Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Well, the top news of the day is that our favourite action star Dwayne Johnson is currently negotiating to join G.I. JOE II,
the sequel to the popular blockbuster about a team of super powerful soldiers and agents. If Dwayne joins the film he will play Roadblock, a heavy machine gunner and a cook. As you remember from HOLLYWOOD SPY's previous reports, Channing Tatum will return as Duke, Ray Park as Snake Eyes and Byung Hun Lee as Storm Shadow. Rachel Nichols and Sienna Miller who had memorable roles in the first part, are not returning to the sequel which should come out August 2012.

According to "MovieWeb" hunky Idris Elba (who had a successful role in this summer's THOR, and will appear in Ridley Scott's sf
epic PROMETHEUS with Charlize Theron and Michael Fassbender)  might take the lead role in Guillermo Del Toro's PACIFIC RIM in which Earth is bombarded by giant space monsters and in order to save mankind from extinction a group of soldiers must battle this invading threat using huge telepathically controlled  robots.  As HOLLYWOOD SPY has already informed you young Charlie Hunnam is already a part of the cast.

According to "Daily Mail" increasingly popular British star Benedict Cumberbatch (mostly known from BBC's SHERLOCK and for getting the lead role in Spielberg's WAR HORSE) will
star in BBC's and HBO's mini series PARADE'S END. Set in World War I, the story will follow a top civil servant from a background of wealth and privilege, whose marriage founders almost as soon as it begins. His wife Sylvia (Rebecca Hall) has affairs, while he falls in love with another woman, but he remains honourable for some considerable time to Sylvia. He goes to war and even loses memory at the battlefield. The mini series will follow ten years of his life.


  1. Pacific Rim sounds positively delightful. Del Toro is such an inventive filmmaker. That's a movie I'll be looking out for with great interest.

    Idris Elba is on the verge of stardom or, at the very least, consistent, interesting work. Here's hoping Elba gets cast as Django in Tarantino's new movie project!

  2. I heard he's not getting that Tarantino flick role, the big one he was announcing was this one in PACIFIC RIM, but who knows.
    As you know I can't stand Tarantino :) but I do like Idris and we could use a new African American in Hollywood instead of horrible Denzel and egocentric Will Smith.

  3. Dezzy - Pacific Rim sounds interesting.

    I've been leary of alien movies, but am glad they're still being made, especially since my novel CONNECTED is about an alien princess who comes to earth. It gives me hope that maybe "the movie powers that be" might want to option my novel... It's possible. LOL

  4. and whom would you give the lead role, Shells? :) I know the lead male role goes to Hunter Parish :))

  5. Oh, really :(

    My contention is that Elba would be perfect for Tarantino's new film. But if your sources are correct, and I never doubt your credibility, I'm a bit saddened. Well, he'll do a bang up job in Pacific Rim, which is a rather compelling film; if only because I trust Del Toro.

  6. I haven't even seen GI Joe yet. I gotta catch up with all these awesome movies!

  7. @Matty
    well, you never know, maybe he will get that role as well and many others soon :) I'm more interested in that North Pole film by Del Toro with Tom Cruise (forgot the title now) than in PACIFIC, but both sound huge.

    you gotta :)

  8. Dwayne Johnson would be perfect as a character named Roadblock. He seems like such a nice guy in real life. Love his tattoos.

  9. Yep, it would be the perfect role for Dwayne...

  10. DJ seems like a guy to fit into the GI Joe Series. Not to mention he isn't that bad of an actor so I don't mind.

  11. As far I'm concerned we need more Rock. Roadblock is the perfect character for him. And I'm very excited to see more of Idris Elba. We certainly do need more leading men of color in Hollywood. And Idris is definitely one of the most charismatic.

    Parade's End sounds very intriguing as I love, love anything that covers WWI.

  12. I like the rock, he has not been the problem in any of the movies he has been in.

  13. My favorite is Dwayne Johnson. I remember when he was known as The Rock. What a old times.

  14. I like the Rock; he will do well! Pacific Rim and
    Parade's End sound worth checking out. I don't have HBO, damn, but I can always rent later on~
    Thanks for stopping by; you always make me smile!

  15. Dwayne Johnson has one HELL of a tattoo!

  16. can't wait to see the Rock in G.I. Joe! :)

  17. Pacific Rim sounds brilliant, GI Joe 2, I don't know (the first one was alright, why no sienna?) but I like the Rock in nearly everything he has done so far.

  18. wow, GI joe was terrible, a second part can only be worst.
    Ridley Scott, on the other hand usually makes awesome movies.

  19. Benedict Cummberbatch is a fantastic actor, a real chameleon. (Not sure his role is the lead in War Horse, think that goes to Jeremy Irvine.) He's also rumoured to be going into the Hobbit which will be interesting.

  20. OK GI Joe was a flop, but I enjoyed it...is that wrong? Should I run away in shame?

    I think a bit of fun is good for the soul!!

  21. @Luanne
    that's what I like most about him, him being a good guy and a nice person even though he looks like a huge brute :)

    indeed :)

    yes, he is one of the few action stars who can actually act quite decently :)

    Yep, Rock will be great in the role, Idris could use more films in Hollywood and I also like WW1 films, they usually remind me in what kind of bad place we live in and they also bring great drama to keep us in contact with our emotions.

  22. @Big Mike
    he wasn't, he is usually the best part of his films :)

    but he IS still strong as Rock :)

    thanks, love having you here too :) and we all love Rock, such a nice guy!

    I wish I had managed to find the pic of the whole tattoo, since one of the intricate circles cover his left breast too in the most amazing of ways. It goes around his upper arm and shoulder and spreads down around the boob :)The most amazing thing I've ever seen.

  23. @Levian
    me too :)

    yeah indeed :)

    we like Rock in everything he's done so far too :) and I don't know why most of the GI JOE's aren't coming back, they were certainly one brilliant cast. Scarlett (Rachel Nichols) was my favourite :)

  24. @Patti
    I actually liked GI JOE. It wasn't the best of films, but it was much better than most other summer flicks :)

    yep, I heard the rumors about Benedict and TEH HOBBIT too, it would be nice seeing him as an Elven character maybe :)

    no, shame Custie, I liked GI JOE too :) I actually adore everything Stephen Sommers directs, although it was his weakest film. But the cast was lovely, the costumes great ... so it was a fun film to watch.

  25. my hubs loves that sherlock gent and period films so, i'm betting he'll love this one... although infidelity is a sad storyline.

  26. do you smell what the rock is cooking? or roadblock.

  27. Thunderstorm here ( a really ugly one) to celebrate today I hit three for three on your site.
    Yes, luv, I want to see all three of these movies.

  28. nice to see the senior actors getting the dezmond bump.

  29. really not a fan of GI Joe :(


  30. @Vics
    I love when we find something nice for your hubs as well :) Yep, infidelity is a tough one, but maybe they will both be unfaithful :)

    come again?

    that explains the thunders :)

  31. @E
    hey, E, nice to see you back ;) Senior actresses are ready for tomorrow :) when the new poll starts

    sorry to hear that and thanks for following ;)

  32. Idris is pretty. I'll have to check his movies out. The little pic of Dwayne, when it came up on the blog roll, made it look like he had long hair and wearing a dress. Glad to see that's not the case. lol

  33. I like the sound of Pacific Rim.

    I haven't seen the first G.I. Joe film. I'm so behind.

  34. I completely forgot Idris Elba is in Prometheus when I cast him in my sci-fi fantasy movie. With Michael Fassbender I definitely will see that in the theater!

    That's an awesome photo of Benedict, I'm sure Novia is very happy.

  35. @Mary
    he he he is pretty :) Hope you do like Dwayne in a hood :)

    ah, with all those books you read, it's natural you don't have time for movies :P

    yes, Novia already shared her excitement about Benedict mentioned here over at Twitter :) She spotted the Tweet like an eagle :)))

  36. About Novia, yeah I think I saw her tweet :D

    Btw Dezzy, I'd love to hear what you think about my pitch. You like Emily Blunt, right? She's my female lead.

  37. I started reading it, but it's very long so I might need a day or two to finish it :)

  38. Wooooowww!!! you sure know how to pick a picture!! I am saving that cute picture of Benedict for my next review on Sherlock...do you know when the second season will be shown?

    I am noting Parade's end in my to search notepad...I love Cumberbatch so much!!! He and Sharlto are in my list of actors that I will always watch.Those 2 actors aren't cute but have amazing performance

  39. Dezzy is an expert in finding the most awesome pics, Nov! :D

    Btw Nov, glad we agree on Sharlto Copley. I think he and Benedict are both good looking, but in an unusual kind of way. I'd love to see more of them as Hollywood leads instead of the so-called 'it boy' Bradley Cooper :(

  40. @Novia
    I knew you would like the pic :) It is very unusual, and probably his best pic ever since he looks very tender and young on it.
    I've never watched SHERLOCK, so I don't know, but probably September when most BBC show start. I watch their MERLIN and BEING HUMAN.

    I am indeed, I can be immodest on that :) Google is full of my pics :)
    I'm not sure about Sharlto, he's very strange and doesn't look at all like a star material if you ask me :)) Actually he doesn't look like an actor to me at all :P But I do like Cumberbatch and I even like his crazy name a lot :)