Wednesday, June 1, 2011


It seems famous composer ANTONIO VIVALDI is quite trendy these days since two films are being made about him at the same
time. According to "ScreenDaily" one of the films will star young Max Irons, Elle Fanning and Clare Foy with experienced legends Jacqueline Bisset, Tom Wilkinson and Alfred Molina, and it will follow Vivaldi as he turns a talented, but traumatised, group of  illegimate daughters of courtesans, into a world-class orchestra which will play all through Venice and in front of the Pope as well. In the second project, director Patricia Riggen will follow VIVALDI's love problems and the cast could include amazing Luke Evans, lovely Jessica Biel and Ben Kingsley.

 Two of the upcoming teen bestseller film adaptations have added new actors: Donald Sutherland has joined the cast of THE HUNGER GAMES film project in which he will play President Snow, the evil and powerful ruler of Panem and its 12
districts. He will star next to Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth (who got his hair died in brown). Another project THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS film adaptation has hired their male lead: young Jamie Campbell Bower will play a demon hunter who helps the main star Lily Collins in her mission. I'm rather shocked they've chosen Campbell Bower, who gives the most horrid and most superficial and pointless performance as king Arthur in Starz's show CAMELOT. The audience is pretty much unanimous on him being the weakest link of that show in which his acting is so annoying that I'm even considering not watching the show anymore even though I'm the biggest fan of historical shows.

"Variety" has just announced that PBS is ready to broadcast their interesting new ensemble drama this Fall. Directed by amazingly
talented David Hare, who wrote marvelous screenplays for Kate Winslet's tremendous THE READER and THE HOURS, this thriller called PAGE EIGHT will have a stunning cast including Bill Nighy as Johnny Worricker, an MI-5 officer who becomes wrapped up in an elaborate conspiracy after the death of his best friend, Benedict Baron the chief of security service (Michael Gambon). The film also stars Rachel Weisz as Johnny's neighbor and his secret enemy and Ralph Fiennes and Judy Davis. PBS is also preparing THE SONG OF LUNCH with Emma Thompson and Alan Rickman about a book editor and his former lover who reconnect 15 years after their original affair.


  1. oh, Donald Sutherland would make a cool evil President Snow. Good choice!

  2. the producers probably saw him in HOLLYWOOD SPY's latest poll :)))))

  3. I like that picture of Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss. It's much better than the one I saw earlier today (on Yahoo) of her in a frumpy blue dress. She looked like Auntie Em from The Wizard of Oz.

    And I want Rachel Weisz's outfit.

  4. I'm excited about the Hunger Games castings (all except for Lenny Kravitz... that I just don't see). Hopefully these movies will live up to the books.

  5. I didn't know Vivaldi was trendy.

    I'll watch anything with Rachel and Ralph. And the two of them together...that's awesome. I enjoyed their performances in The Constant Gardener.

  6. Love Vivaldi! Both those movies sound great -- and what a soundtrack they'll have!

  7. That hunger games picture does look great. Haven't read the books, but could be interesting to see.

  8. The Hunger Games and Donald Sutherland sounds even better.

  9. Hi Dezzy, Just popping in to say hi from my holiday!!

    How are we?

  10. I am so psyched for the Hunger Games! Although, I do wish Alex Pettyfer was cast...

  11. Ugh Jamie Campbell Bower! I wish I could cut him out of Camelot. The Hunger Games got a lot more exciting with ol' Donald.

    I'm really intrigued by both Vivaldi pictures and the new PBS drama. I love Rachel.

  12. Rach's new project sounds very interesting. I miss her new film quite a lot.

  13. Hmm Page Eight with Rachel Weisz. Sounds hot.

  14. @Luanne
    yep, there were some new pics from the set, but very bad ones, so I posted this one from the official photo shoot.
    And Rachel's outfit really is simple but hot :) and very easy to pull off :) But the skirt has to be tight tight tight and boots hot hot hot :)

    yep, I personally don't see Kravitz in any film, since I don't like him, and he will probably have some egocentric role

    they were a nice couple in CONSTANT GARDENER even though it was a rather bad film. It will be nice seeing them together again

  15. @Debra
    yep, there will be some marvelous music :) And we do love music in films!

    many people like the novel, I probably wouldn't like it, but the movie could be interesting since it has lovely actors

    he he :) HOLLYWOOD SPY's polls are steps to stardom :)

  16. @Lurk
    yep, Donals pretty much improves any cast :)

    ah, I'm working, toiling and feeding the world while you are relaxing your behind somewhere in Hawaii :P

    ah, yes, Pettyfer would've been seriously great, but Hemsworth is great too

  17. @Melsy
    glad you like all of the projects. It's been a very poor week in the news department and I'm having difficulties finding material for my posts in last five or six days :(

    she actually has a new trailer come out a few days ago for her new film, but I didn't post it since it's about the war in Bosnia

    everything with Rachel sounds hot :)

  18. why oh why would they choose bower over speleers?

  19. kill me, beat me, and then kill me again if I know :( I'm seriously disgusted by their casting choice!

  20. I love the news that there's a Vivaldi revival! Don't know really some of the actor's in the cast, but looking forward to the films. (Though why they're making two films about Vivaldi at the same time...strange how Hollywood works). Why Vivaldi I wonder? Any thoughts?

  21. well, a VIVALDI project has been in the making for almost a decade now, I think Joseph Fiennes was meant for the lead role, but it fell through and now we have these two.
    For some crazy/rival reason big studios love competing with the same projects in last few years. I mean we are having 3 SNOW WHITE projects, 2 VIVALDI ones, 2 SLEEPING BEAUTY, it's just crazy ...

  22. Thanks for all the Hunger Games news! Donald Sutherland is an excellent choice! And love that Katniss pic of Jennifer!

  23. be welcome, Kelly, I know my girls like that project :)

  24. I'll be all over Page of Eight and Song of Lunch. Love the actors cast.

  25. Jennifer is so ridiculously-Photoshopped in that photo it's not even funny. But I'm becoming more interested in Hunger Games now the more I hear about it.

  26. @Mary
    yep, both projects have nice casts!

    I think she looks strange to you because they died her hair brown.

  27. The Song of Lunch was already shown on the BBC in the UK. It's an exquisitely played piece with almost no dialogue just the Alan Rickman's voice-over describing the emotions of meeting up with an old love. By the way the voice over is a prose poem but don't let that put you off. It's really something special. The director just lets two actors at the top of their game do their stuff.

  28. that's lovely, so it can already be seen. And I'm glad that it's a lovely TV project as you say. Can't wait to watch the two of them play together :)