still have a fairly substantial role in the new story since the original timeline will get torn for some unknown reason .... This might also mean that the idea of the original cast from the first film gathering again might not be realized as some rumors stated this spring.

PS don't forget to visit Lynda Young's site today since she features one of my cakes in a lovely post of hers ;) 


  1. Terminator 5.......i don't think we need another one, bond news is good.

  2. agreed, Lurk, we don't need any new Terminators. Glad you like Bond news ;)

  3. I loved the first three Terminators, but the fourth one was a real disappointment. Even with Paul Walker, I probably won't see the next one.

  4. I didn't mind the 4th one, but I'm generally not into the TERMINATOR saga, so I'm quite indifferent :)

  5. We need a Terminator movie if Paul Walker is going to be in it. :)

    Nice pics today, Dezz.

  6. he would be the only reason to watch it, Luanne :) Glad you like the pics, I opted for a Naughty Wednesday today :)

  7. I love James Bond films, so another one is wonderful! I don't even think I watched all the Terminators the first go round but I'll see about the new one.

  8. new JAMES BOND could be good only if they get Rachel Weisz as the villain as gossips announced earlier this year :)

  9. LUNA sounds like it will have a very 50's storyline.

  10. And thanks for the link...your cakes are truly amazing. I can't say it enough.

  11. Olivia Munn is super sexy (that's mainly why I dig her), but she comes across, in many of her interviews, as snooty and conceited. She's becoming harder to like.

    I like Paul Walker, but I'm not convinced he'd make a good Kyle Reese.

  12. I like the idea of a non-white actress as Bond girl, so yay for Naomi!

    " seems we really can't have a day without Bradley Cooper being mentioned in the news..." Bummer!! There are other good looking leading men, c'mon Hollywood!

  13. wow are u serious we need arnie!

  14. Robbing a sperm bank? Hmmm- that gives me an idea: How about a bad of vampire robbers who rob blood banks? Sounds like a better idea with more potential for action.

    Tossing It Out

  15. YES! I'm all for the Bond news. It's kinda about time we had another black Bond girl. And she's pretty fucking badass. As for Terminator 5, c'mon. You can't have a Terminator without the Governator. Even with his scandals.

  16. First of all, I went over to Lynda's site because I can't resister your cakes. I am so excited that you are going to have a culinary site. You are so amazingly talented. :)

    I think I will be seeing Bradley Cooper in my dreams. He's every damn where. I think Paul Walker could work in The Terminator. The Baby Maker sounds corny beyond belief. Don't like movies about pregnant women and women who want to get pregnant. There are infinitely more interesting subjects. ;)

  17. As far-fetched as it seems to put Walker in the role, it doesn’t make sense with the “younger male lead” portion of the rumor.

  18. What is Chris Evans pulling from his belly? Or is he about to give himself a little tickle?

    Wondering how they will cope with Arnie's advanced years in T5?

  19. Paul Walker in Terminator 5? I just had a shudder down my spine....What are they thinking?

  20. Let terminator die, imo

    good blog

    Thanks for the follow

  21. @Lyndy
    glad you liked the cakes so much :)

    so she is kinda like Megan Fox? I haven't seen her in anything so far, I just know her from gossip stories and sexy pictures :) It's not nice if she's arrogant :(

    that was the idea

    yep, but the only problem is that she isn't really a beauty, so I'm not sure how she will fit the Bond girl role, although it's not still sure whether she will really play a girl or some other character.

  22. @Blk
    well, he will be back, as he promised he he :)

    yep, but you have to bear in mind that he is robbing the bank to steal his own sperm since he became infertile :) That's not even stealing he he ....

    well, Arnie is coming back but not in the main role :)

    thanks, glad you like the idea, but it will be a modest blog probably, with all the cakes I already posted at Facebook. It seems more people could see them if I open a blog about it.
    We don't mind Walker and Cooper in large quantities :)

  23. oooh! letmesee...
    *visits wip it*
    ohman! now i'm hungry!
    looks great!

  24. @Jaccsy
    you mean you don't consider him young? :)

    hey, why are you starring at Chris' belly anyway? :PPPP

    you no likey Walker? :((

    he he ... I'm not sure Terminator can be killed, and I'm not sure Hollywood wants it dead :)

  25. @Vics
    ah, you've been to the cake factory? :) Glad you like my rum/chocolate/peanut bombs :)

  26. Oh please no more Armold S!! Didn't we have already enough of him? Think is his time for..."Hasta la vista baby" Lol
    I like Paul Walker for the role, if we're going to have another sequel let's have at least a younger good looking actor in the film.

  27. Bradley Cooper is EVERYWHERE these days!!!
    Kelly P.

  28. @Summer
    he he :) it's but he also said, in a bad Austrian accent, I WILL BE BACK :)

    he is, I saw him in my fridge this morning too when I opened it to get me some margarine :)

  29. Terminator 5??? come on!! it's ridiculous ... enough already