Wednesday, June 15, 2011


 I must admit I've kinda expected this to happen: according to "Vulture" Darren Aronofsky's new $130 million epic project
NOAH has possibly found it's lead man in Christian Bale, which is logical since such an expensive project does need a star of Bale's caliber. It would also help Aronofsky to find money at the major studios. As you remember, based on a graphic novel, this dark fantasy epic will bring a more grim, gritty, edgy and shocking version of the famous Biblical story of Noah who gathered all the animal species on his ark before the Flood.

SHORT HEADLINES The story of BEASTS OF BURDEN does sound crazy,but this comic book is getting its movie
adaptation. The story revolves around a bunch of dogs and a cat who are trying to defend their owners and their town's residents from unusual supernatural forces. The film will be produced by Andrew Adamson (SHREK, THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA). Gorgeous cutie Jessica Simpson will be a celebrity mentor in Elle Macpherson's and NBC's new reality programme FASHION STAR which will see a group of unknown designers competing for a multimillion dollar contract. Jessica owns a very lucrative fashion company of her own.

As you know, Brad Pitt's movie adaptation of WORLD WAR Z is currently one of the hottest projects when it comes to casting, and according to "MovieWeb" the latest cast adddition is LOST's
Matthew Fox who will play a character called Parajumper, while Pitt will be a U.N. researcher. Based on a bestselling novel by Max Brooks the film is set ten years after the human victory over the world wide Zombie epidemic, referred to as World War Z, and it follows the researcher who scours the world collecting the stories and experiences of those who have survived the conflict that almost eradicated humanity. According to some rumors, Ed Harris could also join the film, and James Badge Dale (THE PACIFIC) has already joined it as the soldier who first spotted the zombie invasion.

LINK OF THE DAY Join our favourite Scottish writer, Michael Malone, in his talk about last meals over at MAY CONTAIN NUTS!


  1. Apparently World War Z is filming in my home town of Glasgow.

  2. I love Ed Harris. He makes every movie he's in better, IMO.

    Christian Bale was fantastic in The Fighter. I'm always interested to see his movies, even if he does have rage issues in real life. :)

  3. Christian Bale would be a perfect choice for Noah.

  4. I don't like Bible movies, but I am a fan of Aronofsky's so I will probably end up seeing this, just not at the theater. Not even Christian Bale could induce me to pay money to see something based on the Bible. I got enough of that in church growing up.

    World War Z is going to be so cool. I love zombie movies.

    I am feeling much, much better, Thank you, sweetie! I'm looking more human and less puffer fish. LOL

  5. I was hoping to find something on the spiderman reboot movie but sadly, no =( Really cool to see the musketeers trailer even though it's by Summit (Twilight's umbrella) World War Z sounds awesome. Then they should do a zombie survival guide movie by the makers of American Psycho

  6. OOOh, World War Z sounds cool! Didn't I write about that awhile ago. You had a fort and we survived ;-D lol I love Ed Harris~

    Not sure about Noah, but it might be interesting to see a darker side. Bale can do it~

    Off to the link of the day~ Thanks! :D

  7. It's funny -- I happen to be watching American Psycho as I type this....
    And Bale plus Aronovsky would be an excellent formula.

  8. I am also curious with Bale-Aranofski movie. I hope it will be as good as Black Swan

  9. Noah is going to be a cool flick. I am ready to buy my tickets...right now!!


  10. World War Z is filming up the road from me and I met a location scout for the movie aswell and its zombies which is a winner with me.

  11. WW Z sounds good as does Noah. Bale is a v.good actor.

    Thanks for the link, Dezzy. You are a star!

  12. @Ricky
    is that an invitation for me and my penguins to crash at your place while spying around the sets? :))

    if I remember correctly his rage issues were more than understandable and natural since he has terrible in-laws :(

    I thought you might approve of the possible choice for the lead actor :)

  13. @Melsy
    ah, that's another thing we have in common, Melsy, we both can't stand church and the Bible :)
    Glad to hear your tooth is better, now you can munch and nibble on some chocolate :)

    yes, we do not like Summit :) I did write about SPIDERMAN reboot last winter, you can find those posts if you use the SEARCH button in the right sidebar (if Blogger isn't messing with it like it did last week) but I haven't written about it lately since there weren't many new updates on the project.

    yes, those were the times when we took down many zombies from my postapocalyptic fort :) I remember how you refused to give the controls of my mega fireblasters to anyone else but yourself :)

  14. @Andrew
    Bale always brings a bit of psycho in all of his roles :))))

    it could be, it could be ...

    BLACK SWAN was good? I haven't noticed :)

  15. @Custie
    you mean you still have some money left after your recent holiday? :))

    did you audition for the stunt roles? It might be cool playing a zombie :)

    just a star? I thought I was at least a mega star if not a giga star :P

  16. Making Noah more edgy. I am not sure how you top a son getting his father drunk so he can seduce him.

  17. Aronofsky + Bale = SUPER happy me!

  18. A darker Noah sounds cool; Bale is the man! Just keep the director of giraffes out of Bale's shot.

    Not sure I can wait until next summer for WWZ. Glad they got Fox onboard though. Maybe he can talk Sawyer into joining the cast as well. He could have a bunch of different nicknames for certain zombies, like Freckles, Stay Puff and Frosted Flakes. I miss that dude...

  19. OMFG. I can't fucking wait for World War Z. I love that book. Love it, love it. I'm slightly skeptical--not quite sure how they're going to tie all the separate plots into one movie. Personally, I think it'd make a better TV show. STILL. Nothing can tame my excitement for this one.

  20. @Budd
    what? :))) I think I'm missing some piece of info here :)

    I know many people like the two of them :)

    I didn't watch LOST so I don't know who Sawyer is, but he seems like a funny guy from your description :)

  21. @Novroz
    I don't :)

    glad to see you so excited :) I'll be sure to keep you posted on the project as it develops ;)

  22. You're spoiling me rotten, Dez, featuring Bale and then Butler back to back [swoon]

    Heh, I'm not sure about this Noah project but I'll reserve judgment until I hear more about it. Love the casting though.

  23. yes, I knew you probably wouldn't like this one, since you are extremely religious.
    Guess the religious groups will attack it even before it starts in cinemas. But I'm sure it can be any more grittier nor dark nor brutal than that horrible atrocity of a film Gibson's PASSION. We shall wait and see.

  24. in the bible, Noah's son gets him drunk and the lays with him. Huge scandel. It was like the original sin after the flood.